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Chongqing city Wanzhou District human resources development strategy research

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"Talent resources are the first resource", in the knowledge economy has been established under the background of the times, the development of economy and society and gradually by the attention to the development of natural resources, capital to the comprehensive development of talent resources development mainly to build the core competitiveness, human factor has become the key factor of productivity development, human resource has become the decisive role resources.At the completion of reservoir resettlement after the urgent need for the development of the Wanzhou, talent is the transformation of the mode of economic growth, adjusting the economic structure, realize the sustainable, rapid economic and social development, in order to promote the harmonious economic and social development of Wanzhou, must carry on the overall development of human resources from a strategic height, train and bring up a number of branches of the economy and society of Wanzhou adapt to the construction of the adequacy, quality, rational structure of the personnel, to provide intellectual support for sustainable economic and social development in Wanzhou.
A, Wanzhou District human resources development necessity and urgency
(a) analysis of Wanzhou District human resources development environment
1, the competition for talent internationalization and economic globalization background.The rise of the economic globalization and knowledge economy, the development and innovation of science and technology talent resources have become an important factor to promote the industrial upgrading and enhance the international competitiveness of the.Facing the situation of talent competition severe, must attach great importance to strengthen our talent work, set up effective talent to attract, collection mechanism and personnel security, early warning mechanism, in order to deal with the challenge of talent competition.
2 strategic background, scientific outlook on development and talent, strong city.From the domestic talent situation, presents several changes: one is the strategic position of talent work be established.The Party Central Committee established the strategy of talent powerful nation and party manage talents principles, requirements to implement the scientific concept of development and comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development and establish "four not only the" scientific outlook on talents.Two is the talent structure adjustment into the important turning period.With China's economic and social development will enter the consumption structure, industrial structure upgrade and people's production, life and speed up the new stage of transition, the state actively take macro-control policies, effective change and economic structure to promote the economic growth mode and effective adjustment, it puts forward the new demand to the talent structure adjustment.Three is the regional competition, institutional barriers to the flow of talent is gradually disappearing, an ordered a national talent market has been basically formed, regional talent competition.
3, our region's economic and industrial development.Western big development, countries to solve reservoir industry emptiness, increase resettlement support policy introduced, created the historical opportunity for the leap-forward development of Wanzhou economy and society.The rapid development of Wanzhou into a comprehensive, three-dimensional traffic network construction, the three industry in the Three Gorges project, the international capital and the developed area of our country capital into the reservoir area.The reform of state-owned enterprises, the change of the ownership structure, the coastal developed areas of industrial transfer and the implementation of the Chongqing "from two into three" strategy, provides the development background of favorable for Wanzhou industrial economy.
So, in the new international, the domestic economic background, the main problems of Wanzhou economic development is to accelerate industrial upgrading and successfully realize the transformation of economic structure.The core of solving this problem is talent, "to promote the industry to talent, talent to build" industry, realizes the Wanzhou economic strategy to upgrade.
(two) the development of talent resources is the requirements for environmental protection, is the need to change the mode of economic growth for sustainable development
Wanzhou to crack the immigration and the protection of the ecological environment two big difficult problems, we must take the road of sustainable development.The sustainable development of Wanzhou with respect to the existence of 3 major difficulties in other areas: one is the economic level is low, between economic development and environmental protection conflicts; two is the contradiction between people and land, the relationship between population and resources and environment particularly nervous; three is the employment contradiction, Wanzhou immigration economic reconstruction, the key period of social and economic transformation, centralized urban and rural employment social contradictions, great employment pressure.The core of these problems is the economic problem, to solve these problems is to solve the problem of economic growth, but also to solve the problem of the mode of economic growth, not dependent on local and national investment is simple, also can not simply rely on resource exploitation, utilization of non-renewable resources are limited and not continuous, but not simple labor force development, rely on the development of labor intensive industry.One is labor intensive industry large consumption of resources, has great harm to the ecological, do not suit with the resources and environmental characteristics of reservoir; the two is the labor-intensive industry profit is low, can not fundamentally solve the problem of immigrants become rich; the three is likely to lead to the problem of protecting the rights and interests of workers.
Therefore, Wanzhou should solve the economic problems in social development, we must change the mode of economic growth, to increase the opening, through the integration and utilization of external economic resources, increase the amount of absorption, the actual possession of resources, improve the technology level of production and the ability of independent innovation, reduce waste of resources, increase the economic income.To achieve sustainable development is the talent.Organization and management personnel need to realize the integration of internal and external economic resources; to improve the level of production technology, rational development and efficient utilization of natural resources requires a large number of professional and technical personnel."Talent is the first resource", is of special significance to the economic and social development of talent resource development in Wanzhou.
(three) the development of talent resources in Wanzhou is the backward economic condition, the need of construction of modern city
Chongqing city development from sustainable view, before and after the 2020 strategic target of Chongqing's second largest city of Wanzhou built a million population.How to realize the construction of one million population city in modern economic backwardness condition, there is no ready-made experience for reference, must carry on the new exploration.
Personnel support system is the core system of city development and city development, is also the formation of other elements.Whether to establish talent support system suitable for Wanzhou regional features not only the final decision can be completed as scheduled for millions of people, will also determine its mode of operation, process and level of construction.With high social and economic benefits the development of talent resources, activity in the factors of production in the strongest, in priority to the construction of personnel support system, construction personnel system to promote the development of economy, the implementation of the "talent strong zone" strategy, Wanzhou is not high in the real economy level, built the optimal strategic choice for modern city.Study on regional characteristics, special rules of regional talent development, formulation and implementation of talent with the regional characteristics of resources development strategy and policy, is the inevitable requirement of the construction of Wanzhou the second largest city in Chongqing and special needs.
(four) the requirements of industrial upgrading and strengthening the development of human resources
Industry demand for talent resource is the core factor to promote the development of human resources.Wanzhou formulated the "industrial metastable zone, two industrial zone, three industrial living area" industrial development path, will focus on promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, improve the agricultural, industrial, service level and efficiency.An industry with citrus, herbivorous livestock, Chinese herbal medicine, hot pickled mustard tuber primarily benefit agriculture promotion, formed in the industrialization of agriculture and the characteristic agriculture as the benefit agriculture mode; in the two industry mainly salt gas chemical industry, green food, pharmaceutical, textile, and modern environmental building materials industry will be developed rapidly in 2010, built the effect of salt gas chemical industry park, west of the green food production base and regional modern pharmaceutical center and the largest veterinary drug production base; in the three industry trade, logistics, tourism, financial services industry is booming, built in 2010 in Three Gorges Reservoir Area Business Center, tourist center and financial center.To achieve industrial development objectives, development of human resources for industry support plays a decisive role.
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