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Discussion on the ideological and political work of a few understanding

Author: ZhangGuangYing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-04 10:41:29 Read:
Abstract: with the deepening reform of the oilfield, exploration of new method, the masses of workers thought the actual productive new channel, the new carrier, adhere to the "two faces, three in place", thought by conveyor to AC conversion; effectively solve practical problems, work content changes from empty to inherit the tradition of constantly; innovation, change from passive to active method; based on the institutionalization, standardization, change the work mechanism of management from traditional management to science.Promoting grass-roots work smoothly.
Keywords: change; and the ideological and political work of
Along with the deepening reform of the oilfield, new problems, the accumulation of various deep gradually.In the face of the new situation, our fine tradition should not only inherit and carry forward our party's ideological and political work, but also to explore the new method, the masses of workers thought the actual productive new channel, the new carrier, to improve scientific, ideological and political work in grass-roots units of the pertinence and effectiveness, promote grass-roots work smoothly.The following, according to the practice of Ideological and political work in my unit, we implement four change, do a good job of Ideological and political work to talk about a few understanding.

First, adhere to the "two faces, three in place", thought by conveyor to exchange the transformation of the mode of

The ideological and political work bears to the masses of workers to the grass-roots units with Marxism-Leninism, promote and implement the party's line and policies, help the masses of workers and improve the political consciousness, set up the important task of world outlook, outlook on life, values of the right.Therefore, our ideological and political work under the new situation of the ideas must adapt to the needs of the new situation, the timely adjustment.
In recent years, our new situation, the ideological and political work in the new task, adhere to the "production and operation activities where, ideological and political work extended to where" approach, in practice the implementation of the "two faces, three in place, four change" the ideological and political work ideas, namely: for workers, for production; the ideological and political work to the frontline, situation and tasks of education to the team, policy advocacy to employees; by a single didactic to typical guided change, change from the call to the excitation type, composed of "I hear you speaking, single inculcating model I hit you", to "change the mode of participation, two-way communication, improve each other", by meeting meeting, file transfer files, to face to face education and staff.For example, according to the instructions, policies, plans, must convey mobilization, process, summed up the work of the three stages, and the masses of workers face to face communication, learning.This method is easy to create a harmonious cordial atmosphere, in exchange, the communication process, can we reach a consensus with the masses of workers in the new level, make thought more productive.

Two, effectively solve practical problems, work content from empty to shift the

The ideological and political work to speak truth, but in the final analysis is to focus on the production task, increase employee welfare, stable grass-roots team this overall situation, from the grass-roots workers interests as the starting point, the abstract principles into concrete, plain, emotional truth, make people feel warm, really easy to accept.
In recent years, the ideological and political work method, we request the Party branch is actively doing a combination of three.The first is the combination of Ideological and political work and the production and operation of specific work, all aspects of the ideological and political work throughout the work, has become a powerful spiritual force to promote the work of the.Secondly, the ideological and political work should be combined with solving the difficult, hot issues, change jobs, income gap, "work" and "reward" does not conform to some specific problems are most likely to cause fluctuations in thought worker, ideological and political work should chouzhunshiji, find out the "disease", "disease" drug, can achieve good results.The third is the combination of solving ideological problems and solving practical problems, deep into the line of work to understand and care about the masses of workers, work, health, learning, and help them to solve some practical problems.Such as well test branch earnestly democratic management, so the distribution of schemes, wage bonus allocation, assessment tree model, material consumption and other publication, let the team of workers the full exercise of ownership rights.Do you feel comfortable, at ease, peace of mind, work up much enthusiasm.Three, inherit the tradition of innovation, work by means of passive to active transformation of

At present, the cadres and workers of the thought is active, all kinds of hot and difficult issues and emerging, determines the ideological and political work can not rely on the old way, the old experience, must be on the basis of inheriting the tradition, innovating methods.
In recent years, we from the workers "petition" to develop the ideological and political workers visit, change from passive to active, "suit one's measures to local conditions, the person, time, circumstances alter cases." in Ideological and political work.Basic level cadre masses for more research, such as the provisions of the monthly cadres attendant labor system, accurately grasp the different cultural level of workers thought pulse, do know the score, have a definite object in view to guide the work of education.Two is good at grasping the work of the initiative, the leading role and the shock absorber effect really play to the ideological and political work.In recent years, with the continuous deepening of reform and the adjustment of interests, changed some of the cadres and workers of state of mind, in this new situation, new problems, adhere to the requirements of Deng Xiaoping theory with the armed cadres and workers of the mind, in a timely manner to the cadres and workers to explain the doubts, the elimination of obstacles in ideology, the cadres and employees to enhance confidence and for reform and development the psychology bearing capacity.Three is good at summarizing the application example of the power, strengthen the positive influence.By vigorously carry out the award in recognition of activities, and establish a number of contemporary workers reflect the spirit of the group image, these typical from the masses of workers, have the solid foundation of the masses, is easy to be accepted by the people, than the general reason more vivid, distinctive, a strong persuasion, appeal and appeal force, to promote social justice, help the staff to establish correct concept of honor and disgrace with good results.

Four, based on the institutionalization, standardization, working mechanism from traditional management to scientific management and

Ideological and political work is to carry out ideological and political work must comply with the rules and procedures, is the inherent law of Ideological and political work reports and requests.At present, as the basic production tasks, ideological and political work without making a strong guarantee machine, certainly will influence the effect of Ideological and political work.
Summary of my unit some effective practices, we focus on four aspects of the system sound.It is thought the situation reporting system.The Party branch is responsible for regular reports to the higher organizations at this stage the team construction, ideological situation, production and business operation.The two is the analysis of institutional units monthly ideological trend of workers.The main analysis of the reality of ideological monthly workers reflect, including the tendency and the individual, especially the need to pay attention to problem solve the research tendency, countermeasures.Three is the political study and special education system.The branch with the production task operation, the use of classes before the meeting, cadres, team coordination, meeting various learning carrier, at least a month to 1 days to ensure the political theory study and the situation and tasks of education, special education or in the team for a period, a period of time in the universal reality problems.Four is the inspection summary system.The branch with the half a year, year-end or important work summary, inspection and Analysis on Ideological and political work, exchange of experience, find out the weak links, and puts forward the improvement measures.The perfection of mechanism, system specification to make good ideological and political work have a scientific premise, at the same time, ideological and political work is truly advancing with the times, pioneering and innovative.
In short, the ideological and political work is a unit of the harmonious development of a powerful ideological guarantee and spiritual power, as long as we emancipate our minds, seek truth from facts, based on practice constantly improve the ideological and political work, we will be able to resolve contradictions, manage emotions, the cohesion of the people, promote the unit sustained, healthy and stable development, create a brilliant performance.
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