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Discussion on examination management performance sales managers in small and medium-sized enterprises

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Abstract: the small and medium-sized enterprise sales staff performance appraisal is the enterprise marketing personnel fighting force, and also an important way to stability of the sales team, based on the existing sales in the small and medium-sized enterprise staff performance appraisal management problems at present, and puts forward some opinions and suggestions.
Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises; performance appraisal; key performance indicators (KIP) and
With the development of economy, is the core of the functions of marketing activities in enterprise management activities.And the status of marketing personnel in the enterprises in the increasingly important role.First-class marketing personnel is the precious wealth of the enterprise.In order to improve the ability of enterprise sales, many companies pay recruitment marketing talents, but in our country, many of the original through the company's recruitment and the training system and excellent marketing personnel gradually take charge as chief of the imperceptibly.Sales staff job-hopping, is not only a brain drain problem, they are the most likely to customers, channels, customers away together, or set up a separate kitchen, or the back, which often bring huge loss to the enterprise.Of course, reasonable flow of talent is inevitable, but in some small and medium-sized enterprises of our country, the talent too frequent flow is a very common phenomenon, which is one reason for the ability of sustainable development of SMEs in China is not strong.
Due to the small and medium-sized enterprises often products are relatively homogeneous, and is mainly used for personal sales, market anti - risk ability is relatively poor.Many sales personnel to enter the main objective is to maintain their livelihood, itself a dry day is a day of thought, the lack of a sense of belonging to the enterprise.For small and medium-sized enterprises, to establish a stable sales force, in addition to strengthen the building of enterprise culture, should also strengthen the performance management of the sales staff.Many data indicate that, the sales staff to leave a company largely because their labor has not been the company's affirmation and positive evaluation.To establish scientific and reasonable performance evaluation system is one of the most important measures to prevent the frequent loss of marketing personnel.

The main problem of small and medium-sized enterprises, the current sales staff performance appraisal in the presence of

Judging from the current situation, the main problems existing in performance assessment of sales of small and medium-sized enterprises in China are as follows:
1, assessment standards is not scientific, not comprehensive, weights of various indicators of unreasonable.At the same time, many enterprises on the evaluation index weight can not be with the development of enterprises to change.
2, pay attention to the result of performance appraisal but does not attach importance to the control of process.The mainly personal sales, at the conclusion of appraisal target, must pay attention to the situation of persons, is the new employees or old employees; unified but also consider the sales process and results, not just focus on final sales results, ignore the control of the sales process.
3, evaluation of distortion, susceptible to subjective factors.Cause with a sales staff, created by different departments, different evaluation conclusions are not the same.
4, assessment frequency is too high or too low.Too often the evaluation not only reduce the efficiency of work, also let sales staff psychological pressure, the alienation of the enterprise.For a long time without examination will often let sales staff had thought inertia, is not conducive to play the role of performance appraisal, is not conducive to promote the enterprise sales.
In addition, the lack of effective communication, performance appraisal, performance evaluation process becomes a mere formality, and the evaluation results of no in the remuneration payment application is in the small and medium-sized enterprise sales staff performance appraisal of the existence of the problem.

The formulation of the two small and medium-sized enterprises, sales staff performance evaluation methods and the revision must strengthen communication with the staff of

Performance appraisal is not competent to staff waving "stick", should not be unprincipled "wishy-washy" type for each.In order to make the staff appraisal is not the gap between, but seek truth from facts to find staff strengths, weaknesses, to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, improve the work efficiency of sales forces.The performance management system assessment method in the formulation and revision, is one of the key and sensitive issue.On being in the market first-line sales staff, assessment is particularly important and complicated.Evaluation index not only, and examination department also belong to various corporate institutions.In some large enterprises, has been formed as a result of good performance appraisal of the culture, all the relatively perfect system, enterprises can easily performance appraisal work.But in a small and medium enterprises, regardless of their actual, the mechanical applied in large enterprises, it is easy to make the evaluation process as the game between the employers and employees, or become fill in the game, and can not really play the role of improving performance, may also make the conflict between employee and enterprise leaders influence of employees, work initiative.Therefore, the design of performance evaluation methods, should be based on the actual situation of enterprises (including product features, its own corporate culture) carefully consider.According to the characteristics of high mobility of current sales of small and medium-sized enterprises, to develop assessment methods and modified shall ensure the full participation of employees, and incorporated into the process of performance communication.At the same time, communication can not only communicate with the sales staff, because the sales staff in general will be thought to put them in a beneficial direction.It also should be the same as other department staff communication, observation and analysis of sales sales of company products mentality from different angles.Sometimes also can let customers to participate in, listen to their voice.The advantage of this is: employees in communication have already felt the performance management is not a party to yourself, but enterprises hope that all sales staff can make concerted efforts to improve work performance, thereby reducing the staff psychological alert.And the staff in communication has made clear its performance goals, and recognize the specific assessment methods, can make in the appraisal process, enterprises and employees can very good cooperation, the assessment results can easily be accepted by employees.

Three, sales of small and medium-sized enterprises performance evaluation methods should be based on the enterprise marketing strategy as the guidance, the marketing strategy of
services in Enterprise

The direct purpose of sales staff performance appraisal is to motivate sales personnel to improve their sales performance, the ultimate aim is to achieve to promote enterprise marketing strategy and business development strategy.In reality, the actual situation of enterprises of all types of inconsistencies, evaluation approaches should also be differentiated.If the enterprise business strategy is to ensure that the main business further development and avoid the crisis of survival.The evaluation method has obvious sales orientation.In the sales staff appraisal, emphasis tends to be on the main business contract award.To formulate assessment criteria should pay more attention to sales, sales, sales and other indicators of the week.If the enterprise marketing strategy is to pay attention to the existing customer market, for example, we have a lot of small and medium enterprises to adopt the order production mode or OEM mode of production, the assessment methods should be prominent on the sales staff in customer relationship management achievements.Like the customer response, customer choice, customer retention rate, customer satisfaction is the key.If the enterprise marketing strategy is to compete with each other for the customer market, or to develop new markets, to give priority consideration to the corresponding market behavior and result, evaluation methods cannot only be accumulated sales performance, but should be on different market sales performance differently.In the stage of small and medium-sized enterprises, because of just entering the market, which has limited resources, to expand market share, so it is extremely concerned about the per capita sales target, sales rate, rate of return, cost of sales and so on; and entering the mature stage of the enterprise, the enterprise began to have a clear direction, with the diversification of products combined, but at the same time, the internal system increases, we should pay more attention to the team sales target, variety structure, a key product margins, new product sales and other factors in sales.
In addition, in the performance appraisal to reflect on the code of conduct for sales personnel specifications, but also pay attention to enterprise short-term goals and long-term strategy.

four, sales of small and medium-sized enterprises performance appraisal design of the key performance indicators

The actual problems of the small and medium-sized enterprise performance appraisal often encountered: there is a performance index, it is difficult to determine the objective, quantifiable performance indicators.In fact, for small and medium-sized enterprises, assessment according to the sales staff all performance indicators, all the indicators to quantify not too realistic, also need not, after all, the sales staff performance appraisal cost.In the performance evaluation of the sales staff, can use key performance indicators.
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