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Research on regional innovation system based on complex adaptive system theory

Author: LiuJianHua From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 04:45:49 Read:
Keywords:   the regional innovation system; complex adaptive system theory Regional R & D strength of DEA development strategy
Abstract: regional innovation system is a multiple, dynamic, competitive, cooperative, open complex adaptive system, the theory of complex adaptive system for knowledge, understanding, and provides a new idea to promote the development of regional innovation system.The application of complex adaptive system theory method, thinking method and the theory of regional innovation system research, the development strategy of evaluation of regional innovation efficiency of multi-agent modeling problems, solve the problem of regional innovation system and regional innovation system in this study can provide new perspective.

Complex adaptive system theory and regional innovation system

1 the complex adaptive system theory method and
Complex adaptive system (Complex Adaptive System, hereinafter referred to as CAS) theory is the United States of America (Holland) Professor Holland in 1994, at the Santa Fe Institute 10 anniversary of the founding of the formal.Professor Holland in his book "hidden order -- adaptability makes complexity" one book, CAS is defined as "by the rule description, interaction of the main body of the system," the body "is differ in thousands of ways in form and ability", "with the accumulation of experience, to adapt to other subjects in the environment through continuous transformation rules".The basic concepts of CAS theory has the ability to adapt, active individual, referred to as the main body.This subject in the interaction with the environment to follow general stimulus -- response model.The so-called adaptation, is refers to the main body to the environment and other subjects to communicate, in the exchange process continuously "learning" or "experience", and the structure and behavior of autogenic changes according to the lessons learned.Evolution of the macroscopic system, including a new level of generation, differentiation and diversity, new, the polymerization of, greater body appearance and so on, are all on the basis of gradually derived.Complex adaptive system (CAS) theory is proposed for people to know, understand, control, management of complex system provides new ideas.

2 regional innovation system is a complex adaptive system and
Regional innovation system is a multiple, dynamic, competitive, cooperative, open system, it is standing in the regional overall height, from the "elements of each enterprise, universities, research institutes, intermediary organizations, financial institutions and government form an organic whole, interaction" perspective to construct, not just for micro enterprises, universities or research institutes and other single factor.The number of units of the regional innovation system is numerous, and each are not identical, there is often a strong nonlinear interactions between.Feedback and regulation of diverse and ever-changing, system composition and related process also often exhibit strong spatial heterogeneity.But with the development of science and technology, complicated and regional industrial community succession process, regional innovation system to show the adaptability to environment.All this shows that the regional innovation system is a complex system, its complexity is reflected in the number and size of elements, types, system internal and external structural diversity, interactions exist various.This provides a new theory, new method, study the theory of complex adaptive system can provide decision support system of regional innovation system, its application and development is likely to decision support system theory is the most challenging research topic and importance in the future period.
system development on the regional investment intensity model based on complex adaptive
research and development activity (Research& Development, R& D) is the core activities of science and technology, quality and its success will directly related to national, regional science and technology development, technology innovation, economic development and social welfare level.R& D investment intensity (product research and development funds / area) is the core indicator to measure the competitiveness of science and technology of a country, area international, is one of the most important index of comprehensive strength of a country, area.The Lausanne International Institute for management and development (IMD) published a year "International Competitiveness Report" ranked it as the study of a country or a region's comprehensive competitiveness of an important indicator.A substantial increase in the R& D investment has become an important strategy to improve the competitiveness of many countries or regions of the world.1991 - 1999 years, China's R& D / GDP intensity has been hovering around 0.6% - 0.83%, in 2000 more than l% for the first time, in 2001 reached 1.09%, in 2003 reached 1.31%.In 2005 China's R& D investment intensity is less than 1.5%, while developed countries R& D investment intensity is over 2.5%.Improved R& D investment intensity is to enhance regional innovation capability, to achieve industrial upgrading and independent innovation of enterprises.According to the needs of the world science and technology development trends and China's future economic and social development, "national long-term science and technology development plan (2006 - 2020)" made our country a strategic choice of new national development path, emphasize the ability of independent innovation as the strategic basis for the development of science and technology of our country, put forward R& D strength to achieve development goals in 2020 2.5%.
Complex adaptive system usually by heterogeneous components nonlinear interaction and organized into hierarchical structure, the overall properties of the system generated by nonlinear interaction between local components, and the system can affect the further development of interaction between components through feedback or add new constraints.So, in accordance with the complex adaptive system theory, development of regional innovation system as "the evolution of population evolution".From the development point of view, some measurement index of regional innovation system (investment in research and development, papers, patents) growth is mainly affected by the innovation system of fecundity and environmental influence.
R& D dynamic strength of investment mainly comes from: one is R& D investment intensity of self-accumulation, replication and inertia force, which is the system of innovation of fecundity, with a period of R& D investment intensity is proportional to, when R& last year; to GDP ratio D expenditure is relatively high, when R& D investment intensity is high; the two is the government's environmental policy impetus, government financial investment in science and technology and it is directly related to the market; three is the tension, it with R& D investment can bring economic income is directly related to.If the sales revenue of new products with R& D investment growth, will also promote R& D growth funds, forming a positive feedback.We choose the average indexes of countrywide each province, municipality directly under the central government as sample, the use of econometric software regression analysis of the samples, in order to establish the regional R& D evolution model of input intensity.
Y (T) =0.98217y (t-1) -5.470817y (t-1) 2 13.31182 g (t-1) y (t-1) 0.013126uv 0.00336
The variables in the formula is: Y (T): the research and development funds / year GDP; Y (t-1): the research and development funds / year GDP; G (t-1): last year the government science and technology investment to GDP ratio; U: Enterprise Science and technology personnel of the total social science and technology personnel ratio: V: new product sales revenue / gdp.
Through the calculation of R& D investment intensity, we can divide the provinces into three categories: first class area; R&, D input intensity is greatly higher than the national average level of the area, Beijing, Shaanxi, Shanghai.Beijing is more than 5 times the national average.R& second regions,; D investment intensity in the vicinity of the national average level, this kind of area of Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Gansu.R& third regions; D investment intensity, and the national average level far, in addition to other parts of the first and second classes are third areas.Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia investment intensity minimum, only equivalent to the national average of about 1/5.
Applying this model, but also on the provinces and autonomous regions in the R& the D investment intensity prediction.For example, in Henan Province in 2005 R& D investment intensity of 0.5%, to reach 2010
In 1.5% of the target, there is still a big gap, must establish and improve various R& D into the system as soon as possible.

DEA method in evaluation of regional innovation efficiency and complex adaptive system theory combined with

Regional innovation system is a multi-level coupling relationship network.Complex adaptive system theory that the change agent behavior rules is fundamental reason of system evolution.From the perspective of complex adaptive system theory, the complex behavior of the regional innovation system from the self-organization, emergence and adaptation processes.This process of system and the external environment interaction, through adaptive changes, the emergence of system behavior rules, so as to continuously forward development and evolution.The intelligent body of regional innovation system (enterprise) to communicate with the environment and other agents, in the process of the exchange in the "learning" or "experience", the ongoing evolution of learning, and according to the learned rules changed their structure and behavior.The intelligent body through interaction, mutual exchange, can be a hierarchy, highlights a new structure, and the behavior more complex at the level of the whole body, such as the level of production, differentiation and diversity, form a new polymerization, more intelligent body up and up "; the new rules, new order form" process, and evolution is a "transition" rule and order process.Evolution of regional innovation system is to once again rule structure and order structure new emerge as his ladder, therefore has "punctuated equilibrium" and "path dependence".
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