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Under the new situation to Germany to cast the spirit of strengthening ideological and moral construction workers

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Along with the social economy composition, economic interests, the mode of production, organization and employment have increasingly diversified, various contradictions perplexing, brought many new situations and new problems, new contradiction to the ideological and political work.How to effective method, an effective carrier of moral management, influence and Inspiration of workers to abide by the regulations of enterprises, conscientiously perform their respective duties, inside strong quality, outside tree image, is the core content of worker team quality improvement.

One, occupation moral construction needs to adapt to the new situation of

Occupation morals construction we had a brilliant one page, the spirit of Daqing, the iron man spirit and even today the spirit of victory, as the national spirit, the "spirit" has been leading the masses of workers to post home, love and dedication.With the development of the situation, new problems, new contradiction, new layer of Diego, in training and impact various challenges, competition, gradually weakened the "spirit" is the worker's body, so strengthening occupation moral construction workers should not be neglected.
One is the challenge of market economy.Along with the establishment and perfection of the socialist market economy, the diversification of economic structure, material benefits of diversification, negative influence of market economy and other factors led to the moral complexity, contradiction, diversity, resulting in the moral landslide; but also by the western culture impact, opening to the outside world is attracted western advanced science and technology inevitably, the western ideological and cultural infiltration, dragons and fishes jumbled together, Nishajuxia, resulting in western culture, value orientation, moral concept, way of life, the influence and impact on employees, their thoughts in a different degree in a shaky state.
Two is a radio and television, networks have been developed, workers get more and more channels of information, the public opinion, the impact of various internal and external information, the majority of workers and their families thought, words have changed.To pay bonuses, housing benefits, the employment of children, workers are hard feelings, grievances, produce antagonistic psychology to a certain extent, a lot of Ideological and political education have little effect, so that as a mere formality, take a form, in employee heart left a bad impression.
Three is to optimize the combination of the current enterprise there are many places in the name falls short of the reality, but not excellent Gang, illegal operation, simplified operation, selection and operation etc. phenomenon still exists, supporting measures related to some workers have doubts, such as health insurance, employment benefits, and employment, which have increased their sense of crisis and psychological pressure.In order to solve not only to rely on improving staff post service capability, but also constrained by moral behavior have a definite object in view, enhance employee sense of responsibility, a sense of crisis, the best Gang competition through righteousness and gain, honor and disgrace as moral requirements.
Moral construction is to contact with the masses of workers practice of life and thoughts, distinguish the right and wrong, good and evil to draw boundaries, a clear understanding of what is right, to carry forward; what is wrong, we must resolutely abandon, make broad worker's ideological and moral concepts of standardization, scientific.Therefore, strengthening occupation moral construction is an urgent and arduous task.

Two, the rich content of occupation moral construction, build good occupation moral atmosphere

Improve staff moral quality is the final goal of moral construction, moral norms win support among the people through various channels, transformed by external standard to internal conscience, so that the social public opinion and the moral conscience of each other, reflect each other.Therefore, we should be different from different aspects, angles, the use of a variety of ways, a variety of promotional tools enrich moral construction.
One is to strengthen the employee occupation moral education and training.Will be about staff, occupation ethics, covering the full range of team and the post was compiled, printed and distributed to each staff control study and implementation, initially built up a basic framework of employee occupation ethics.Citizens will be the outline of learning content of moral construction, into easy-to-understand pamphlets, every one has a copy of workers, through reading, knowledge competition more relaxed, lively form, help worker memory and implement.Among them, the behavior standards occupation ideal, occupation morals, occupation skill, occupation discipline into different levels, different positions, we should closely combining the new changes of the current enterprise management system, organization, team structure, the system for all kinds of post responsibility existing in a comprehensive clean-up and specification, the eliminated out, the modification, need to be revised amendment, in accordance with the "Convention" and "civilized industry staff rules of civility" requirements, to further improve and perfect all kinds of industry norms.
Two is to carry out the occupation moral practice activities.We should advocate the "basic ethics, Ming ceremony letter, solidarity and friendship, diligence and self-improvement, professional dedication", efforts to improve employee moral quality; to unremittingly carried out to employees and striving for the units of civilization, civilization window and other activities to build spiritual civilization mass in various forms, to use all the cultural facilities, carry out rich the masses of colorful cultural and recreational activities, so that the masses of workers in the rich cultural atmosphere of philosophy of the enlightenment, physical and mental pleasure, the feeling of soul of the temperament and character, spiritual incentive and clarification of thought in the.Such as the use of "as the carrier of civilization to create activities, strengthen the team" team "hardware" and "software" construction contents of the specification, the post team achieve beautification, greening, softening, hardening criteria, make the worker living in the beautiful working environment, consciously regulate their behavior.Also through "ethics, law-abiding, and fostering new practices, stressing civilization, the plastic image", "four workers, first-class performance" and other activities to further enrich the content, to promote in-depth development activities.
Three is to carry out a wide range of learning advanced typical activities.Advanced typical reflects the national spirit and spirit of the times, is the practice of socialist moral education model, has a larger role.To discover and summarize and popularize advanced typical deeds and experience, dig deep thought connotation and spiritual essence of advanced models, so that the masses resonate deep in thought; attach great importance to the authenticity, typically not drag, unlimited above, so that the majority of the masses of workers feel authentic, admirable; through the implementation of "typical creation", all levels of various types of advanced culture, typical, so that the masses of workers in different industries have their own example, have their own mirror, double incentive by the spiritual and material, to mobilize the worker to care about and participate in the creation of civilization, to guide the workers catch-up than the school, the spirit high-spirited. Under the.
Four is to strengthen the moral building of leading cadres.As the corporate decision-making, occupation morals level leading cadres of the relationship to the survival and development of enterprises.Occupation moral building of leading cadres do well, as people made way, can win people by virtue, leadership in the ideological and moral education, the staff and easy to accept, a unit is easy to form good moral atmosphere.One is to establish a cadre of leaders of learning, education and training system, check their outstanding problems in ideological style, work style, leadership style and life style, to learn with consistent, unity.Through self-study, class training, seminars and other forms, the ongoing "charge", "blood transfusion", do "self-respect, self-examination self-warning self-encouragement,,", by virtue of self-cultivation, Yideliwei, by means of virtue.Two is in the selection and appointment of cadres, conscientiously implement the principle of have both ability and political integrity, the cadre's moral quality is an important standard one, pay attention to the cadres, can, diligent, accomplishment comprehensive assessment.

Three, the implementation of Ideological and moral construction, the realization of the overall quality of the staff and workers of

No occupation moral consciousness is strong, will not have the excellent staff team, through the implementation of Ideological and moral construction, establish employee engagement, the precision industry, pioneering "three" consciousness.
Is a dedicated, establish employee engagement awareness.Professional consciousness is a key issue to establish employee occupation morality.If the social value and the pursuit of a staff of self occupation and post personal value to achieve consistent understanding, then workers will have a good attitude, arouse a high degree of professionalism, enthusiasm, to consciously with the creative to do work well.Therefore, to educate workers to perform their duties faithfully, serious work to overcome prejudice, occupation, continuously improve the master sense of responsibility, dedication.
The two is to actively explore, establish the consciousness of fine industry workers.On the business of refine on, occupation morality is the specific requirements of a deeper layer.If the staff required for the job occupation skill knowledge does not understand, or have a superficial knowledge of, not fully understand, work is not handy, will not guarantee the quantity.So the staff not only to the basic knowledge and the ability to pursue their work, more should actively explore new ideas, new methods, new ways of working, open, have
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