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On the construction of adjustment to problems of the regional innovation system in China

Author: PanJinGang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-02 01:46:49 Read:
Keywords: the regional innovation system existing problem of constructing
Abstract: regional innovation system is the main part of the national innovation system, how to build a regional innovation system has become a key content to enhance the national innovation ability.Analyses the connotation of regional innovation system and its components, and analyzed the construction of regional innovation system in the existing problems in our country, puts forward the principle to construct the regional innovation system, has the practical significance on the construction of regional innovation system in China.
Regional innovation system is the organic part of the national innovation system, is an important source of power of the national innovation system, the construction of regional innovation system is an important means of promoting economic development.The regional innovation system in knowledge and practice are not mature enough, there are many contents are still in active exploration, the construction of regional innovation system, the connotation of regional innovation system in China, the main problems existing in the construction of regional innovation system and how to carry on the preliminary discussion, the purpose is to provide a new thinking and path for the construction of me regional innovation system.

regional innovation system of the meaning and composition of

(a) the meaning of regional innovation system
Since the nineteen ninties, some experts and scholars in the city, regional development and management and the national innovation system in the process of research, began to close attention to construction and development of regional innovation system, the regional innovation system as an important content of the research of national innovation system is proposed.
In the report of Chinese regional innovation capacity, the regional innovation system is defined as: "a region characteristic, and Regional Resources Association, innovation system, network organization" whose purpose is to promote, within the region of new technology or new knowledge flows, renewal and transformation.Britain's Cook in "regional innovation system: regional government under the background of globalization management role" in one article, the regional innovation system is the main regional organization system composed of division of labor in geography and related production enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher education, the system support and innovation, and thus can be defined "innovation networks and institutions of administrative support geographically determined, arrangement, the arrangement with strong interaction rules to improve regional innovation output".
Sweden's Achim and Etha Carson (1997, 2002), the regional innovation system is supported by the organization of regional cluster around the two main actors and their interaction, the first major actors within the domain of industry cluster and its supporting industries; second main actors is the foundation of the system structure, including science and technology institutions, institutions of higher learning, technology intermediary agencies, occupation training organizations, industry associations, financial institutions, they have the important support of regional innovation ability, the concept highlights the diversity of innovation subject.
Is generally believed that the regional innovation system has the following basic characteristics: regional proximity.One is the regional innovation system is the economic phenomenon of a particular space within the scope of.Due to the geographical proximity, saving time and the cost of the information transmission, the technology spillovers play a more important role in the regional innovation system; two is the main diversity.Regional innovation system is a system composed of various subjects related to the innovation process in a certain area; three is the root of the culture.Embeddedness represents a set of suitable for system innovation characteristic, reflects the social community in accordance with the interaction of norms of cooperation, mutual trust and common non trade interdependence operation level; four is the integration of system.Regional innovation system is composed of regional industrial system, technology system, education system, financial system, government departments and other subsystems, the interaction affect the overall development of the regional economy; the five is the opening of the network.Regional innovation system is the flow of specific regional innovation resources in the network between innovation subjects.Regional innovation system is successful should exploit domain elements, elements and try to attract foreign available, to enhance innovation capability and competitiveness; six is the innovation cluster.Industrial cluster has cluster innovative elements, and provides the essential conditions for the formation of the regional innovation system, from a certain angle, the industrial cluster is a natural regional innovation system.
(two) the regional innovation system composed of
Regional innovation system is an open system, is a subsystem of the national innovation system.Cook et al (2000) pointed out, the regional innovation system, any work has two subsystems: one is the application of knowledge and mining system, is composed of vertical supply chain network company; two is the knowledge production and diffusion subsystem, mainly by public organizations.He thinks, the regional innovation system is based on 5 elements: one is the area above, a political and administrative units, has a certain historical and cultural homogeneity, and enjoy some legal power; two is the innovation; three is the network, can be understood as the relationship between reciprocal and reliable trust, norms and contract based on; four the learning process, especially the learning process in the system learning significance; the five is the interaction, pushed by the formal and informal relations.
From the elements of view, regional innovation system is composed of the following elements:
The main elements.Behavior main body namely innovation activities, mainly for the enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, intermediary organizations and local governments five main.Among them, the enterprise is the main body of technology innovation, and innovation input, output and income of the main body, is the core of innovation system.As the network organization composed of five great actors, there is a clear regional innovation network, the formation of regional innovation system depends on all participants formed in innovation activities in the network.Regional innovation system participants with industrial and social networks or follow the paradigm of common form an innovation network, innovation of new products and technology development in the network of enterprises in the hands of the regional innovation system, the formation of the output.
Functional elements.That is associated with the running mechanism of action between subjects, including system innovation, technology innovation, management mechanism and the ability of innovation.The first level is the main internal operation mechanism, is the main incentive mechanism; the second level is in the main building links between compact, efficient operation of the "pipe" mechanism, the key is to solve the efficient flow of information, knowledge, innovation cooperation and technology spillover problems, mechanism formed between enterprises, scientific research institutions and schools, government as well as the intermediary of the information flow, the rational allocation of resources, to play their respective advantages.
Environmental factors.That is the innovation environment, including system, infrastructure, social and cultural psychology and security conditions.Environmental factor is the basic background of enterprise innovation activities, maintain and promote the security factors are innovation.Environmental factors can be divided into two aspects of soft environment and hard environment, which mainly refers to the science and technology infrastructure; soft environment including market environment, social cultural and institutional environment.Handle the binding element and element, element and system, to play a regional innovation system function, improve the efficiency of regional innovation system is essential.

Existing in construction of regional innovation system in China the problem of

(a) the main body of the enterprise technology innovation status is not yet established
With the exception of a few good companies, not the majority of enterprises investment in innovation, technology development capability is relatively weak, have not formed their own core technology, organizational innovation mechanism is not perfect.Some considerable development of the scale of the enterprise, also do not pay enough attention to the research and development of independent innovation, the lack of real.Although there are a number of independent innovation of enterprises, but from look on the whole did not form a comprehensive system of innovation main body, the demonstration effect of the backbone enterprises in technological innovation is not obvious.
(two) technological innovation awareness is relatively weak and the main body of the understanding of innovation is not enough
The main body of technical innovation is the enterprise, from the enterprise perspective, the existence of innovation consciousness is not strong, the business innovation awareness and innovation and grasp is the premise of enterprises can truly development by technical innovation.The establishment of modern enterprise system of enterprise innovation is the internal source and power, lag of enterprise system construction, inevitably causes the enterprise innovation is severely restricted, thus weakening the capacity of regional independent innovation.But at present because of the modern enterprise system has not been set up yet, economic factors interference and other factors not unclear property rights, government, business decisions, makes the enterprise and enterprise managers lack innovation impetus.The majority of research institutions, the university has not established the modern scientific research institute system, not really realize the transition system.Encourage technical personnel engaged in the technological innovation policy, laws and regulations are not perfect, is not complete, no major process of technical personnel management and distribution
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