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On the influence of information asymmetry on the employment market for graduates

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Abstract : "information asymmetry" is one of the deep-seated reasons for the difficult employment.This paper from the angle of the employment of college graduates work system, affect the work of employment of college graduates in the asymmetric information.And from the point of view of information asymmetry theory.On the path to solve the employment of university graduates information asymmetry are discussed.
Keywords: the employment information asymmetry in adverse selection moral risk

The higher education of our country has formally entered the stage of popular education, more and more people have the opportunity to enter the university to continue learning.The problems with difficult but the employment of University students.Some people think that, on this problem and the expansion of university enrollment, the number of graduates more and more, limited employment opportunities, "no industry can"; also some people think that university is the professional setting and structure and social demand misplace, graduates discomfort social needs, "have not"; others believe that graduates the old concept of employment, occupation career design is not reasonable, can not correctly handle the relationship between ideal and reality occupation, employment expectations are too high, "the industry would not".The above three viewpoints has its rationality, on behalf of the three main jobs: graduates, colleges and departments, employers of graduates employment the difficult problem of general knowledge.The reason analysis of these views, the reaction of a common objective fact is the main market between "information asymmetry", and thus affect the employment of university graduates work.
a basic point of view, the theory of information asymmetry
The so-called "information asymmetry" (informationasymmetry) is involved in the transaction market transactions in mastering the unbalanced state information, participate in market transactions than the other party has more information, in a dominant position information, thus has the incentive to use asymmetric information.Founder of the theory of information asymmetry is the three American economists: George Akedof, Michael, Spence, Joseph Stiglitz.They contribute for "analysis" of markets with asymmetric information, in 2001 won the Nobel Prize in economics.Their contribution is discussed in the case of asymmetric information, how the market operation, failure or disappeared under the condition of asymmetric information, reveals the "lemon market" theory and the "adverse selection" behavior.
Analyzed from the angle of philosophy, the existence of information asymmetry is universal and absolute.First, information is widespread, the information transmission is widespread.A new information generated by the information source, through the channel to the sink, in is not transmitted to the sink, the information source and sink two persons already exist information asymmetry; secondly, the asymmetry of information is absolute, information symmetry is relative.The process of information motion and material, time is not the source of the nature of all things, all kinds of material and human society does change, at any time to generate the information, in the sense of information asymmetry is absolute, eternal.Information symmetry is relative and temporary, people acquire information will lag behind the new information generated.Process of information movement performance for information from the asymmetry to the contradiction in the development of dialectical unity of symmetric, asymmetric information by rising to symmetric spiral, advance wave upon wave.
The main two, information asymmetry and college graduates employment market analysis
To define the subject of the employment market of graduates in Colleges and universities, the academic circles have many different views.But from the angle of economics, the graduate employment market of the most active participants are graduates, colleges and departments, the employing unit three.If from the perspective of supply and demand and the University and departments is defined as the supplier, the employing unit is defined as the sum, graduates are initiative and special products in the.
(a) >
The employment of college graduates is seen as an isolated process, but in fact is a systematic project, involving aspects of higher school enrollment, training etc..Quality training and students of high employment, natural is not a problem, and vice versa.Therefore, the recruitment, training and employment as three aspects of employment of graduates, cannot be viewed in isolation of a link.Because of the universality and absoluteness of information asymmetry, so the three part of employment in universities is inevitably affected by the.
Asymmetric information 1 college admissions process, the formation of professional development is not balanced, the students of schools and professional identity decline.First of all, through the administrative departments of education management, guide the development of colleges and universities, all of the information, education administrative departments may not fully grasp of university development therefore, cannot fully meet the different policies in different areas, different levels, different scale of University development.This information will exist some possibility of colleges and universities for its own expansion of blind expansion, resulting in higher education and structural imbalance.Secondly, because of the asymmetry of candidates and college enrollment information, in the higher education gross is not sufficient and the level of Higher Education under the complex background, because the "lemon effect" exists, a lot of high score students in order to avoid risks, to ensure that the entrance, is taken to select admission low-level schools or secondary professional examination.So choose the quality school recruit not correspond to the quality of students, their satisfaction with school and professional to enter examinee, make the students learning interest and learning quality drops, affect the quality of training and employment competitiveness.
Cultivation of information asymmetry of 2 colleges and universities, the university graduates quality and social identity damaged.First of all, the administrative departments of education in Colleges and universities, colleges and universities with the social needs with information asymmetry, caused the professional setting and social demand is not close to the.At present, the teaching reform of higher education still lags behind the development of the market economy needs in some aspects, higher education also is not strictly part of the market economy.On the one hand, through the administrative departments of education administration of higher education, higher education and the cultivation of talents and social need fit affected.Changes in market supply-demand relationship under the influence of information transmission chain and can not timely, accurately reflected in the process of system design and arrangement.On the other hand, the social demand information is not enough, and the cultivation of professional mode to a certain extent, lagged behind the needs of society.
Secondly, the scale cultivation of asymmetric information and the development of individual students, resulting in higher education to realize the cultivation of personality.The cultivation of talents objectively speaking, do not teach students in accordance with their aptitude.The students knowledge structure differences exist interest hobby, ideal, making them not only in the choice of available information in different areas and on a teacher's teaching content and methods also have a different understanding, which means that universities do according to the development of the market of talent training program can not fully implemented in Colleges and universities subdivision of professional direction, also did not fully consider each student's personality, ability level, school is difficult to promote the development of students' personality.No personality of the graduates, in the innovative society is difficult to have a place to live in, it is difficult to obtain social recognition.
Thirdly, the information asymmetry of university administrators and educators, the fairness that teaching quality damage.At present, many college students feedback and evaluation of teaching as the main index of teaching quality evaluation for teachers, even the information published on the internet.The teachers' teaching quality evaluation subject should be the teaching management, the opinions of the students can refer to, but not as the main basis of evaluation.If the judge teachers' teaching quality evaluation by students is possible because a teacher is too strict and not be part of the students to accept; instead, the students relaxed teacher but easy to popular, it could trigger a good teacher not strict, poor teachers more loose, so that the impartiality of the evaluation of teaching quality is impaired, due to the decline in the quality of training.
(two) the asymmetric information effect on employment market demand side
Information asymmetry in employment process, performance for the first complete information college graduates are difficult to grasp the employing unit.The graduates are initiative products and forms of knowledge products are unique, so the demand is not possible for us to grasp the characteristics of products as simple to understand other products.In the actual process of negotiation, the employing units to fully understand the quality of graduates, ability of product information, is not clear and the advantages and disadvantages of various certificates, do not understand the real job of college students employment expectation; at the same time, the job of college students do not understand the real situation for employers, not clear the employer's credibility.Supply and demand between these exist in the job market for college graduates to the asymmetry of information possession will be in the agreement signed before and after respectively produce adverse selection and moral hazard problems, but their efficiency will decrease the employment market for graduates, hinder the optimization of human resources of the basic economic function, lead
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