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Effective management of innovation and how do staff training

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Staff training as a fundamental work of the enterprise, more and more enterprises and units of attention.Especially in the oil is becoming more competition in the market today, how to establish the effective training mechanism, establish a sound system of training and examination, mobilize the enthusiasm of all the workers to participate in training in the enterprises, constructing the learning-type organization is pursued by many enterprises in the area of training target.
The competition between enterprises, in the final analysis is the competition of talents, training as an important means of cultivating talent, has become a key work of the enterprise can win in the fierce competition in the market.Staff training exists in every company, but how to make employee training to play a role, not just a mere formality, requires us to carry on the effective management and continuous innovation of the concept of staff training.

A, employee training management

Employee training management in order to achieve the desired effects, can for the development of enterprises to continuously cultivate suitable talents, we must strengthen the management of staff training.Some enterprises on management of staff training, regular staff is mainly reflected in the training attendance and some other superficial, and neglect the training of staff and workers must stand in the business strategies of highly effective management.
1, staff training strategy management in
In the process of the development of enterprises, each enterprise has its own business strategy, and correspondingly, the human resources department must also be in the framework of enterprise management strategy of developing a staff training strategy.Construction of enterprise talents generally have two: one is by the introduction, the other is a training on its own.Considering from the workforce stability, cohesion and the identity of the corporate culture, construction of enterprise talents should be more focused on internal training.This is not only for training and departments have a definite object in view to the whole, but also help the smooth implementation of training.Such as Haier products quality as an important component of the business strategy of the company, its staff training should focus on how to improve the quality of the products, how to put the quality as the enterprise culture idea to workers.
2, staff training plan management in
Successful implementation of the employee training strategy must have a comprehensive plan to guarantee.Staff training plan management is the concrete implementation of employee training strategic management and reflected.Staff training should be developed at the end of a year the annual training plan.Departments should be determined in accordance with the business strategies of the sector development strategies and plans to develop this sector employee training plan, and submit to HR department for review, approval and summary.Closely related to the realization of the enterprise business strategy of the Department and the major cause of workers, such as arrangements for their participation in professional courses for universities or specialized consultants, or plan to hire outside experts to train.
3, the implementation of the management of staff training in
A good plan must be implemented depends on good to achieve.Human resources management departments must strengthen the feedback on training and timely tracking, for not implementing training according to the plan of the Department should be warned, and the supervisor shall be penalized in the performance of punishment.The participants must sign on to attend the attendance list, and after the training must have effective examination of the employee, the various departments to the custody of the sign-in sheets, appraisal results submitted to the human resources department.Circulate a notice of criticism for not taking part in the training of workers and fail to pass the examination, and require them to take a make-up exam, until qualified.At the same time, the human resources department to participate in the training of workers to the training evaluation table, to let the employees of each lecture content and training division for review, the unqualified trainers timely warning, to make the improvement, if successive two warning, cancel the trainers.
In short, the staff training management is a complicated system engineering, it relates to the vital interests of enterprises and workers.Therefore, in the arrangements for staff training, must be balanced, so that staff training to play its due role.

Two, the staff training of innovative

At present, all the countries in the world attach great importance to staff training, the training cost is growing.Especially in some Japanese enterprises and even that, enterprise leadership training of Junior's responsibility, and leader ability training as an important index to evaluate the subordinate leaders are competent.Visible, staff training has become one of the important guarantee for the enterprises to enhance core competitiveness.In the new situation, staff training how to walk out of the Convention, create the ideal effect positive significant, we must constantly innovate in training philosophy and style.
1, innovation of staff training concept of
Many companies will staff training as a routine work, and even feel the training is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of manpower, material and financial resources, and let the workers to participate in training, to strengthen the management of staff as to seriously do a good job better.Therefore, we must change the staff training is a waste of manpower and material resources concept, and must establish an employee training is a kind of investment behavior of enterprise, is the enterprise can gain long-term comprehensive income behavior.
Indeed, staff training is not likely to play an immediate effect, but can be influence character by environment process, enhance the employee corporate identity, enhance the cohesion and solidarity of staff and workers, workers and management staff.
Therefore, to the enterprise, must from the thought on staff training as a soft investment enterprise, the importance of a workshop for more investment, equipment investment is more important than enterprises see and touch, will bring fruitful results.2, staff training mode innovation of
At present, the majority of enterprises to adopt that I hear you say, after examination of the training mode.The traditional training mode, training is to improve the analysis problem, problem-solving skills level of help is not obvious.For example, for the grass-roots workers, the training methods should be paid more attention to the training of interactivity, practicality and coherence, keep it in the process of training, we have hands-on practice opportunity, to enhance their understanding of the training content.As for the high-level management personnel and technical personnel training, we should pay attention to the flexibility and the challenge of new training mode, training to enhance the team cooperation ability, concept formation ability.
Aging is the result of training mode of training of training workers lack of interest, one of the most important factors is also difficult to achieve the effect of training.Therefore, in the training process, should be appropriate to hire outside experts and send employees to participate in specialized training organization training, can develop employee perspective, and also can improve the quality and level of the enterprise.
3, staff training assessment of innovative
Training for the staff, and its main purpose: one is to cultivate and the formation of common values, enhance the cohesion; two is to enhance the ability of technology, staff level, lay a good foundation for the enterprise to achieve strategic goal.Because the staff training to improve its output is a long-term process, influence character by environment, which will increase the difficulty of staff performance assessment.
Most enterprises assessment methods on staff training is simple, the use of the test form.This evaluation form for training people, will think examination is only as a mere formality, no substantive role, often ignore the importance of training.Will inevitably lead to the trainers in training is often the person in the heart not in, or busy with other things.
Therefore, in the innovation training, must pay attention to short-term and long-term assessment combining assessment, performance appraisal and performance evaluation of the principle of combining.This requires training supervisor department must staff training records and performance appraisal records are archived, and regularly for example once every six months check, check in after receiving training, performance has not improved.Enterprise performance evaluation is intended to examine into here, the subject of training the rationality and training have to play the corresponding effect, so as to enhance staff training and assessment of the degree of attention to.
4, training teachers training and the selection of the innovative
Cultivation and the selection of training is a prerequisite for enterprise staff training, a good trainer can play a multiplier effect.For many enterprises, training teachers basically hold part-time by each department supervisor, the advantages of this approach to training is the training of trainers advantages and disadvantages and the need to strengthen the knowledge to understand thoroughly, easy to do an antidote against the disease, but easy to receive their scope of knowledge and structure limitation, it is difficult to conduct a comprehensive innovation skills and knowledge and great progress.
Therefore, on one hand enterprises to employees in the front-line supervisor training at the same time, should also strengthen the training and selection of professional training.Full-time
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