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On the Western Regional Innovation System

Author: GaoHuang RenBaoPing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 16:34:58 Read:
Paper Keywords: regional innovation system of industrial innovation Shaanxi
Abstract: The general processing and manufacturing transfer to the central and western regions will become the new trend of China's industrial development. In the back of the industry to undertake, will play an important role in building regional innovation system in Western industrial innovation and upgrade. In this paper, Shaanxi, for example, analyze the innovation system to build the existing problems, and refers to must be clear guiding ideology of the premise of building regional innovation system, establish and improve the Shaanxi regional innovation sub-system group, in order to achieve the overall national development objectives and Shaanxi effective coordination of regional development objectives.
Regional innovation system is a science and technology implanted region's economic growth process of institutional arrangements, in an interaction between the regional scientific and technological knowledge producers, disseminators, users and government agencies, and on this basis the formation of scientific and technical knowledge circulation in the region-wide circulation and a good mechanism. Regional innovation system is the fundamental guarantee of regional innovation capacity. Therefore, the Regional Innovation System is of great significance for China's building an innovative country. This article discusses the western region regional innovation system build in Shaanxi in problems and countermeasures.
Mapping West Regional innovation system in the intestinal
(A) innovation resources and innovation effect obviously asymmetric
Shaanxi strong scientific and technological capabilities and a huge stock of science and technology is the history of the formation of these technologies stock contribution to economic development potential has yet to fully play out. This phenomenon is caused by social innovation system mechanism is not perfect, Shaanxi educational advantages, but the mechanism of scientific and technological achievements immature, immature market mechanism. Has not yet formed the power and pressure of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, research institutions the ability to adapt to the market is still poor, to adapt to market demand "needs - topics - research - identification - and commercialization, industrialization - to meet the needs of the research operation mode is not large popularity. Universities and research institutes based upon the past planned economy "issues - reporting - Study - Identification - archive mode. Scientific and technological achievements of intermediary organizations, in the middle test pilot bases, technology and economic integration of the intermediate channel is not smooth, Shaanxi innovation system of social mechanisms of resistance factors.
(B) innovative new system network has not yet formed
Judging from the Shaanxi regional innovation system, innovation system network has not yet formed. : First, enterprises have yet to truly become the mainstay of technological innovation. Second, research institutions and local research institutions, research and development capabilities relatively weak, it is difficult to effectively carry out a wide range of innovative class activities. Third, the development of intermediary service institutions is not perfect, the lack of effective legal and policy guidance.
(C) regional innovation system is relatively fragmented
Shaanxi innovation system between the various sub-systems and each sub-system of internal weak, there is no synergy. : First, there is a serious fragmentation, separation of departments, the various units, the responsibilities of various departments, the task clearly defined, overlapping, closed the run, self-contained, scientific and technological elements of the interaction between a serious, scientific and technological resources separation, not reasonably take full advantage of. Second, the government has yet to break through the traditional thinking on policy design. Government direct intervention in some respects too much, often resulting in too much reliance on the government, the result is the lack of independent innovation power. Military and civilian R & D and industrial system is still in a state of separation, Shaanxi quite prominent military and resource advantages, but the place is relatively independent, self-contained, seriously out of line with local economic development and innovation system.
(D) innovative environment and conditions to be improved
Shaanxi innovation system environmental conditions have to be improved. Performance: First, the government-oriented scientific and technological innovation and development of the society as a whole is weak. Weak basic conditions for science, technological infrastructure is generally relatively backward, it is difficult to get the necessary public scientific and technological base support. The innovative system, the policy can not meet the innovation system and the requirements of the development.

Map the guiding ideology of the West build a regional innovation system to address the problem, Shaanxi overall guiding ideology to build regional innovation system should be in accordance with "some Dos and Don'ts" principle, in order to improve the ability to continuously innovate in science and technology as the core, to optimize the environment for innovation, give prominence to the Guanzhong high-tech industrial development zone and Guanzhong Spark Industry with the main scientific and technological innovation base construction, promote the formation of risk investment mechanism, build a sound regional science and technology innovation system, it truly becomes a source of innovation and support platform for the industry to undertake the process of industrial upgrading.
Specifically include:
(A) to promote technological and economic development in close connection with the institutional
Strengthen the technology and the economy in terms of strategic objectives, policies, planning, programs combine to improve the power and vitality of science and technology for economic construction, and enhance the economic construction, relying on scientific and technological progress and innovation strength and conscious , to promote the reform of the economic system and the science and technology system to be launched simultaneously supporting facilities. Enhance scientific and technological achievements of supply and demand, as well as scientific and technological achievements of supply and demand for the interface between technology and accelerate the economic integration and the process of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, thus the formation of the Technology and Economic promote each other and with the development of a virtuous circle.
(B) to increase the funding of scientific and technological progress and innovation have been put into
Make full use of market mechanisms and the role of government regulation, mobilize the positive factors, establish and improve financial allocations, enterprises and institutions self-financing, bank loans to the private sector, international funding and venture capital, tax relief, including multi-channel, multi-level scientific and technological investment and financing system, and investment in science and technology into the legal system, the steady growth of scientific and technological progress and innovation funding and effective investment mechanism formed in the regional innovation system.
(C) the establishment of a regional innovation system from the reality of the economic development
In the process of building a regional innovation system, Shaanxi should be a combination of innovation goals with two fundamental changes, the combination of technological innovation and institutional innovation, innovation policy and industrial policy, government intervention and market forces combined, the combination of the long-term interests and short-term interests, to create a favorable institutional environment for the innovation system, the formation of a unified regional innovation as a whole, and promote the improvement of the level of industrial development in Shaanxi, Speeding the new path of industrialization pace to maintain and improve the ability of the Shaanxi innovation and continuous innovation.
Shaanxi regional innovation sub-system
[A) To establish and improve the scientific research system
Actively support the institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, aimed at the basic, forward-looking and strategic focus on applied research and high-tech research objectives, seize the technological high ground ", the establishment of a number of domestic first-class, state-of-the-art international key laboratories and knowledge and technology innovation base, the formation of universities and research institutions as the main scientific research system, provide significant technological achievements of scientific and technological innovation and the development of high-tech industries and high-tech talent pool and support. Speed ??up the construction of key laboratories and engineering technology research center, the construction of the open sharing of scientific and technological innovation service platform. Relying on existing research institutions, universities, research institutions and high-tech enterprises, the formation of a group of provincial-level key laboratories and engineering technology research center, in the province's economic and social development and areas of strength applied basic research, high-tech research, national defense science and technology research, social welfare 'Health Study and major scientific and technological research activities, and to provide innovation for economic development, social development of sources of knowledge and technology sources. (B) the establishment and improvement of technology development system
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