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On the illusory images of modern rail: The Political Economy of the advertising interpretation

Author: HaiKuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-03 12:05:29 Read:
Paper Keywords: television advertising, political economy into a phantom like modern
Abstract: advertising plays an important role in the TV-economic structure, the nature of the illusory image making it the new religion of modern life. Chinese political advertising in a unique form of impact on political life. Socialist architecture requires the State to intervene television advertisements, ads can not deviate from the modern track.
The leading role of the market mechanism in the field of media breeds consumerism dominated by advertising. When the television program to break free from the shackles of planning and political, red the people market regulation economic circle, bring the main source of income for media advertising has become the protagonist of the mass media.
Unreal images temptation
The operation of the television advertising Television (TV) wide. Advertisers meet each other and the interest of the audience. TV stations sell advertising time to advertisers, direct access to advertising revenues, income to a modern commercial television. Advertisers meaningless goods produced into meaningful images, and dissemination of information to a wide audience, those who watch TV audience by the temptation of the image, as a potential commodity consumers through television media. Audience through its buy the advertised goods in psychological satisfaction, because he thought the purchase of goods, but also access television image aired live happy.
Farmers often sense, consumption of a product, is depicted as: construct a worthy constructed identity, have fun, make friends, influence others or solution times the best way to questions such as. In pursuit of higher profits, which attract more consumers, advertisers use to enlarge the advantages of hidden defects narrative strategy, to create a real product does not exactly match the image, its purpose is to merchandise the introduction of consumers are familiar with the meaning and symbols, then the meaning of the symbol given to the article. As Diana Crane said: "placed under a special symbolic context, constitute a the many advertisers basis to find dihydrate skills. The special symbolic context given itself does not make sense to sense. this additional information outside of the new product after repeated transmission of the mass media, and gradually in consumer awareness camp constitutive the simulacrum reality, the product is selected in a variety of congeners. advertising a product similar products with other features distinguish, make this product for potential consumers means something, this kind of thing consumers desire linked
"Commercials, not just to attract audience attention and, more importantly, it is to spread something the purpose of advertising is to hope that we watched the behavior will be affected after the ad Therefore, they had to put us in a direction to push, let us think or respond; to arouse our emotions, desires, and dreams; they have to want the audience to actively enter into the thought process that they want.
The commercials generally used way of contrast, to highlight the differences of the social effects before and after use of the product. For example, Diaopai detergent advertising images narrative feelings between stepmother and stepdaughter. The beginning, the little girl held obviously reject the stepmother, the screen showing the eyes of her stubborn confrontation. Stepmother with Diaopai detergent for her clothes washed white and new little girl gradually change the attitude, the two love filled the entire screen. Sometimes, this contrast is emphasized that the effect of the use, as the space outside of the image narrative, but left to the viewer to imagine. It can also play the role of emotional stimuli. TV commercials are the majority of direct effect of rendering using this model.
If social psychological mechanisms that television advertising is an illusory sense demands. Well, its physiological mechanism is an irrational performance: "In the 'normal' state, the human brain left and right half of common information processing, the TV viewing experience activities torn to pieces by the two cable, audience easily the temptation would be irrational emotional appeal and impact.
Therefore, in essence, TV commercials narrative by creating a false happy life, disrupt the audience's rational thinking, to achieve the purpose of sale: "The human desire to consume more high consumption activities more proactive material occupied by people through consumption and physical significance of the more abundant, more extensive, and rich, a wide range of 'possession' is what people dream of self-sufficiency and self-confidence.
The purpose of advertising is to encourage consumer spending and services in the interests of the manufacturer or, rather than the interests of consumers. When all television advertising in the use of the same practices, common purpose, consumerism will eventually formed. Consumer that the concept of happiness, spreading through the pervasive influence of television on the daily life. It can cross the boundaries of the nation-state, the formation of a global trend. More importantly, the potential impact of consumerism, the commodity hidden behind the message: "the consumerism key is not irrational tend to the ostentatious show off the trend, but the individual is inserted human exchanges between receiving information in the form of goods. kinds of information for those goods output, regardless of the subject or the Country, are able to have a beneficial sense output
Through this analysis, we can see the TV behind the commodity, the hidden ideological meanings. With respect to the contents of other mass media, advertising closest to the early Marxist concept of ideology. "The real role of advertising in the ideological, not create demand to influence market share, more than digestion ideology - Its role is to provide meaning to us.
Second, the new religion of modern life
TV commercials based on tripartite exchange of interests in a fair representation, hidden deep unequal relations of production and social relations.
First, the operating mechanism of the television advertising is built on the basis of the value of the exchange. CCTV playback environment, the public enjoying free watch TV programs. Which is the most important viewing channel for the Chinese audience. The television can be free for the public to provide the driving force of the program is that the advertiser pays a fee in advance for the audience. In fact, television stations and advertisers transactions, there is some kind of similar to the capitalist exploitation of the worker surplus value the relationship that the audience's viewing time remaining. According to Marxist political economy theory, an American scholar opinion, Souter Jie Hali, the watch is a form of labor when the audience watching commercial television, is working for media work, which produce value and surplus value Secretary of State in the mechanism of commercial television, viewers watch the general programs at the same time, must also be forced to watch commercials. Commercials not reflect a kind of social significance and meaning, but to create an illusory image significance. The commercials can therefore create exploiter and exploited relationship. The audience is forced to watch the ads, sell the remainder of the viewing time.

Therefore, the second layer of social relations implied by the TV commercials dominant capital in the public viewing activities.
"In actual operation, the capital not only to formally allow free time for watching TV subservient to its own control, but also to directly make these value-added time, to really viewing activities inclusion in, incorporated into its own production system, these time production value modern public television is increasingly seen as a necessary daily consumer goods, and it is time to buy long-term use cultural consumption of the low-income people can not enjoy in other social areas with high income levels, but watching television in the same cultural consumption. However, they have to pay the cost of the remaining viewing time. relative In contrast, the people have the economic ability by way of premium pay, through the purchase of information goods, also purchased exempt from television advertising to pay the remaining value freedom. Therefore, through TV commercials mechanisms, can see the inequality capital relations, social inequality in the field of television culture consumption extends
The third layer of the social significance of television advertising, is to construct the worship of goods. Non-realistic shape of the image, advertising developed countries live, so that poor people see the standard of living of the rich and fashion, so that no consumer demand to produce consumer impulse. All in all, it strongly to the general public to buy goods guidance, and may have some beliefs of goods.
"In advertisements created this myth universe, all the technology wizard penetrate to the body of the product, and provide a basis for people to believe that the power of the commodity.
The new fetishism phenomenon is no fundamental difference between the old phenomenon of fetishism. The two forces are dependent on belief systems.
Advertising if not the modern life of the new religion, not a religious value in use, but also what is it?
As other belief systems, advertising also with some force the psychological to attract, just as it is on material science and technology. The public advertising induction irrational consumer behavior, just a ceremonial activities, to avoid cognitive dissonance, and psycho-social convergence ceremony.
TV commercials created by the three social significance of a threat, on the basis of socialism and Marxism. In the market, the rule of law and the enterprises themselves are in the sound stage, the intervention of the Chinese government advertising natural legitimacy.
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