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The main contents and methods of the regional innovation system evaluation

Author: LiuXinMin LiZuo LiFang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 04:14:20 Read:
key; contents of the evaluation method of regional innovation system evaluation
Abstract: evaluation of regional innovation system focused on maturity, the regional innovation system, input and output efficiency of regional innovation system and regional economic development coordination, regional innovation system, evaluation method mainly is generally improved the traditional statistical analysis method and DEA method and related.Further evaluation, need from the coordination between regional innovation system (Harmony), effective innovation ability (Effectiveness) and maturity (Maturity) nature of the evolution and integration of the three aspects of the establishment of a comprehensive evaluation system that reflects the system.
, the introduction of
Regional innovation system is rooted in a certain geographical space, economy, society, politics, culture and ecological environment, enterprises, universities, research institutions, government and intermediary service institutions as the main body of creativity, according to knowledge production, incubation techniques, technology diffusion, technology is used as the main line, between different subjects in system innovation factors and governance effect, depending on the kind of innovation resources (such as funds, talents, etc.) with various innovation conditions (such as infrastructure, policy, law, etc.) using various innovations (such as system, organization, management and so on), and according to a certain combination of rank and internal links, have certain organization and spatial structure and help to promote the knowledge innovation, technology innovation, system innovation and service innovation of open complex social economic system.Show that the difference of regional economic development achievements, innovation system in different regions of the significant difference in performance.Key to the failure of the regional innovation system lies in the innovation system of development effectiveness, maturity and lack of coordination, lead to knowledge, technology, production flow overflow cost increase, affecting the allocation of resources.Therefore, the need for objective evaluation of the regional innovation system, for the government to make policies and implementation to provide scientific support.Since 1992, P.N.Cooke proposed the concept of regional innovation system, the domestic and international research about the evaluation system will be off wa theorists, but due to the different focus of different scholars, consummation of system evaluation using zone method is also different, cause there is no theoretical system formed consistent evaluation on regional innovation system.This paper aims at analyzing the regional innovation system evaluation theory, in order to provide a theoretical basis to improve the effectiveness of deepening the research of regional innovation system and regional innovation system theory.
The main content of two, the regional innovation system evaluation
More research on Evaluation of regional innovation system in China and abroad, but mainly concentrated in three aspects: the system of innovation performance evaluation, and regional economic development coordination evaluation system, from the point of view of life cycle of innovation system development maturity evaluation.
Evaluation of 1 innovation performance of regional innovation system and innovation ability.
The existing literature evaluation for innovation performance of regional innovation system and innovation ability the most, is to set up the corresponding evaluation index system from the aspects of innovation system performance and innovation ability, analysis of innovation system in the resources element of (both tangible and intangible), can bring the production efficiency and the improvement of social benefits, the input-output efficiency measurement system.The foreign research is to evaluate a function system.Such as the world bank aimed at knowledge economy system innovation system on the world of measure.OECD study of R& from the macro level; D investment to economic growth, such as public R& D investment in enterprise R& D investment promotion, R& D inputs to promote productivity and economic growth in the contribution rate of closed.
The domestic research on regional innovation system's performance evaluation, mainly to the construction of the evaluation index and the selection of evaluation method as the key.Luo Shougui (2ooo) evaluation index system was established from the regional comprehensive strength, educational resources and the potential of science and technology, resources and potential, enterprise innovation, information conditions and regional policy and management level in six aspects, using the AHP method of the innovation system of innovation performance in various regions of Jiangsu province were evaluated with.Luo Shougui and Zhen bee, yellow Gancheng (2ooo) constructs a comprehensive evaluation index system of knowledge innovation capability, technology innovation capability, management and system innovation and macro social economic environment four levels of coastal provinces and cities, lO is the innovation ability evaluation shed by factor analysis method.Liu Shunzhong, Guan built (2002) R& D expenditure and R& the number of D scientists and engineers as innovation input indicators; the invention patents, three foreign systems, the number of output value of new products, new billion yuan investment GDP yuan GDP comprehensive energy consumption as output indicators, using DEA method evaluation of the system innovation performance 151.Fang Cheng (2003) to establish the regional technology innovation system, quantitative evaluation index system, including technology innovation index, innovation environment and innovation economic indicators index three first grade indexes, and establishes the corresponding index system, put forward the main factors of technical innovation ability of decision system, and use the TOPSIS method to quantify the index is tasted _ bin lq.Officer built, He Ying (2005) application of two stage model, as an intermediate product patent, the synthesis stage of regional innovation activities into the technology output stage and output stage as well as the two, using the DEA method on the innovation activities of the technical efficiency, economic efficiency and comprehensive effectiveness evaluation.
On this basis, Feng Xianmin (2005) the system evaluation for the development of the three stages model, namely Ilisha elongata evaluation for economic effectiveness and social effectiveness of technical efficiency, on the innovation activities; since then, many scholars such as Yi Weiming (2005), Tang Houxing (2005), Sun Kai (2oo8) has used DEA model, were an empirical study on the performance of the system, in the construction of evaluation index, are selected from the two aspects of innovation input and output, investment is mainly related to innovation of R& D funds and personnel, including output of scientific and technological achievements and economic benefits.
2.Evaluation of the coordination between regional innovation system and regional economic development
Evaluation of coordination on regional innovation system and regional economy, the present study involves little, mainly analyzes the coordination between the two elements, and on this basis to build evaluation coordination model.Zhang Lei (2006) systematically expounded the basic connotation, the characteristics, and the measurement of the static coordination between China's 31 regions both method using the vector distance method and statistical trend prediction, and then examined the effectiveness of DEA on the interaction between systems, so as to understand the dynamic change process the.Ma Yonghong (2008) content of the coordination of the two circles, analyses the forming factors of the coordinated development between, based on this evaluation model was set up, the main body of innovation coordination index, innovation resources, innovation ability of coordination index index of coordination and innovation environment coordination index as evaluation index system.
Evaluation of the maturity of 3 regional innovation system
Maturity evaluation on regional innovation system is more rare, is mainly to reflect the development of innovation system by constructing the evaluation model and decision model, find out the existing or to occur, thus make the strategy and corresponding measures, in order to ensure the sustainable innovation ability of regional innovation system.Li Songhui (2003) think maturity includes innovation capability maturity and operation capacity maturity of regional innovation system in two aspects, puts forward the calculation method, the concept of regional innovation system maturity maturity curve and maturity and thinking of maturity determination, and were evaluated separately.Yang Jian (2007) by using the method of fuzzy decision, established evaluation model of regional innovation system life cycle, analyzes the system development process, from the characteristics of various phases of the system life cycle, and through were judged more than four targets classification algorithm on the stage of system based on the fuzzy nearness.
three, the main method of regional innovation system evaluation
1 traditional evaluation methods
The traditional evaluation method in addition to the common statistical analysis, multiple linear regression, time series analysis, input-output method, mainly has the following several:
One is the DEA analysis method, mainly used to evaluate the innovation system of input and output performance, namely the evaluation decision unit under the input of certain resources, the scale and technology are to play the best level, thus obtained the proper output.If the output is less investment, good performance; conversely, the performance difference.According to the evaluation result, the regional innovation systems are classified, and for each class to develop regional innovation policy.
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