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Discussion on the application of regional innovation system in the management system of the

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Abstract: innovation concept of firstly proposed by Inpet as a starting point, using the theory and method of system theory, on the basis of theory and its development trend of national innovation system on the initial construction of the regional innovation system theory.Points out that the regional innovation system is in a certain range of area, with enterprises as the main body, the effective interaction between universities, research institutions, with the government and intermediary institutions, formed in the long-term of formal and informal cooperation and exchanges on the system, to enhance the innovation ability as the main purpose.On this basis, analysis of the regional innovation system elements, functions, composition and structure of knowledge flows in the regional innovation system.
Keywords: the innovation regional innovation system knowledge flow

The innovation theory is the first economist Inpet in the l912 years for the first time in its "economic development theory" put forward in the book innovation theory.Inpet thinks: the first application of innovative new technology, new inventions in business. It is the establishment of a new production function is realized, there has never been a new combination of factors of production innovation system is a complex large system, the development of each part of the system must be coordinated, balanced at any part the weak will affect the whole function of the system to play.Regional innovation system of innovation system of middle level.Innovation system of country innovation system belongs to the macro level, regional innovation system consists of several open in the geographical space.
, the regional innovation system
Regional innovation system is a complex system, between its internal structure and external factors is restricted and affected its main performance is:
1 rational allocation of regional resources and
Regional innovation system is emphasized different institutions, personnel work together to promote and implement innovative.Innovation must be strong, effective system of resource allocation, to emphasize the different resources in the system between the elements flow.Regional innovation system is essentially a knowledge production and innovation resources allocation system
2 the formation of regional core competitiveness.Give full play to the regional competitive advantage.
Regional core competence is the formation of long-term economic development in the region, can make the whole area effective allocation of resources and maintain the long-term stability of the competitive advantage of the door I development ability and the ability of self-organization based on innovation on the basis of competitiveness is a natural and historical basis of the combination of a certain region, regional economic, social and technological foundation, after a long-term the evolution and gradually form, is generally not available in other regional, is a reflection of regional innovation ability, in other areas it is difficult to imitate and get this ability, so the region maintain a more lasting competitive advantage.
3 the formation of regional industrial clusters.With spatial accumulation function and radiation function.
The increasingly fierce market competition. So the competitiveness of enterprises is more and more dependent on products and production process and application of new knowledge and technology, and as a result of specialization division of labor increases unceasingly. Single Yu industry difficult at the same time with the development of complex products, success in selling products and providing services required of all ability.Enterprises are more dependent on from other enterprises and the knowledge structure of the complementary knowledge and skills, depend on the enterprises and between enterprises and enterprises and scientific research institutions, and the regional innovation system by constructing the resources allocation system, is conducive to the development of innovation policy, infrastructure construction, promote the effective interaction of regional innovative bodies, thereby promoting mutual cooperation between enterprises, the formation of industrial clusters.
two, the regional innovation system environment
Regional innovation system is running under the environment constraint.The environment is caused by system changes in the external environment has an important impact on the operation of the system.The system of environmental factors is the power system operation, righteousness is the main environmental variables of regional innovation system operation conditions including: institutional environment, policy environment, market environment.
1 institutional environment
The system can reduce the certainty in the innovation process. Can effectively promote the innovation of system arrangement can effectively promote economic growth.. at the same institution through the incentive mechanism, make the innovators in the risk for innovation at the same time, ensure the success of innovation high.
2 policy and law environment,
The policy environment is the objective environment of regional innovation system in existence, influence its effect on regional innovation system than the result of institutional environment is more direct, more specific.Effect of policy on regional innovation system, usually through a series of laws and regulations to real.The policy environment including macroeconomic policy, technology policy and education policy.Policy environment conducive to innovation, will promote innovation. Otherwise we will restrict the innovation.
3 market environment
The market for regional innovation system can play a stimulating and regulating role, first by price, market demand to guide innovation, innovation is successful or not, must be inspected by the market, innovation main body in the same newspaper is realized by consumer acceptance of innovation results.Under the condition of perfect market economy, innovation is the return of consumer or user market of innovation acceptance implementation.In addition, the market competition can promote enterprise innovation, low efficiency and reduce network innovation uncertainty arising from the.Because of the existence of the uncertainty of innovation and risk, the market can form a cooperative or competitive environment, so as to improve the efficiency of the whole innovation system.At the same time, the fierce market competition can promote enterprise for the pursuit of high profits and continuous innovation.
three, the regional innovation system elements
Regional innovation system is composed of several elements, elements constitute the system's basic components and also is the foundation of its existence.Regional innovation system is the element attributes for the basis of forming by the South specific link attributes and functions of indivisible.The elements of regional innovation system mainly includes the following parts:
1 Enterprises
As an important part of regional creation system, enterprises must have the ability of independent innovation.At the same time the enterprise is subject of regional knowledge management, so enterprises must have sufficient knowledge management ability.As the main body of innovation enterprise refers to the enterprise sense of the modern enterprise system, innovative power and ability, is the upper innovation input, activities and income.
2 dominated by the university education and training institutions
University in the regional innovation system's function is to cultivate innovative talents, engaged in scientific research, dissemination of scientific knowledge, participate in the transformation, create a culture of science.University's main function is to disseminate knowledge. Providing and improving the quality of personnel, and the introduction and application of technology.The production and diffusion of knowledge, need to have a high level, high-quality personnel.Not with the corresponding quality and innovative thinking ability, the new knowledge to produce.It is difficult to master new knowledge and technology and application, technology is also difficult to translate into practical productive forces, knowledge can not be passed to the carrier of social diffusion.
The 3 Research Institute of
Scientific research institute is a source of innovation and knowledge innovation system, subject to engage in scientific research, knowledge innovation, technology development and dissemination.Because scientific knowledge is not immediately generate economic benefits, the enterprise has little interest in the production of scientific knowledge, and study some technical knowledge of high cost, large investment, high risk, also is the enterprise, especially small and medium-sized enterprises are not willing to take.In order to research and development of the enterprises are willing to bear the resulting knowledge can produce the maximum public interest, most of the research on science and technology for scientific research institutions, mainly the basic research and applied basic research.
4 Government
The government is the main body of institutional innovation of innovation system, the subject is also the regional innovation of knowledge management in macro level.The government is the rule of regional innovation activities makers.The government can effectively control the innovation system operation, especially in the case of "market failure".The system function of the government can other innovative bodies cannot accomplish in regional innovation system. The other difficult to play the main role.The main function of government is to regulate mechanism, reform does not adapt to the requirements of the development of the existing mechanisms, to discover and establish the mechanism model, efficient.In the market economic activities of the various actors in regional innovation system specification.
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