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Regional industrial independent innovation system construction and its Countermeasures

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Author: Engineering. Zhang Zheng DENG Fei Chen Yi

Abstract: In this paper, the idea of ??the systems engineering to build a regional industrial development of independent innovation system model to analyze the elements of the system function of regional industrial development during the operation of the system of independent innovation and independent innovation system of regional industrial development build propose effective countermeasures.
Paper Keywords: independent innovation; regional innovation system; regional industrial development; regional economic
1 Introduction
In today's world, with the economic globalization, knowledge-based, information technology and accelerated degree of regionalization, rich in natural resources, and cheap labor cost is no longer a key factor in a country or regional economic development, national or regional independent innovation capacity has increasingly become the determinants of their economic development. Competition between countries or regions become more and more competition in science and technology, and the capability of independent innovation, competition and technological competition. World, especially in developed countries have the scientific and technological progress and technological innovation as a national strategy, technology independent innovation and industrial development, which in many developed countries of the world today promote rapid economic development has gradually become a basic mode.
American economist Michael Porter has pointed out that the economic development of any country will experience four stages of the factor-driven, investment-driven, innovation-driven and wealth-driven. 20 years of reform, China's economy has made rapid development, but economic development is basically in the factor-driven and investment-driven stage of economic development is largely rely on the fight to attract foreign investment, to fight the consumption of resources to fight environmental capacity, and fight labor resources. This high input, high consumption, high pollution and low output of the extensive mode of growth makes the country's resources and environment overwhelmed, extremely detrimental to the sustainable development of the industry. To seize the initiative in today's increasingly competitive international environment, better economic benefits, it is necessary to enhance the national capacity for independent innovation. Take the road of industrial technology innovation strategy, and strive to master a number of core technologies in a number of important areas, has a number of independent intellectual property rights and a number of internationally competitive enterprises, effectively improve the capability of independent innovation as a national strategy of modernization all aspects of implementing the various industries, sectors, and regions, greatly improve national competitiveness. To this end, the state promulgated the "National long-term science and technology development plan (2006-2020)", "independent innovation, focusing on cross-support development, to lead the future" Technology Development guidelines, and independent innovation "as the core of the guiding principles. To strengthen the independent innovation as the strategic basis of China's scientific and technological development and adjust the economic structure, transform the growth mode of the central link.
Regional independent innovation system is the longitudinal extension of the regionalization of the national independent innovation system, is an important and indispensable part of the national independent innovation system, can be achieved through the implementation of regional innovation strategy, science and technology and regional scientific and technological resources (human resources, knowledge funds), regional advantages, resource-efficient configuration, promote regional industrial structure adjustment, the formation of new industries and industries with local advantages, the formation of the core competitiveness of regional industries and enterprises, to achieve regional economic sustainable growth. Regional independent innovation system is a subsystem of the National Independent Innovation System longitudinal Innovation Network, corresponds to the structure and function of both the national science and technology innovation system, and to distinguish between the national independent innovation system, with its own characteristics and features of the area. Through the analysis of the regional economic situation, cultural environment, policies and systems, resources and environment, and other factors, with the help of system analysis method to construct a regional independent innovation system model, and propose effective countermeasures on the development of regional industry independent innovation system.
2 regional industrial independent innovation system model and running
Regional industrial independent innovation system is an extremely complex system, the integrity of the system, structured, orderly, organized and system processes and dynamic nature. This article from the systems engineering thinking, reference to some literature, combined with my understanding of the regional industrial independent innovation system, consider enterprises, colleges and universities, research institutes, intermediary institutions, the level of economic and industrial development of the social status quo, natural resources , and many other elements of science and technology policy, and interaction analysis on the regional economy through regional independent innovation system, built up shown in Figure 1, the development of regional industrial independent innovation system model.

The industrial development of independent innovation system model mainly to independent innovation system as an economic activity in accordance with the operation of the market to follow the laws of economic development, and enable them to become the main body of the research and development investment, the main activities of scientific and technological innovation and innovation the subject, give full play to the the economic guiding role in the basic role of the market in the allocation of scientific resources and technological innovation activities, the role of positioning of the various elements of the system of independent innovation.

2.1 Corporate
It is the main body of independent innovation system of regional technical point of integration of technology and the economy, the main support of regional economic development, is principally engaged in the application and development of technology research, industry, new technology, and state-of-the-art technology applications and industrial development, produce new products to meet the needs of the market, to improve their competitiveness, and promote regional economic development.
2.2 universities and research institutes
It is the independent innovation system "wings", the birthplace of independent innovation source of knowledge and our basic research and high-tech fields original innovation is the solution to the national economy, major scientific and technological issues, technology transfer, the transformation of force. To provide intellectual support for the technology independent innovation, develop high-level innovative talents support. Universities and research institutes engaged in basic research, scientific innovation, a new discipline.
2.3 Government, the market
Independent innovation as the main purpose is to improve the technical level of the industry, further optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, the formation of the core competitiveness of regional business and industry, and promote regional economic development, independent innovation itself is a kind of economic behavior, must be operated in accordance with the laws of economics, mainly through the market; government is a strong complement to the market-oriented, market failure can play a very good role to ensure the health of independent innovation system, the smooth operation. In addition, the Government in the independent innovation system can be achieved through macro-control rational allocation of resources under the market economy system, the development of a variety of preferential policies and strategies of independent innovation, improve the infrastructure conditions, improve the talent incentive mechanism, legal safeguards, financial security system create a favorable environment for independent innovation. 2.4 intermediaries
It includes a variety of high-tech Innovation Service Center, Productivity Promotion Center, the talent market, market, venture capital services, technology consulting firm, management consulting firms, venture capital companies and other institutions is an important component in the operation process of independent innovation system part of the disseminators of information, knowledge, capital, scientific and technological achievements of scientific and technological innovation resources, join enterprises, universities, government bridge, accelerate the contact of the elements of the system of independent innovation, promote regional diffusion of innovative technologies and knowledge, scientific achievements into productive forces with the fastest speed.
2.5 foundation support conditions
This includes regional economic base, scientific and technological resources, natural resources, infrastructure, social culture, policies and systems, and many other elements of regional independent innovation foundation to ensure smooth development of regional innovation which carried out the external conditions and external constraints. Excellent environment may have on the implementation of the regional innovation strategy role in promoting unfavorable lag environment may be seriously hampered the normal functioning of the regional independent innovation system, hinder the implementation of the strategy of independent innovation.
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