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Analysis to explore the structure of regional innovation system model based on the organizational elements

Author: DongXinPing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-02 06:13:00 Read:
Paper Keywords: organizational elements structure of regional innovation system mode
Abstract: From the structure of innovative organizational elements of the regional innovation system mode is divided into research and development-oriented enterprises (industry) led, investment-led three types, and explore the structure and implementation process of these three modes, characteristics and success stories.
Organizational elements of the regional innovation system is the carrier of innovation activities, innovation activities in organizations and promote the direct stakeholders and implementers. Organizational elements of the regional innovation system as the main bearer of an act, including: businesses, public research institutions, education and training institutions, government agencies, financial institutions, intermediary organizations. Organizational elements structure of the regional innovation system is the combination of the various organizational elements. Based on a combination of organizational elements structure characteristics, organizational elements of the regional innovation system structure can be divided into several of the enterprise-centric, University Center type of research institutions, financial (investment) center, government-centered, thus, the regional innovation system mode accordingly divided into research and development-oriented enterprises (industry) led, investment-oriented.
A research and development-led innovation system (center) mode
1.1 model description
Research and development leading (center) type mode means that the independent public research institutions (including independent research institutions, universities and research institutions) in the center position in the innovation system, is the hub of regional innovation resource allocation. In this model, the public research institutions is a source of regional innovation, the main carrier and provider of innovation, enterprise is the application of science and technology innovation system. Public research institutions to provide innovation through technology transfer and other intermediary service system spread to enterprise applications. Its structure and implementation process is shown in Figure 1.

As can be seen in Figure 1, in research and development-oriented innovation system mode, the starting point for the innovation of public R & D institutions around the transfer of innovation, application and innovation of system elements, each functional subsystem between organic combination. Innovation needs public R & D institutions from research institutions own position and judgment rather than the market throughout the implementation process has a the heavier "plan" color, the market mechanism is imperfect.

1.2 Features of Mode
(1) linear characteristics of the non-network. Innovation activities in all aspects of the separation, coupled with supply-led elements of the system model, between the functional subsystems form a transfer around the innovation, the application of the linear architecture, innovation supply subject and innovations Bian body between is usually a one-way exchange of innovative process less negative feedback, innovation is difficult to form a network structure.
(2) "mismatch" feature. Due to the separation of the various aspects of the innovation process, innovation supply and demand of both the division of responsibilities differences lead to a greater difference on the two sides in the allocation of resources. Public R & D institutions mainly focus on innovation, heavy "research," light "," enterprise "with" light "research", the innovation supply and demand between the two sides not only difficult to achieve the goal of innovation activities integrated, innovative resources integration, but also difficult to achieve The innovative aspects of the supply and demand docking, thus the formation of the two sides separate small loop system, closed operation.
1.3 Success Stories
The success stories of the R & D-led innovation system mode (center), Silicon Valley, North Carolina Research Triangle Park, Cambridge Science Park, Beijing Zhongguancun. The characteristics of these areas, the scientific and technological innovation in the region is rich in resources, strong capability of independent innovation mechanism into practical productive forces, the channels open; the advance of technology commercialization, capital, property rights of intellectual-intensive areas surrounding , gives rise to a large number of innovative enterprises, and gradually gathered to form a unique industry gathering, the formation of regional economic competitiveness, while at the same time formed a merging of the innovation system of enterprises and public innovation agencies.

2 Enterprise the led (center) regional innovation system model
2.1 model description
Enterprise-led innovation system mode is in the center position of enterprises in the innovation system, enterprise innovation and decision-making body, innovation and investment in the human subject, the subject of the application; in the implementation of innovation, may have its own research and development institutions, may take the form of research cooperation. (Center) type of corporate-led regional innovation system model structure and implementation process described in Figure 2.

Due to the central position of the enterprise, to accelerate the innovation capacity of enterprises, the main line of the formation of a number of industrial innovation chain and industry groups to industrial innovation system, and gradually form the industry as the center of industrial innovation system. As can be seen from Figure 2, in the enterprise-led regional innovation system model type (center), the whole process of innovation to the enterprise configuration innovation resources, the demand for innovation from the market; large enterprises promote innovation and entrepreneurship together to form a chain of industrial innovation, and guide scientific and technological resources of the region and beyond, innovative elements of the flow and aggregation in the region, the formation of a gradually improving regional innovation system, promote regional specialties economic development. 2.2 Features of Mode
(1) Habitat status. That business is not only the main achievements into the decision-making body of the research and development, investment and the human body, depending on the size of the enterprise and development strategies, enterprise innovation ability is strong enough, sufficiently robust innovation networks, companies may also be the main innovation perform.
Combination is an important form of propulsion. Although in an absolutely dominant position in the innovation system, innovation, after all, is a complex technical activities, it can not get all the resources, all the elements, only the full use of external knowledge, technology, capital, personnel and other elements, enterprise innovation efficiency and the success rate was higher Combination is an inevitable requirement for enterprise-led innovation process.
(2) characteristics of the network. The core advantage is the ability to market the technology needs of the market as the main line, to speed up the innovation process, often need to use the resources of other enterprises, scientific research institutions, government, intermediary organizations to carry out innovative work, the whole process of innovation showing a network structure.
(3) the virtual organization. Due to the rapid development of modern information technology, innovative network construction is often carried out simultaneously in different areas, the innovative spatial layout has been completely get rid of the geographical restrictions, the formation of the exotic structure network, innovative organization is relatively loose, the main form of order item the end of the project that is the end of the innovation activities, organizational quite virtual. Such as Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang in China in many areas' sexual production manufacturing base headquarters R & D center industry innovation system, the organization is a virtual form.
2.3 Success Stories
(Center) type of corporate-led regional innovation system model presented in the form of performance industrial assembly and large enterprises, driven by two trends. Industry gathered to regional blocks economy, the development of special industries and enterprises gathered for the pilot, due to market demand-driven pressure and power of the industrial technology innovation, in order to guide the scientific and technological resources of the region and beyond, flow and accumulation of factors of innovation in the region to form a step-by-step improve the regional innovation system, and further promote the development and growth of the regional economy with local characteristics. China's Zhejiang departments and regions economy is a typical representative of this regional innovation system mode. Large enterprises to drive that is driven by supply chain is a special form of industry agglomeration, aggregation and development and production of supporting technologies, products, forming a region within the supply chain market performance in the area around the large enterprises supporting technology and product demand and promoting and supporting enterprises , thus promoting the formation of large enterprises as the core characteristics of industrial brands, enhance regional economic strength. Seattle area rely on Boeing: Dallas Texas Instruments relying on the development of high-tech industry innovation system, the development of the aviation industry innovation system, Shiyan, Hubei Dongfeng Motor Corporation formed the characteristics of industrial innovation system.
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