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Development of the innovation system of resource-based city space

Author: TianHongNa From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-02 09:09:53 Read:
Keywords: the     resource type city; regional innovation system; spatial structure of science and Technology Industrial Park
Abstract: regional innovation layout in a particular geographic space, with certain structural characteristics, is the characterization of the regional innovation ability and level.According to the spatial structure of incomplete our resource-based city innovation system, current situation seriously hinder the function innovation system into play, to science and Technology Industrial Park as a development mode innovation system for the resource type city space, has an important effect on the resource-based city innovation.

The layout of regional innovation activities in a particular geographic space, with certain structural characteristics, is the characterization of the regional innovation ability and level, rational layout of space innovation system is an important condition to play the function of regional innovation system.Ability of our country's most resource-based city innovation behavior subject is not strong, lack of innovation resources, social and economic foundation is weak, backward technology, innovation system spatial structure is incomplete, hindering its innovation system function.Therefore, the correct understanding of all kinds of factors, the rational distribution of resource type city innovation space, has the extremely vital significance to choose the way of innovation system spatial structure development in line with its characteristics.

, science and Technology Industrial Park is the development of space resource type city innovation system

In the world, the developed countries and the region innovation first originated in a good economic foundation, superior technology, and then spread to the global scope; in the domestic, innovation first concentrated in developed regions, the formation of innovation, and gradually goes to the less developed regions; in a specific region, innovation is the source and focused on natural, economic, social, especially regional technical conditions, and then along the gradient to other spatial diffusion.These areas of innovation, is essentially regional innovation cluster.Research shows that, innovation behavior subject has tendency of agglomeration obvious space in the regional innovation system.Cluster formation from production process point of view, is in order to save energy and freight, together with the local resources and infrastructure.From the perspective of the innovation process, innovation behavior subject close contact and geographically will produce the following effects: first, to promote the association entity of competition and cooperation.Geographical proximity to make the main body of innovation behavior within the region of the fierce competition in the innovation faster perceived peer pressure; system environment of long-term evolution will encourage innovation behavior within the region of interaction and cooperation.Second, help to improve the competitiveness of the associated entity.Includes upstream industries such as input suppliers and infrastructure providers, extend to the downstream industries such as customers, distribution channels, and government agencies for innovative services and public institutions.Third, promote the exchanges and cooperation of scientists, engineers and technicians face, prompting information, codified knowledge and tacit knowledge circulation, reduce the information search and transaction cost.Fourth, is conducive to learning and knowledge spillover is formed within the region environment, to promote collective learning atmosphere.Fifth, promote the new enterprise derived from existing enterprises.Therefore, regional innovation cluster is a group of near in geography because of the commonness and complementarity and linked to the innovation behavior subject, it is a kind of effective innovation space arrangement, regional innovation system is successful in the spatial structure must have clustering characteristics.
At present, the development mode of regional economy unbalanced space mainly growth pole, gradient, anti-gradient, point-axis development, network development, new industries and nearly 20 years of economic geography scholars began to study.The essence of innovation demand to increase the network connection factors, the development of modern society also proved that, the network provides a broader learning interface for the organization, so that innovation can occur at multiple levels, multiple links, a new combined actors use and operation.In the nineteen ninties has the researchers found that the network is a kind of regional governance structure conducive to innovation, is an innovative feature of institutional arrangements for the formation of a regional participation by elements of interaction and mutual connection, the regional innovation system, network organization based on if the operation more efficient, innovative ability.In the development of regional economy, the regional innovation system, network organization is the regional innovation network as a new form of regional adaptation to the characteristics of knowledge economy, will undoubtedly become the main development mode of regional innovation system.Now some domestic developed area innovation network development mode, innovation network structure in these areas has been basically formed.Because the resource type city is not possible in the innovation based on weak and backward innovation environment, direct the formation of internal space unit of organic connection, developed the innovation network.According to the mechanism of regional innovation cluster resource type city agglomeration, only limited resources for innovation, and create a favorable environment for innovation in a smaller area, focusing on cultivating innovative spatial growth pole, so that the small area has become the main source of innovation city, strengthening the city innovation ability and potential, the agglomeration effect and the demonstration effects gradually to the surrounding area or low gradient area diffusion, promote the construction of the city innovation system.The essence of this small region is science and Technology Industrial Park, the domestic scholars have called the high-tech industrial development zone.The resource type city science and technology industrial park space layout as shown in figure 1.

Keith Tell Azee and Howe (Castells and Hall, 1994) thinks, development of science and Technology Industrial Park to regional development and industrialization, and cooperation to create [3].The introduction of the basic functions of science and Technology Industrial Park, including the incubation function, technology absorption and innovation function, training function, radiation and driving function, information distribution function, aggregation and foreign exchange function.Development of resource-based city science and Technology Industrial Park includes: first, then the industrialization of resources city.Through the park technology industrialization and cluster, to promote the development of resource-based city high technology industry and city construction, realize the modernization of the city.Second, the development of the resource type city.The transformation of traditional industry by modern technology, improve the utilization rate of resources, promoting industrial structure adjustment, provide technical and intellectual support for regional development.Third, collaborative creation of resources city.Regional learning and networking promote knowledge flow and create, gradually improve the resource type city to park as the main body of the innovation capacity and competitiveness.Thus, agglomeration characteristics of science and Technology Industrial Park has obvious regional innovation system, the positive development of science and Technology Industrial Park can promote the construction of innovation system for the resource type city.
two, science and Technology Industrial Park on the resource-based city innovation role

Science and Technology Industrial Park is an industrial complex, economic and social areas with high innovation ability, including seven basic types of incubators, science and Technology Park, the Science City, University Research Park, high-tech industrial zone, high-tech processing zone, hi-tech products export processing zone and Technology City, their focus is different, though, their common point is also very obvious, this is the planning and construction of the science and Technology Industrial Park, with a demonstration, radiation and driving function of the regional innovation.On the resource-based city which will further promote the city industrial structure adjustment, so as to promote the city transformation and sustainable development.As shown in figure 2.
(a) to promote the innovation behavior subject development and innovation resource integration of
Low most of resource-based city innovation ability of our country, the development of resource industry for many years the single mode caused the innovation behavior subject quantity is less, slow development, loss of function; innovation ability, motivation and vitality is not strong, weak innovation awareness [4]; the development of science and technology intermediary institutions in the initial stage, the development scale, the service ability and standardized management and so on with the domestic developed city have a big gap compared, on technology innovation and achievement transformation role is very weak.In the innovation resources, innovation and shortage of talents; innovative personnel department and the structure is not rational, scientific and technical personnel are mainly distributed in the central enterprises, provincial enterprises and resources of enterprises, scientific research institutions of engineering and technical personnel are mainly concentrated in the resources industry, metallurgy, building materials industry and related industries; most of the city's weak, limited financial resources, innovation ability of fund input low innovation resources allocation efficiency is not high.
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