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Research on Evaluation of regional innovation system in Harbin

Author: MaYongHong SongDanDan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 10:38:16 Read:
Keywords:   the regional innovation system; innovation ability evaluation system of factor analysis method
Abstract: based on the research of regional innovation system and innovation ability, choose 29 indicators to construct the evaluation of innovation capability of regional innovation system model, and using the factor analysis method to evaluate the innovation capability of regional innovation system, and draw the corresponding conclusion.To put forward suggestions for future study of regional innovation system.

One, the problem of

With the rapid development of economic globalization, regional competition advantage from comparative advantage dependent on natural resources, into the regional competitive advantage based on knowledge resources, innovation ability, and the development of regional innovation system of a region is the deciding factor of regional competitive advantage of the region to achieve.Regional innovation system innovation capability is the key to the development of regional innovation system, is an important standard to measure the regional level of technological development, is a determining factor of region economy growth and competition.But because of different regions have different innovation factors, such as different geographical location, resources, industry factors, resulting in regional innovation system, also caused the innovation ability of the regional innovation system is big is small.So how to evaluate and enhance the innovation capability of regional system, promoting regional industrial upgrading, optimizing the allocation of resources within the region, promote regional economic development and with the national regional economic strategy goal coordination has become an important topic of.

Two, define the related concepts of

The concept of regional innovation system firstly by Cook of the Cardiff University in England (PhilipsCooke) the professor in 1992.He pointed out that the regional innovation system can be understood as a collection of private and public sectors, the formal institution and other organizations, in accordance with their organizational and institutional arrangements as well as the relationship between the operation and can lead to produce, use and dissemination of knowledge.After painstaking research scholars, innovation network system obtains the enterprise, University and scientific research institution, intermediary services and government innovation main body formation.Regional innovation system in this paper refers to the regional space, elements are associated with innovation, unity including the interaction of the main factors and external environmental factors and the formation of common to promote regional economic development.
"Regional innovation ability" in 1999 published "a Zhongguancun regional innovation towards the future", makes a theoretical analysis of regional innovation ability of high-tech industry in Zhongguancun area.Subsequently many scholars have conducted in-depth research on the regional innovation ability.Study on comprehensive existing, in this paper the regional innovation ability refers to the regional innovation system based on system resources for creative integration, formed in a certain region of the new capability sets.The main innovation of technology innovation, system innovation ability as well as determined by the regional economic level, social services, infrastructure and other environmental factors innovation combination support innovation ability, ability of regional innovation capability set.

three influence factors, the regional innovation system

Regional innovation system is the organic unity of innovation and environmental innovation in regional innovation network, innovation ability of regional innovation system and innovation depends not only on the subject, but also depends on the regional environment where they are able to provide effective support ability for them.
1, innovation ability of
Regional innovation subjects including the enterprise, University and research institutions, intermediary agencies and local government.In the regional innovation system, the enterprise is in the center position system, government is the main macro guidance, so the regional innovation ability of government guiding the development direction of the regional innovation system.As the origin of innovation in regional innovation system of universities and scientific research institutions, make a great contribution to the development of regional innovation and competitiveness of the regional innovation system, intermediary service agencies can promote technology diffusion, knowledge resources, in accordance with the market mechanism, the integration of flow, so the innovation ability can be summarized in four aspects in the enterprise the ability of innovation, universities and research institutions of innovation ability, the innovation ability and the innovation ability of intermediary service agencies.
2, innovation environment support ability of
Innovation environment can be summarized into two aspects of regional innovation and regional innovation soft environment and hard environment.Regional innovation environment can be reflected in the factors of infrastructure construction, regional innovation soft environment reflected in the economic factors, social and cultural factors.This paper will focus as a measure of regional innovation system innovation environment supporting force account of innovation environment of regional innovation system in the infrastructure construction, the financial environment and the macroeconomic level.

Four, the construction of index system of

In order to evaluate the level of regional innovation system, we first need to select different indexes to reflect a regional innovation system of innovation ability, and then according to the selected index construction of regional innovation system and evaluation index system, the index system of the overall evaluation of the regional innovation ability.The selection index system is divided into 3 levels.The construction of index system are shown in table 1.

Five, evaluation methods and the results of treatment of

1, dimensionless processing
In this paper, using the data in 2006 the report of Chinese regional innovation capacity and various statistical yearbook and processing results.According to the data available to the principle, instead of qualitative indicators with quantitative indicators, the efficacy coefficient method is used to quantitative index dimensionless.
2, evaluation methods and the results of treatment of
Factor analysis is from the research on the relationship of the related variables, some with perplexing relationship variables as a multivariate statistical several comprehensive factor analysis method.The basic idea is to classify the observed variables, the correlation is higher, which is closely related to the points in the same class, correlations between different types of variables is low, then each class variables actually represents a basic structure, namely the public factor.
According to the principle of the method of factor analysis, using statistical software SPSS11.0 can calculate the feature corresponding to the values of each factor, contribution rate, the accumulative contribution rate and each index variable orthogonal rotated factor loading matrix.As can be seen from table 2, extract 4 common factors to replace the original 29 indicators, accumulated variance contribution rate of 85.596, more than the general requirements 85%.The first 4 factors as the common factor has on most of the data gives the full summary, so that the method is reasonable and feasible, the final result is identified and extracted 4 common factors.
The first public factor in D11, D8, D24, D10, D13 Corporation has a number of patents, R & D personnel proportion, Internet penetration rate, the proportion of funding for training, new product output growth rate on the load is relatively large, especially has a number of patents in D11 enterprise, the proportion of R & D personnel D8 enterprises more obvious.This factor generally reflects the enterprise innovation ability, innovation ability is the factor to measure one of the region's most important, can be understood as "enterprise factor".
Second public factor load coefficient higher index is in the proportion of scientific research funds in proportion of D5, D1 University researchers, D2l transactions, the number of published papers on D3, especially in D5, D1 is more obvious.These indicators reflect the influence of knowledge and the innovation ability from different sides, so take this factor is called "knowledge factor".

Third common factors of main load new investment in fixed assets in the indexes of D23, D25 communication equipment with rate, D17 government venture fund proportion.These indicators can be summarized mainly reflects the government in regional innovation system, so it is called "the government factor".
Fourth public load factor is higher index D20 technology services output, D22 conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements, we can understand the service mechanism of regional innovation system, known as the "service factor".

Six, conclusion

Through the research and evaluation of the regional innovation system innovation ability index system and the result, we can draw the following conclusions as after the construction of regional innovation system, enhance regional
Innovation ability innovation system.
1, attach great importance to the enterprise as the center of the regional innovation system construction of
Business, government, universities and research institutions are the main body of the regional innovation system, but the enterprise is in the center position, therefore, in promoting the construction of regional innovation system around, should pay attention to create more favorable conditions for the promotion of enterprise innovation ability, strengthen the enterprise innovation investment, establish and improve the enterprise's R & D center, R & D personnel and increase enterprise in proportion, encourage enterprises to apply for patents, to carry out a comprehensive technical innovation.
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