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To promote the role of regional innovation on regional economic development

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Abstract : "innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, is an inexhaustible motive force for the prosperity of a country".Promote innovation on regional economic development is very obvious. From the theoretical level, discusses in detail the regional innovation of regional economic development to promote the role of the five.
Keywords: the regional innovation; regional economy; industry structure; sustainable development; economy of scope

As early as in 1998, it has been found through research, technology innovation is the key to solve the problem of waste of resources, the only way to realize the high quality of economic growth; technology innovation can improve the economic efficiency of enterprises: technological innovation can promote the development of new industry; technical innovation to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and it is therefore concluded, "technology innovation is the human wealth source, is the fundamental driving force for economic growth".It is technology innovation, contributed to the rapid development of national economy, to promote the progress of human society.Can say, in the knowledge economy and economic globalization, have no what can be more important than the innovation is, innovation ability not only directly determines a country's competitiveness, but also determines the economic strength of a region's strength.Because innovation, make numerous regional rise in the process of economic globalization, development and trend of personalized.Regional innovation ability is different, so my individuality and difference of confining economic expansion in economy, from the big river provincial economy to the county economy and more secondary region economic range.Regional innovation has become a powerful "engine" of regional economic development and "propeller". The regional innovation capability has become a distinction between the level of regional economic development of the mushroom to sign.
1 regional innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for regional economic development
The development of human society, from the agricultural economy, industrial economy age to the era of the knowledge economy.At knowledge economy flash knowledge is the most basic element of production and significantly different from the land as the basic factors of production of agricultural economy and of capital is the most basic factors of production of industrial economy.
Agricultural economy and industrial economy is the traditional to the scarcity of natural resources for the development of the foundation, the basic economic law of diminishing returns and economic limits to growth, and with the reduction of the human non-renewable resources, if no new alternative resources, its development will be exhausted may.But knowledge economy is different, knowledge economy is based on intellectual resources and knowledge} only developed, because the knowledge itself has the characteristics of infinite and renewable characteristics, so that the knowledge resources can be unlimited creation and development, so as to avoid the shortcomings in traditional economy.Compared with the traditional economy to rely on a lot of factors of production investment to promote economic growth, the development of knowledge economy mainly depends on the production, dissemination and application of knowledge, its essence is to rely on constant innovation of knowledge and technology.The era of knowledge economy, innovation is the fundamental driving force of economic development.
In driving innovation. Knowledge of product cost is decreased with increasing number of products, knowledge is more use value is bigger, which broke through the traditional basic law of diminishing economic returns. Form the characteristic collection hoop increasing., South to the innovation capacity is unlimited. Innovation product innovation main body -- the new knowledge and new technology theory is infinite. This makes the base that economy: development space of knowledge also has unlimited.In the innovation drive, economic development can not be exhausted, world without end, without interruption, but continuously.It is in this sense, we can say, innovation is an inexhaustible motive force of regional economic development.
2 regional innovation to enhance regional economic growth quality of

Regional economic growth generally refers to a region in a certain period of time, because of factors of production inputs or increase efficiency and other reasons, the expansion of the economic scale in quantity, which increase the output of goods and services content.According to this concept can be inferred, general. Source of regional economic growth from two aspects: one is the essential investment growth, two is essential to improve efficiency in the use of.If economic growth mainly depends on the factor input growth to promote, can be called the extensive economic growth mode, if the economic growth mainly depends on the factors to improve efficiency in the use of it is set about growth mode.In the process of regional economic growth, speed and quality are two important indexes.The two opposites, and unity.The opposition.Because economic growth rate and economic growth quality often can not have both. To improve the economic growth rate, but the loss of the quality of economic growth; improve the quality of economic growth.But a decrease in the rate of economic growth.To unity, we must both, but the key is to look at the regional economic growth pattern choice.In the extensive mode of economic growth, regional economic development often focus on the speed.While neglecting the quality, in some cases, even speed and quality are not taken into account; on the contrary, in the intensive economic growth mode, the unified regional economic development can achieve speed and quality.Intensive economic growth, the key lies in improving efficiency per unit of factor input, and this kind of efficiency improvement is achieved through technological innovation.Because of technological innovation and technological progress can play three roles in the improvement of efficiency in the use of factors of production: technology innovation to knowledge and information and other factors of production to replace the invisible part or all of the natural resources and other tangible factors of production; technical innovation can promote repeated and cyclic tangible use of factors of production; the technological innovation helps the development of new production elements or seek alternative factors of production.Obviously, the technology innovation is conducive to the intensive mode of regional economic growth, in order to reduce the regional economic growth in the consumption of materials to improve the quality of regional economic growth.Therefore, the technological innovation is the effective means to improve the quality of economic growth.
3 regional innovation to promote regional industrial structure upgrade
The regional industrial structure is the industrial sector, specific area between the various industrial sectors internal character of industry and enterprise ask and coupling relation.Regional economic growth is based on the industrial sector within the region based on the growth, regional economic growth process is essentially the process of growth industries within the region, so to maintain a rational proportion and structure between the regional economic growth in the industrial sector within the region.Industrial structure is reasonable and advanced, can make the regional economy and use the resources reasonably, Fu industry coordinated development, can achieve the best economic benefit.The unreasonable industrial structure, low level of will reduce the quality of economic growth, and finally to hinder the development of regional economy.
In fact, the change of regional industrial structure should be affected by many factors and constraints, such as the development level of national economy, resources, technology innovation, market demand, economic policy, the investment structure, labor force flow.The upgrading of the regional industrial structure is realized in the interaction of these factors, the technical innovation is the key factor.According to Inpet's view, technology innovation is the introduction of a new production function, thus greatly improving the potential output level. And upgrading of regional industrial structure is the process, with the progress of technology and the socialized production, continuous process for conversion of resources efficiency and benefit to improve the industrial structure.Therefore, the technological innovation is the decisive measures, the upgrading of the industrial structure or, expansion process and logical end of the upgrading of the industrial structure is the technological innovation???.The upgrading of the industrial structure, including the transformation of traditional industries, including the elimination of backward industries, including the creation of new industries.
4 regional innovation to promote the sustainable development of regional
Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of contemporary people, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs ability.The basic requirement is to human active control of "natural economic and social" composite system, in does not exceed the carrying capacity of resources and the environment condition, promote economic development, maintain the sustainable use of resources, improve the quality of life.The positive effect of technological innovation on the sustainable development of regional economy is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
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