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On innovation: the driving force behind the sustainable development of resource-based regional economic

Author: KouLiKe ZhangJiaZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 11:22:20 Read:
[Paper Keywords] innovative resource-based regional economic regional innovation system sustainable development
[Abstract]: China's economic transition process between the regional economic independence has become increasingly evident, the regional economic body have become increasingly prominent position, which calls for regional economic transformation must be carried out in line with the requirements of the market economy system in China. The theoretical study shows that the use of regional economic innovation, resource-based regional economic innovation capability is the regional economic path of sustainable development, the driving force behind the transformation of the regional economy, which should be developed to improve the resource-based regional economic innovation capability of the.
Early days, as soon as possible to achieve industrialization, China's implementation of the priority development of heavy industry development strategy, and thus the formation of a number of the large number of industrial city to rely on the exploitation of natural resources for power resources. At present, this type of resource-based cities II8 seat, the total urban population of 154 million people, the urban non-agricultural population of 3400 people, the number of employees 1250 people. China's industrialization process Practice has proved that the resource-based regional economy plays a vital role in the development of China's national economy is an important part of our social and economic structure. Along with the trend of the era of knowledge economy and global regional economic integration, regional innovation capability is increasingly becoming an important factor for regional economic development, technological innovation as the core of a comprehensive innovation will become the main driving force of the regional economic development, this factor has caused the Government sectors and academia widespread concern and attention. CPC Central Committee and the State Council has made a'' decision on strengthening technological innovation, high-tech development and industrialization ", and proposed the establishment of a regional innovation system as the core resource-based regional economic development strategy, so as to realize the resource-based regional economic transformation, enhance its sustainable economic development capacity.
Regional economic innovation Theory of
(A) Regional Innovation System
The concept of regional innovation broad and narrow sense. The generalized regional innovation refers to the region as a whole cultural, social, economic development and innovation, the narrow regional innovation refers only to the area of ??new technologies, new knowledge creation, production, flow related to the application process. Regional innovation research is the perspective of the regional institutional structure, generated in the process of regional innovation regional social, regional learning and regional economic interaction between research, explain how a regional institutional arrangements and cultural environment impact innovation activities of companies in the region. British scholar Cook (PhilipNicholasCooke, l994) earlier issue of regional innovation research, he believes that regional innovation system, including the following three types of elements:
1. The main elements. The main elements are the actors of the innovation activities, including companies, universities, research institutions, all kinds of intermediary organizations and local governments, among which is the core of technological innovation. By the five major actors in a network of organizations, has a clear regional innovation network. The formation of regional innovation system to rely on the network relationships forged by the various participants in the innovation activities, the participants of the regional innovation system with the industry networks and social networks, or follow the common technological paradigm formed an innovative network.
2. Functional elements. Functional elements is the link between the actors and operation mechanism, including innovative mechanisms and capacity of the system, technology and management. Build the efficient flow of information between enterprises, research institutions and schools, government and intermediaries, resource allocation and reasonable mechanism to play their respective advantages.
3. Environmental factors. Environmental factors is the environment for innovation, including institutions, infrastructure, social and cultural psychology, the market environment is the basic background of entrepreneurial activity, innovation environment is to maintain and promote innovative protection factors. Functional elements and environmental factors can be the main elements, in particular the behavior of enterprises, development characteristics and economic effects reflected.
Meanwhile, Cook pointed out that the regional innovation system is both an open system, but also the national innovation system towel subsystem, its main role is to nurture technology development, transfer, diffusion capacity and the corresponding regional social support system. Compared to the national innovation system, regional innovation system has a unique institutional arrangements, and showed a higher degree of industrialization and technological specialization, enterprise innovation more features.
(B) incubator theory
Incubator theory (also known the seedbed theory) is the geographical conditions required in the new industries or new enterprises in the initial stages of the hypothesis. The theory is that certain location, especially in large cities can hatch 'new enterprises, may become a new industry and new business incubator in the center region of the large number of industrial agglomeration On the contrary, the the backward areas incubator capacity is relatively weak., City or hatching phenomenon in the region's dynamic characteristics from the original enterprise incubation of new enterprises, this feature is also known as derivative activities. derivative activities of the enterprises in the large cities is very frequent in the full flow of labor system, city or area the presence of universities and research institutions to provide technical talent in the region, which is an important factor to achieve regional economic innovation also proved that whenever the economic prosperity of developed regions tend to have a number of excellent universities or research institutes.
However, the presence of universities and research institutions is only a necessary condition for regional economic development and generate innovative, only the successful implementation of the industrialization of research findings in order to become an incubator of new industries and new enterprises, to optimize the environment for the growth of enterprises, entrepreneurs, accelerate the company's derivative activities. Universities and research institutions as incubators fact strengthen scientific research is the basis of innovation, the combination of universities and research institutions and enterprises, the conversion of scientific and technological achievements to the industry is the key to innovation.
(C) green technology innovation theory
Green technology concept was first proposed by E. Brawn and D, Wield in 1994. Green technology provides the concept of combining a technology development and environmental protection, which covers all environment-related technologies. From an economic perspective, green technology refers to the sustainable use of technology help to reduce the production and consumption of the marginal external costs. Usually can save energy, avoid or reduce environmental pollution technology called green technology, therefore, it is a technique for achieving sustainable development. The green technology innovation is the new knowledge of environmental protection and green technology for the production and operation of the towel to create and realize the economic and environmental value activities. It is not a purely technical concept, it highlights the strong
The concept of tone green, green products and green technology and technology research and development and application; emphasis on green market-oriented, promote green technological achievements conversion; emphasis on mechanism innovation and production organization, management model, marketing and service delivery, and many other innovative combination. Academia generally believe that green technologies and green technology innovation is the key to a country or region to achieve sustainable economic development. JamesStaten once said, there can be no sustainable development in the true sense of the green technological innovation and progress. Green technology to save resources and avoid or reduce environmental pollution technology, it fundamentally changed the material flow process, raw materials and waste recycling is a necessary condition for sustainable development.
Second, the resource-based regional economic innovation capability
Resource-based regional economic restructuring and development of the inevitable requirement of economic theory and practice of both resources, but also China's process of economic transition towel, the relative independence of the regional economic benefits has become increasingly evident, the regional economic body have become increasingly prominent position, resource-based regional economy must be in line with the market economic system requirements for the restructuring and development of the inevitable choice. In particular, the economies in transition are the following: first, to increase the technical level of the industry, resource-based economy to a complex economic changes; Second, the transformation of the planned economy to the market economy system; Third, the mode of economic growth Southern extensive to intensive economic changes; Fourth, the economic structure of South single shift to diversify.
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