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On the Western Regional Innovation System

Author: GaoHuang RenBaoPing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 16:34:58 Read:

Around the industry and product structure adjustment, to enhance industrial competitiveness and enterprise technology innovation capability as the goal, the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay, a combination of research, engineering and technology research center, enterprise technology development center as the main form, including the enterprise test base and enterprise incubators and other forms of technology development system. Guanzhong high-tech industries with National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, focus on improving the Technology Innovation Service Center, productivity promotion centers, business incubators and other service functions to promote the reform and innovation of its operation and management mechanism, the construction of an open sharing of scientific and technological innovation service platform. Support the park has advantages and features high-tech industries key technologies needed for the introduction of innovative and self-development, to promote high-tech Industrial Development Zone "second pioneering".
(C) the establishment and improvement of science and technology investment and financing system
Adhere to government guidance and market to promote the principle of combining, strengthen the combination of technology and finance, capital markets foster conducive to the development of high-tech industries, accelerate the establishment of a standardized and effective risk investment mechanism, credit guarantee mechanisms and credit assessment mechanism, the formation of venture capital as the main technology investment and financing system. Vigorously develop the venture capital firms, encourage and attract domestic and foreign venture capital institutions to carry out the venture capital business, improve the venture capital exit mechanism, promote the development of service agencies system, accelerate the establishment of a standardized and effective risk investment mechanism to promote venture capital system. Give full play to the technology equity market pivotal role in the technological achievements and transactions of property rights. Establishment of a technology start-ups seed money ", and gradually establish a venture capital fund of SME innovation fund business incubator funds is an important content of the venture capital market. Strengthen the institutions of various types of incubators and finance, joint investment institutions to promote the organic combination of the resources of knowledge, industrial and financial capital, and other factors. Speed ??up the establishment and improvement of the technology credit mechanisms and credit assessment mechanism, the insurance mechanism and the guarantee mechanism to promote the financing guarantee institutions, loan guarantee funds and financial services organizations in the development of the bank funds to become a strong support of scientific and technological innovation and industrialization. Take positive measures to encourage enterprises to become the main body of investment in science and technology, and effectively increase government investment in science and technology.
(D) To establish and improve the training and development of human resources system
A multi-level talent training base, focus on training a group of innovative technology enterprises, export-oriented, high-quality compound entrepreneurs and business management personnel. Implementation of the human resources strategy, strengthen personnel training, introduction and use, creating a large contingent of high-quality scientific and technological personnel. Promote the implementation of human resources strategy, enhanced compete for and retain the sense of urgency of the high-level personnel, to meet the global competition is to create the policy environment in line with international standards, reflecting the value of innovation of technology professionals and management personnel, and give full play to the market of human the role of optimal allocation of resources. From all aspects of scheduling, base construction, science and technology management, to actively explore the "heavy, heavy results" to "re-motivate talented enthusiasm for innovation, attention to the quality of talent and raise the level of" change management mechanism, pay close attention to the incentives, training, the introduction and the work with good talent.
(E) the establishment and improvement of science and technology innovation service system
In accordance with the organizational networking function and social services industry "direction of development, encourage, guide and support the development of all kinds of science and technology intermediary service institutions, the formation of science and technology intermediary service system as the main intermediary organizations . Focus on capacity building to strengthen science and technology intermediary service, improve the science and technology intermediary service industry development policies and regulations, to explore the establishment of the government under the guidance of science and technology intermediary services and self-discipline, normative management system; accelerate technological property rights trading, technology assessment, technology consulting group of professional high level of service, flexible mechanism, reform and development of the code of conduct of science and technology intermediary institutions. Combined with science and technology system, part of the research institutions as a whole into a science and technology intermediary plum encourage colleges and universities, research institutes, scientists founded the Technology Innovation Service Center.
(6) the establishment of the regional innovation system support system
On the one hand improve the institutional support system. Continue to deepen the reform of the science and technology system, as soon as possible with the construction of regional innovation system to adapt to the system and mechanism; strengthen science and technology intermediary institutional capacity building, improve the scientific and technological innovation service system, to build a solid technical information and service platform for the the various innovative body and the vast majority of SMEs ; vigorously support the development of private technology enterprises, private technology enterprises and other types of enterprises to become the mainstay of technological innovation, a common technology, key technology providers and users; further promote the construction of high-tech zones and reform of the management system, and guide High-tech Zone to further improve the innovation ability, give full play to the leading role in the high-tech innovation and industrialization, and enhance the ability of radiation local economic and social development; adequate attention and play the important role of the institutions of higher learning, to promote innovation and knowledge production, transfer provide effective support for the regional innovation system and innovation personnel training, etc..
On the other hand improve the policy support system. Regional innovation policy support system should be four aspects: input control policies, operational control policy, the output control policies and transformation control policies. The regulation of regional innovation policy is put into the resources needed for innovation to be configured so that the necessary funding for science and technology innovation and R & D inputs is guaranteed. Operational control of regional innovation policy is to create a mechanism to promote innovation around their particular target tissue up and running. Output regulation of regional innovation policies to evaluate the results of the innovative, from the number and quality of innovations to determine regional innovation capability, innovation input-output ratio to judge the efficiency of innovation activities on innovation activities regulated.
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