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Study on the role of government in regional innovation system

Author: ZhangGuoWang LiBaiZhou From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-02 18:40:24 Read:

Abstract: government is an important part of regional innovation system, especially the system functions by virtue of its special status to complete other innovation main body is unable to realize.Through the study of developed country governments play a role in the regional innovation system, analysis of China's government should play in the regional innovation system, and draws the conclusion.
Keywords paper: regional innovation system; government; role of

First, the introduction of

Regional innovation system is in a certain area. Elements of innovation by enterprises, universities, research institutes, government departments and institutions to form the organizational structure and the spatial structure. Through the innovation of organization structure and spatial structure of its organization and environment interaction to achieve the rational allocation of resources, optimize the industrial structure, promote regional the overall competitive advantage, and vigorously promote the sustainable development of regional economy and society of the organic whole.
Emphasizes the importance of regional innovation system is the entire region as the subjects of an organic system of innovation in this organic innovation system in the process of collaborative innovation, each plays a different role.The government is an important part of regional innovation system. Especially the system functions by virtue of its special status to complete other innovation main body is unable to realize.We must recognize that the government plays in the regional innovation system function. Ensure that the government science and the implementation of regional public policy choice and system innovation. In order to provide innovative environment for regional innovation, create the atmosphere of innovation, through the incentive policies, policies, protect policy, coordination of policy. From the macro to create system the conditions for regional innovation, in order to maintain the normal operation of the regional innovation system, to promote the regional economy and even the national economy sustained, healthy, stable development goals.
Effect of two, the government in the regional innovation system
1 foreign government in the regional innovation system.Developed countries or regions, the government gradually began to play up, maintain and develop a stable, open, full of vitality, dominated by market mechanism of macro economic system, and make a good environment for innovation, universities, research institutions, enterprises to participate in such innovation elements can close interaction.Therefore, the local government have varying degrees of local innovation activities formulated and implemented a series of policies and measures.The United States government is committed to revise and improve relevant matters concerning firm innovation. Market behavior through the legal system to strictly regulate the innovation main body, so that the size of the enterprise law, follow the law.The United States government through legislation, establish venture investment fund and perfect the protection system of intellectual property rights, to give the corresponding protection, certain industries will be some high-tech military technology to the ordinary civilian technology and so on, these are to some extent to speed up the Silicon Valley development. In addition, the tax law, the government procurement aspects of the corresponding adjustment to the high-tech and venture investment in the development of the.In addition, the United States government also through R & D investment and related policies to promote the development of Silicon Valley technology.Silicon Valley is located in California has a clear policy of science and technology, such as encouraging government internal and external government research and development work.Set up the office of science and technology, to encourage the development of education, especially education, contact mechanism set up "Four city" plan, with local government agencies and the direct financial aid.In order to reflect the equality of opportunity, support small and medium enterprises, the United States federal government procurement office also has a dedicated small business procurement office.Responsible for the coordination of the federal government to the small and medium-sized enterprise procurement.
The Japanese government through the development of appropriate industrial policy and industrial guidance measures to enable the regional innovation system of enterprises, research institutions, financial institutions and the system of international industrial transfer.Technology, knowledge and information flow diffusion, the innovation network of refinement, specialization, and agglomeration, thus improving the performance and innovation ability of the regional innovation system.Actually,The Japanese government took "technology establishs a country" as the national strategy in the early 2O century 60 years. And in 1995 announced the "basic law" of science and technology, become the basic law of Japan Science and technology policy.Japan attaches great importance to the development of science and technology, the introduction and absorption, the government has formulated the two five year plan "basic plan" science and technology which includes the various regional revitalization policy and research and development base remediation policy promoted the Japanese technology innovation and national competitiveness.
In addition.Japan also attaches great importance to cultivating local talent, and the relevant universities and research institutes linked.University, research institutions to cultivate for the enterprise to provide the joint innovation projects and resources. It has spawned many innovative enterprises to participate in the construction of regional innovation system. Enterprises as the new technology and new product research institutions and universities developed industry, both promote each other, symbiosis.Truly a combination of research, sharing resources, facilitate the flow of talent, improve the regional innovation system productivity.The EU governments have taken a series of measures to promote the development of regional innovation culture.The government improved training methods and content of educational institutions and business cooperation. Encourage to establish long-term cooperative relationship between the enterprise and the training institution.The establishment of training and innovation forum, to facilitate the exchange of information and experience. And continue to implement the education and training of the white paper, promote the European schools association.The EU also carried out system innovation of large system. And the regional innovation system construction of human resources, infrastructure is the efficient allocation of resources.In addition, through the implementation of "learning" in the information society, in the younger generation, knowledge popularization and promotion to master knowledge dissemination technology.Government departments and the public sector has important influence in the economic life. The EU countries on innovative training for government decision makers, the public project and fund management, enhance their awareness of innovation: to promote the government departments and the public sector to exchange experience in terms of innovation.
The government at all levels in China 2 in the regional innovation system should play the role of the developed countries the government plays the role of research in regional innovation system. That the Chinese government should play in regional innovation system: the
1) perfect legal system.The regional innovation system interests can not reach agreement. The best method is to use a variety of laws and regulations, policies to regulate, coordination.Legal, policy is mandatory, universal and normative characteristics is an important means for government to regulate and adjust the behavior of the subject of innovation activities and improve the legal system plays a vital role in the development of regional innovation system. Not only help enterprises to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the regional innovation system, regional economy, and to standardize the market activity plays a role in the protection of intellectual property rights is the core problem of the supervision and management of innovation should be opened "intellectual property service hotline." and asked the government to take concrete measures to provide relevant intellectual property information and advice for small and medium-sized enterprises and scientific research institutions.Since the reform and opening up. China has formulated and implemented the "law of science and technology progress", "science and technology achievement method" and other policies and regulations, the state issued the "opinions" on some policies to encourage and promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, promulgated the "SME Promotion Law", but compared with developed countries, compared to internal demand and the technology innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises of our country numerous. China has not yet formed a complete set of policies and regulations system. Especially the lack of special law of small and medium-sized enterprises including technique innovation.Therefore.Should be established, and improve the promotion system and policy system innovation. Including directly related to the legal system innovation.In order to encourage the establishment of new enterprises to improve innovation project efficiency.To reduce the burden on enterprises.Including all levels of government should also take measures: analysis of the impact of existing laws and regulations on innovation. Further simplification of business enterprises that apply for funding procedures. Promotion to small and medium enterprises as the object information and consulting services: in legislation.Organize experts to study and put forward the regional innovation system on the existing laws and regulations advice. In order to solve the current laws and regulations of the burden to the enterprise and the problems.
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