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Integration and operation practice of regional innovation system

Author: WangJianPing YuanZuo LiXueLin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-02 06:06:10 Read:

Abstract: around the regional innovation system construction, operation mode, carried out a series of practical exploration.Construction in the regional innovation system on the basis of conventional model, proposed the concept of integrated innovation. And clearly put forward under the guidance of management science and technology become the micro and macro set. The progress of agricultural science and technology integration system, industrial technology innovation system of private scientific and technological enterprise integration and integration system of regional science and technology innovation support system.At the same time, combined with the construction practice of Yunnan Qujing science and technology innovation system, exploring with regional innovation system construction and operation mode of operation.
Keywords paper: regional innovation system; integration; model; practice of

1 integrated innovation and operation mode of

1.1 integration and integrated innovation of
Integrated as a kind of social phenomenon already exists.The social organization is people integration.Machinery and equipment spare parts integration.Is the production line integrated machine tool, tool.However, integration as a scientific concept to be recognized and made clear is what people in recent years.Group units in enterprises (GTC), flexible manufacturing system (FMS), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), just-in-time (JIT), concurrent engineering, a group of technological innovation are the organizational form or method of various departments of the personnel, technology and other resources integrated organically.From the point of view of management integration refers to a creative fusion process.In the process of combining with each factor, infusion of creative thinking.That is to say, only the general elements together.And can not be integrated. Only when the elements through the selection and collocation optimization, active.Among the most reasonable structure together, forming a composed of appropriate elements, complementary advantages, mutual matching of the organism, this process is called integration.From technology integration point of view, the United States of America scholar MacroIansi thinks "through the organization process good resources, tools and methods to solve the problem of application called technology integration".Therefore.In essence. Integration is to combine two or more than two integrated unit set into an organic whole process or result of behavior.In addition polymerization.Integrated more worthy of attention is the evolution and the meaning of innovation.The integration stressed and integrated function multiplication and adaptation evolution.This is a concept of structural system.Methods but also to solve complex system problems and improve the overall function of the system.
Integrated innovation is a variety of elements of innovation through creative integration between the various elements of innovation, complementary matching. So that the overall function innovation system qualitative jump, forming a unique innovation ability and competitive advantage.The key points: first, the integrated innovation is the innovation of fusion is a further extension of technology convergence.This integration through the different stages of the life cycle of enterprise innovation, process and different subjects of innovation ability of innovation, practice, innovation process and competitiveness together.Thus formed can produce new core competence and innovative ways.Second.Integrated innovation to technology, knowledge, strategy, organization, and different from the single technology integration, knowledge integration, strategic integration and organization integration.That is beyond the traditional boundaries of the firm.Considering the requirements of integration product, production process, the process of innovation, technology and business strategy, industry network structure and market innovation.Third, there is positive relation, direct integration innovation and organizational performance, is an effective way to the new wealth of the organization.
To sum up.Integrated innovation is the main innovation factors (technical, strategic, knowledge, etc.) optimization, integration, among the most reasonable structure together, forming has the functions of multiplication and the adaptability of organic evolution, organizational learning through the creation of a management system for business innovation and competitive advantage.Practice has proved.Innovation in any level. It should not only is the allocation of resources.More important is in accordance with the established goals.Organization and integration of resources. Otherwise.Many of the techniques and results cannot achieve its due value.Therefore.To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, must use the integrated innovation, create and absorb new knowledge.
1.2 integrated innovation process model
Integrated evolutionary innovation process model is focused on how to improve the innovation project understanding.The conventional model believes that innovation is technology push, market pull and cross function team and supplier and customer integration results, this cannot explain and predict the complex products and system innovation process.The integrated innovation process is adapt to the business environment changes. Such as R & D electronic, strategic network flow, as well as the innovation spread beyond the traditional boundaries of companies.In addition, the environment changes, changes in technology such as R & D costs increase, technological convergence, shorter product life cycle, global competition and rapid, transfer from competition to cooperation strategy in many research - intensive enterprises lead.And innovators, as part of a cooperative development process, and the primary suppliers, developers and customers for electronic data interchange.All these lead to a more rapid and effective change process, as well as complex innovation integration.
The integrated innovation process, mainly includes 3 aspects.
The 1.2.1 concept innovation process.This is more in the process of product innovation through design concept embodied in the product innovation in the social system, the reform objectives are achieved.Start with a specific market demand in this process are defined.Analysis of the demand causes the product demand.On this basis, the product concept.The product requirements into diversified product function, providing a basis for the product design and development.The product function to form a full account of technical and scientific principles and echo. And through technology to realize and understand.Technology by individual selection of specific knowledge to explicit and implicit form. By product and process oriented found use natural, social science and engineering of this implementation is achieved by the development of new technology or a previously existing technology.Through the production, the formation of marketable products.The results will promote the market, product maintenance and distribution process maturity.
This process is 1.2.2 process innovation process innovation and technology related to the concept of process, it is the reform and innovation of various elements in enterprise.In this process, the natural and Social Sciences and engineering phenomena, determines the starting point of technical innovation.Technology emerged from observation of phenomena.If the idea is practical and feasible technology development is formed.Thus the formation of concrete technology, finally able to use.
1.2.3 social innovation process of social innovation belongs to environmental innovation, is the relationship between social technology system in the enterprise or the body can be planned changes.For the complex system of innovation, social innovation process is very complicated, because it involves the various uncontrollable factors, social innovation process is successful and sustainable or not, depends on the relations between subjects and the relationship can be planned degree.
And operation practice of construction of regional innovation system 2
2.1 regional innovation system and its structure of
Regional technology innovation system is the basis of national technology innovation system and components, is the bridge of national macro development of technology innovation and enterprise innovation. The goal of decision making process, is to achieve the goal of macro Innovation Interaction and fusion process.Specific regional technology innovation is the innovation and development of national macro decision-making, but also conducive to promote the development of enterprise innovation.Regional innovation capability is directly related to a region and a country's international competitiveness promotion.
The definition of regional innovation system: (1) have a certain space and open borders; (2) to the production of enterprises, research and development institutions, institutions of higher learning, local government agencies and services as innovation main unit; (3) between different innovation unit through the association, organization and spatial structure innovation system; (4) the innovation unit through innovation (and space) interaction of structure, its organization and its environment and implement the innovative function, and influence on regional social, economic, ecological: (5) through the continuous development and function and environment of the system self-organization maintain innovation operation and achieve innovation.Regional technology innovation system should be composed of the following subsystems.
2.1.1 regional education system.Education is one of the most important subsystems of regional technology innovation system.In the coordination of education, education and teaching institution plays an important role in.A reasonable proportion of scientific and technical personnel of various kinds of a region should be possibilities offered depends on the development of science and technology and the regional economy and science and technology and the level of economic development.
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