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Analysis of entrepreneurial spirit in the evolution of regional innovation system mechanism

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Paper Keywords: Regional Innovation System entrepreneurship mechanism
Abstract: entrepreneurship for the construction of regional innovation system has a very important significance. From the point of view of the structure and operation mechanism of the regional innovation system to explore the mechanism of action of the entrepreneurial spirit in the evolution of regional innovation system, specifically manifested in shaping the regional culture of innovation, accelerating regional technical knowledge gathering, improve the regional network of social relations three .
Regional Innovation System (RIS) is essentially in a specific economic area, various innovations associated with the main elements of institutions and organizations (innovation), the main elements (capital required for innovation, information and personnel resource elements) formed between the economic transactions and system networks. Regional innovation system is an important foundation for the region's science and technology, economic development, protection of the formation of regional sustainable competitive advantage. Healthy functioning of the regional innovation system performance is the main innovation of technological innovation activities in large numbers. Schumpeter (1934) emphasized that innovation is the main driving force of economic development, entrepreneurship is the core position in the "creative destruction" (creative destruction). Therefore, entrepreneurship development has an important role for improving the regional technological innovation capability, will be to build regional innovation networks and national innovation network is a very important part. Depth analysis of the role of entrepreneurship in the regional innovation system mechanism to further explore synergies between them evolutionary trends will be the key issues of understanding of regional innovation system operation and regional economic development.
Overview of an entrepreneurial spirit and regional innovation system mechanism
1.1 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Schumpeter (1934) that the entrepreneurial spirit is a spirit of innovation, he stressed that entrepreneurs are the main driving forces of technological change and economic development, entrepreneurs work is "creative destruction", namely the use of a new combination of factors of production to achieve the purpose of innovation. The Schumpeter researchers basically accepted his definition of entrepreneurship, and explore different aspects of entrepreneurial innovation behavior connotation. Drucker (1985) provides that "change" people to create a new, unique opportunities for things, when changes occur, the entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities to create new value. Shane and Venkataraman (2000) that entrepreneurial behavior, including the opportunity to discover, evaluate and use. At Dollingers (2003), the three main features of entrepreneurship: creativity and innovation, the establishment of the combination of resources and economic organizations, as well as risks and uncertain environment, growth opportunities and capabilities.
Domestic scholars research has focused on the concept of entrepreneurship, combined with China's actual explanation. The Zhuangzi Silver (2005) emphasis on the core of entrepreneurship is continuous technological innovation and imitation, entrepreneurs are risk takers, microstructure mechanisms for long-term economic growth. Time Pengcheng, Xu Lei (2006) entrepreneurship is divided into three levels of individuals, organizations and society, individual-level entrepreneurial innovation behavior, organizational and social levels emphasized entrepreneurship in organizational development and social progress role.
Scholars at home and abroad when it comes to entrepreneurship constitute their focus despite the different, but basically believe that the spirit of innovation is an important part of the entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurs is important to promote social innovation force. Therefore, the study of entrepreneurship will be the understanding of the key issues of the future of social change and economic development of actuator, especially through entrepreneurship training in order to promote the construction of an innovative country in China has an important practical significance.
1.2 the structure of the regional innovation system and operational mechanism
Regional innovation systems typically include three dimensions: the main innovation, resources, and economic factors (Wei Jiang Xia Xueling, 2005). The main innovation is the regional economic activities of various enterprises, education and scientific research, intermediary institutions and government; resources are mainly natural and social resources for economic development; economic elements consist primarily of labor, capital, technology and information. Structure of three-dimensional degree of the main innovation in the regional innovation system structure, resources, and economic factors affect each other, and jointly promote the improvement of the innovation system structure, the play of the regional innovation system as a whole functions must be combined with the three dimensions of the structural optimization. Regional innovation systems to adapt to regional economic development must be based on the change of the economic situation in a timely manner to dynamically adjust the binding mode of the three-dimensional degree of system structure.
Learn from each other between the main innovation, knowledge creation and sharing, and innovation platform for the construction of these three aspects constitute a good internal mechanism and external environment is benign development of the regional innovation system, to promote regional innovation system the technical level, the combined effect of the culture of innovation space and social relations (Figure 1).

Among them, knowledge creation, promote their own knowledge increased activity by the subject of mutual trust and common culture of innovation, thus enhancing collaboration and relationship of trust between the main flow and sharing; intersubjective interactions within the system between main innovation of the learning process in the innovation process; innovation platform construction through the establishment of public resources to promote interaction between subjects, increase mutual trust between subjects, to enhance the exchange of tacit knowledge. The combined action, optimize the allocation of resources within the innovation system, strengthen the innovation capability of enterprises, and ultimately to promote the efficiency of the system innovation, the evolution of the regional innovation system.
Of 2 entrepreneurial spirit in the evolution of the regional innovation system mechanism
2.1 Entrepreneurship and innovation culture spatial concentration
Entrepreneurship is an innovative concept, the formation of culture gradually precipitation process is continuing to draw on the knowledge of the process. In today's increasingly frequent interaction between enterprises, entrepreneurship, although only a manifestation of personality, external entrepreneur course of action, but would have a positive impact, both within the organization members incurred by entrepreneurs affect recognition know the adjustment, but also extends to the regional level, beyond organizational boundaries even open system external (Wei Jiang, Andrew Chan, Zhang Bo, 2004).
The process of transformation of entrepreneurship to the regional culture of innovation is essentially a continuous learning process of the enterprises in the region, the entrepreneur as the unity of the entrepreneurial spirit and ability and material bearers, their personal economic and social activities entrepreneurship spread-led approach. Industry association and geographical proximity, economic activities between the enterprises in the region is very frequent, For some mature high-tech cluster, informal exchanges between members is an important intrinsic characteristics of entrepreneurs unique ideas and patterns of behavior have been better communication, such as an important reason for the success of Silicon Valley is Silicon Valley culture ", its essence is the entrepreneurial culture and spirit of innovation.
The role of entrepreneurship in the shaping of regional innovation culture is shown in Figure 2 through entrepreneurial activity, technical cooperation, the flow of employees and their own businesses so that technical knowledge in the region. between subjects continued to spread, absorption, precipitation, Technology Transfer to the long-term development become a tradition, and ultimately the formation of the regional innovation system, an important part of that regional innovation culture. The formation of regional innovation culture greatly facilitate the sharing and transfer of knowledge and reduce business transaction costs knowledge, so that each participant can benefit from the dissemination of knowledge. The potential benefits of such a culture of innovation through the feedback effect, continue to shape the values ??and behavior patterns of the members of the enterprises in the region, the regional culture of innovation in this spiraling process of constantly refining and sublimation.

2.2 Entrepreneurship and technical knowledge gathering
The essence of entrepreneurship is innovation, and its role in the field of technical knowledge agglomeration core reflected promote the cooperation between enterprises, between enterprises and research institutes innovation, particularly evident in cooperation in the formation of the the innovative internal environment (that is, the sense of innovation, organizational skills and enterprise technical level) (Ireland and ebb, 2007).
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