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Talking of institutions financial management problems and countermeasures

Author: SongZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-05 00:07:35 Read:
Abstract: This paper describes the characteristics of the nature of the institutions as well as institutions financial management, and countermeasures to the problems in the institutions financial management to strengthen the financial management of the institutions.
Keywords: institutions; financial management;; countermeasures
Institutions financial management is the core of the institutions of economic management is a powerful guarantee of the business plan and the task completed. Our current institutions accounting standards and regulations to strengthen the financial management of the institutions has played a huge role, but because of the system, consciousness and institutional reasons, our institutions financial management budget management, asset management, personnel management and internal control and supervision are needed to solve some problems.
Characteristics of institutions as well as institutions financial management characteristics
Institutions is to safeguard the development of social service agencies, the main task is the development of various social undertakings, and to promote social progress. Institutions and profitability units, it has its own characteristics: first, institutions are not-for-profit purposes, generally do not directly create material wealth, often at cost price to charge for labor or product for an additional charge; Second, the central or local financial departments and other providers and institutions to fund its funds are not expected to be recovered by the proportion of investment interests; Third, institutions do not have the owner's equity in the corporate accounting sense, sale, transfer , of foreclosure sold or liquidation generally does not exist, the use of funds to comply with the provisions enacted by the national regulatory authorities and other providers of finance.
Institutions financial management is the core of the institutions of economic management is a powerful guarantee of the business plan and the task completed, the basic unit budget management, asset management , liabilities, revenue and expenditure management and financial reporting and financial analysis. New era institutions financial management characteristics are the following two points: (1) institutions financial management system and more strict and standardized management. With the deepening of economic reform, the gradual development of the market economy, the institutions financial management by the norms of market-based instruments, to strengthen financial management in accordance with the rules of market economy, with suitable internal management system, such as hospitality expenditure system etc. would have a system and management of institutions financial management are becoming more and more strict and standardized. (2) institutions financial management focus by the organization funds to manage funds. With the increasingly tight funding of China's financial institutions business and office expenses is a substantial reduction, to monitor the use of funds by the Government Procurement department and the accounting center, part of the income of institutions are also included in the financial regulatory basically curb the diversification of income and expenditure random phenomenon. In order to improve the efficiency in the use of limited funds, the institutions financial management focus turned to the management of funds by the organization funds.
2 institutions in the financial management of the main problems
Problems 2.1 and institutions financial management system
Mainly includes the following aspects: (1) the implementation of financial laws and regulations are not strictly a sense of financial discipline, things do not speak the rules, procedures, procedures, their habits, work experience. (2) finance the lack of continuity and frequent leadership change accounting change "phenomenon, an objective to increase the volatility of financial management, resulting in the occurrence of the phenomenon of chaos account. (3) a few units lack of understanding of the importance of invoices, checks and other important management system, financial management requirements to develop bills management system. Most units even if the institutions financial management system, often a mere formality, resulting in the weakening of the institutionalization of management and supervision mechanism. (4) amendments to institutions financial management system generally inadequate and not timely, convergence is not good with the new financial rules and regulations incompatible with the actual implementation of unit changes in circumstances and institutional. Financial management system does not meet the actual, not easy to perform, and direct damage to the authority of the financial management.
2.2 asset management institutions
Mainly two aspects: (1) Monetary fund management loopholes, hidden in the safety of funds. In practical work, some institutions such as accounting, treasury and incompatible positions are not strictly separated from each string, some jobs, in the cashier supervision is not in place, very little cash on hand inventory. The large expenses paid in cash, IOUs arrived libraries, public funds to private storage phenomenon still exists in some units. Specific performance of public funds to private storage have: (1) a variety of administrative charges, confiscation of income and Society dues revenue not recorded. (2) rent and other financial and accounting department should be included in the unit account shall be deposited with the fiscal accounts of income accounted for in a timely manner. Receivables without legitimate receipts, IOUs instead. (3) through a non-existent expenditure, the return of funds of funds to finance department explained in this unit, set the small treasuries. (2) fixed asset management is not standardized. At present, a number of institutions on the stock of fixed assets and traffic management is lax, widespread re-acquisition and construction, light management "phenomenon, the use of fixed assets, maintenance, disposal, lease, lend and for end-of-life and other aspects of management is not norms, inefficient use of assets, resulting in the loss of state assets. Specific performance: (1) fixed assets management more confusion, institutions arbitrary fixed asset management, acquisition and construction of facilities and equipment demonstration inadequate, resulting in idle. some units there is no clear management system, or the acceptance of fixed assets, custody, maintenance mere formality. Some units do not follow the requirements of regular cleaning and inventory of fixed assets or fixed assets not accounted for the formation of off-balance sheet assets, resulting in the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers do not match, the carrying amounts of assets and real assets do not match.
2.3 and institutions, lack of financial management systems, effective control
(1) At present, the sources of funding for our institutions is input by the state, the state is the ultimate owner of the net assets of the institutions, but the state does not require repayment of its the assets, nor does it require the sharing of economic benefits, but these assets to the operation and management of public institutions themselves. Countries on their investment, but not its financial management. (2) institutions generally strive for state funds invested were active, the relative lack of research to strengthen financial management and improve capital efficiency, resulting in the absence of the owner of the investment, the use of funds management is weak, resulting in the lack of effective control and supervision of resources. A few units overruns serious waste exceeded the purchase of cars, public funds for tourism, public funds, public funds for high-end consumer, resulting in the units of the conference fees, hospitality, vehicle fuel high repair costs.
2.4 and institutions Budget Management
Mainly the following: (1) emphasis on budget revenues and expenditures, ignoring the budgeting and evaluation, so that existing funding is difficult to play its due role. Part of the administrative institutions of managers believe that the unit's internal financial management from the financial money, to spend money in the process, lack of awareness on the importance of budgeting, and thus take attitude payable to, the formation of financial difficulty in practical work before running situation, resulting in budget implementation difficult. (2) because ignoring budgeting, resulting in a financial arbitrary decision-making, management on the loose, scattered, chaotic phenomenon, resulting in special funds budget execution greatly reduced. In the process of budget implementation, expenditure approval system is not strict, arbitrarily expand the scope of expenses, all sorts of excuses bonuses, subsidies to improve standards; randomly change the use of the funds, "special fund dedicated" phenomenon often occurs. (3) some units although the preparation of the budget, but the to track audit of the efficiency in the use of budget funds, even if the follow-up survey, superficial analysis, summed effective appraisal is basically going through the motions, cost assessment is almost empty, so a lot of the project is difficult to obtain expected social benefits. 2.5 and institutions financial management internal control problems in
(1) The number of units the internal management system is not perfect, some units not located within the specialized financial regulatory agencies, internal audit and supervision only by one or more full-time or part-time agent. Some units internal failure to implement a unified financial management. (2) accounting positions and staffing is not reasonable business cross hybrid, part-time staff too many responsibilities is not clear. (3) Accounting before, during, and after the audit supervision and a mere formality. There are a considerable part of the unit is no internal audit bodies, internal audit institutions can not play its due role. But there are still follow established rules, will be entered into the system "printed on paper, hanging on the wall" to cope with the relevant departments of the inspection audit, internal monitoring the implementation of the greatly reduced. Specific problems, too much emphasis on flexibility, the internal control system exists in name only lose their rigidity and seriousness. (4) The individual units for the interests of small groups, requiring accounting personnel accounting data on an issue, or cook the books really count, or true account of the false operator, resulting in the account does not virtual surplus real loss, real or virtual loss surplus in order to achieve Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income gold, the purpose of concealing assets, false results. Some of the accounts of the unit should not build accounts set up according to the system requirements of accounts, custody of documents, books, accounting statements and related contracts, agreements and other information, want to fish in troubled waters, get away. (5) and some administrative fees, project expenditures distributed to department management, in violation of the requirements of the "expenditure" in the financial management.
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