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To improve the way of quality school office management

Author: YangChouChou From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 22:20:56 Read:
Abstract: the office of college is the basic unit of school management, school work is the window.Office management determines the level of office management level.This paper gives a detailed analysis of the ways to improve college office management personnel quality.
Keywords: improve office management; quality; pathway,

Generally speaking, the office of management personnel's service quality is high, the office management quality is also higher, on the contrary, the more low, can say, office management determines the level of office management level.But the office because of various reasons, there are still some management personnel quality is not high question.Therefore, how to improve the office management personnel's service quality has become the urgent problem of College office.The author believes that, to improve the quality of college office management personnel from the following aspects of work.

One, strengthen the consciousness of learning, enhance personal accomplishment

Learning is an important way to accept new things, career development, quality should be improved to establish the concept of lifelong learning, diligent in thinking, good at summing up, constantly improve their self-cultivation, to adapt to the new situation of career development, adapt to the new requirements of modernization.A need to strengthen the study of political theory, office staff should have is the ability to distinguish political non and linking theory with practice, the basic ideas and principles, policies should be familiar with the present stage of reform and development, but also has a firm political belief.Two must strengthen the study of law, has the very strong administrative ideas and strong ability of administration by law.Office is a comprehensive department, not only to their own learning, understanding, but also to urge the other departments in accordance with the law, improve the whole unit of administration according to law.Three must strengthen the study of knowledge.In addition to have a solid business foundation, the certain organization management ability and social ability, but also skilled in the use and operation of the office automation system, accelerating the renewal of knowledge and practice experience.Four to improve the knowledge structure.Both must grasp certain scientific and cultural knowledge, but also familiar with the political theory and policies and regulations; should have professional knowledge to do the office work, but also have the relevant knowledge of administrative management, public relations and so on; not only to understand the current international issues and the pattern of the world, but also to understand the situation, understand the development situation of China's politics, economy, science and culture and so on, compound talents to meet the requirements of.Office work need everyone's cooperation, pioneering and enterprising, hard-working, only by setting up the work with quiet hard application, excluding fame, ready loneliness and dedication to the cause, find support point, obtain the sense of achievement.

Two, improve the service consciousness, pay attention to service initiative

Office as a central agency implementing the leadership decision-making, feedback the opinions of the masses, and comprehensive coordination, supervision and inspection work.Service consciousness is every staff must have the work in peacetime.In the specific work to change from passive to active service.Should be based on the overall situation of reform and development, work around the center, enhance the work of the initiative, foresight and planning, things like a little bit further, to seek the deep point, not only to lead the thought, more to leadership did not want to, provide material for leadership decision-making.Two to gradually from the transactional services to government service transformation.Through the office of the text, can doing, three key links, for the leadership work procedures, good quality and administration according to law related documents.We should firmly establish for the reform of service, for the development of ideas, strengthen the sense of innovation, develop enterprising, innovative spirit, according to the new situation and new tasks, and actively seek to questions, ideas, not only should be good at discovering problems, put forward the question, but to solve the problem in practical and creative execution.

Three, improving coordination, ensure the smooth implementation of government decrees and

Comprehensive coordination ability is an important manifestation of the comprehensive quality of office staff.All aspects of the comprehensive coordination throughout the office work, this function is good, can operate efficiently in relation to the work.Office work is the bridge and link between the leaders of all levels, according to the intention and requirement of thinking, planning, arrangement and deal with the problem, the coordination of all aspects of the relationship, the unity of thinking, form consensus.To assist leaders to work deployment, grasp the scientific decision-making, to work, to maintain consistent with the leadership, to ensure the smooth implementation of government decrees.Do a good job of coordination, we must know the whole, familiar with the rules of teaching, according to the procedures, improve efficiency, innovation in daily work.The focus of this unit, not only to follow the prescribed order, practical work, but also save, brainstorming.In handling major issues, to enhance the sensitivity, play the "backbone".Major conferences, major activity arrangements, to constantly improve the work plan, do long plan, short arrangement, planning and flexibility combined.Office work is no small matter, should be careful to do a good job in every aspect of the work, and efforts to prevent and overcome the striving for fear of change, fear of chaos stability thought, with the spirit of innovation, in-depth study of the new situation, we solve the new problem, efforts to broaden the new ideas.Four, establish a sense of collaboration, the formation of the management team

Office work is good or bad, embodies the personnel in coordination with or not, only often communicate, cooperate actively, the thought of concentric, aim to work with, with dry, can do to pull together in times of trouble, form resultant force, reflect the whole image, to play the overall advantages, enhance the overall combat effectiveness.The administration should be the implementation of human management, its purpose is to play the role to the maximum individual, forming the overall vitality, promote the work better.Therefore, should be understood from three aspects.To tap the potential.Office work is special and strong professional, from the analysis of cultural quality, age structure, physical condition, ability, personality characteristics are different.Adhere to the people-oriented, the implementation of human management, is through the understanding of each individual idea, grasp the characteristics of each individual, play each one's strengths, inspire each individual potential, so that every employee individual functions can be fully displayed and play, promoting the work of innovation.Two to stimulate the vitality.Office is a comprehensive service, coordination mechanism, affairs are involved in complex, the work is boring and tedious.Only take "human nature" in the office methods to strengthen management, and strive to create respect labor, respect knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation atmosphere, create a favorable policy environment, working environment and living environment for the all-round development of people, to make each individual dedication, work, fully display their talents, always keep a healthy and upward, positive enterprising spirit.Three to promote the work of.Management is to optimize, is better.An excellent service, high efficiency, the normal functioning of the office, can fully reflect the level of staff, to show the overall image, close relations between cadres and the masses, assume the role of a bridge between the party and the masses.In the implementation of human management office, with full respect for the individual, and actively guide the personal ability into full play in the collective, efforts to promote the office work, shaping a good image, adhere to sustainable development, and make due contribution to.

Five, carry out training activities, improve the professional quality of

From the unit, to strengthen the various forms of training activities.One is actively dispatched office management personnel to participate in relevant training courses; two is the unit interior can hold some office management business training courses, please experienced old office managers often tells some office management work of some of the issues or let everybody discuss with each other, exchange; three is to encourage the management personnel engaged in office academic research and often keep in touch with the outside world, take part in some social academic exchange activities, open field of vision, the office management work well.

Six, the tree information consciousness, to meet the requirements of the times and

Information is the leader of the "eyes and ears", collect and submit the information, for the leadership to understand and grasp the situation, make scientific decisions to provide better service.Based on careful research situation, professional, fast, timely, targeted, the focus on leadership issues related to the overall situation, important, important social conditions and public opinion, major emergencies, response, accurate feedback information.Information work is seriously sum up experience, find out the shortcomings of active, for leadership decision-making needed, stands in global height, multi-level, to study, to get ideas, gather information, so try to reflect the complexity and rapid degeneration of work.Authenticity is the information life, to seek truth from facts, and both good and bad news.To strengthen the macro comprehensive information, extracted from the high quality information, consultation, decision-making value staff.Be good at discovering
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