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Innovation Alliance perspective of regional innovation resources Integration Management

Author: FengHaiXiang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 04:08:15 Read:
[Paper Keywords] Innovation Alliance integration of regional innovation resources integration model integration strategy
[Abstract] In this paper, the implementation of regional innovation resources integration model based on the Innovation Union and integration research and innovation alliance based on the integration of regional resources strategy were discussed. More and more distinctive regional innovation alliance formation and development, will promote regional economic development.
Looking at the process of world economic development, economic globalization has greatly promoted the industrial division of labor and geographical features such as regional integration, economic regionalization, clustering has become increasingly evident. Regional independent innovation ability to determine regional competitiveness and the sustainable development of the regional economy, which has been confirmed by the innovative regional development practice. Accompanied by significantly improve the overall level of the regional economy in China. Enhance the capacity of regional innovation every region around the support of independent innovation. Regional independent innovation environment gradually optimize the regional independent innovation output is also rising. However, overall, the independent innovation of China's regional innovation performance is not satisfactory. There is a big difference between the different regions. The reason. Effective joint interaction lies within the region, the lack of independent innovation and independent innovation of enterprises in the region breakthrough did not play the diffusion effect, regional independent innovation activities and the development of regional leading industries lack of effective convergence. This individual enterprise as the core of regional independent innovation model to influence and restrict the area to enhance the overall capability of independent innovation. In view of this. In this paper, regional innovation capability upgrade path based on the alliance of independent innovation, regional independent innovation capability must focus on innovation and effective integration of resources, focusing on the joint promotion of innovative activities, focusing on the direction of innovation and regional leading industries development fit.
An innovation alliance based on the integration of regional innovation resources to explore
The formation of the Regional Innovation Union can not be separated from the regional government to actively promote regional government based on the advantages of industrial development of the region and give priority to the development of leading industries, organizations and coordination in the region enterprises together to set up the alliance of independent innovation, through independent innovation alliance to build a regional competitive advantage in specific areas.
1. The regional government actively Innovation Alliance formed bypass pull strings
The formation of the Union of Regional Innovation requires regional governments in the region to actively build a bypass to pull strings for independent innovation alliance. In general, the regional government should be through a conscious focus to foster a number of independent innovation alliance to guide and lead the area to enhance the ability of independent innovation, and gradually formed the regional characteristics of industrial clusters. The guidance of the regional government can be combined the existing competitive industries in the region, intrinsic motivation and vision of the future of the region is bound to achieve the organic integration of enterprises in the region, the University of Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance, research institutions and other innovative resources which is a regional independent innovation Union set up the key.
Union positioning depicts the blueprint for the development of regional industrial
The formation of the Regional Innovation Union is also based on the analysis of alliance development orientation. On the basis of comprehensive analysis to determine the direction and co-innovation goals of the Union's technological innovation, the Regional Innovation Union Why the formation of technical problems to be solved or research. What positive impact of these technical problems related industries of the region and the development of enterprises. The Alliance development orientation should be established consistent with the needs of the regional strategic objectives or regional focus of industrial development, adhere to market-oriented and technology-oriented unified. Union positioning to describe the alliance of independent innovation and regional industrial development blueprint. In order to attract coalition partners to join.
3 Select the appropriate members of the regional independent innovation alliance partners
A member of the Regional Innovation Alliance partners to determine the successful formation of Regional Innovation Union flag. A member of the coalition partners the selection criteria (investment institutions or research institutions) have the ability to provide useful help for the Union of collaborative innovation, which not only depend on the members of the Partnership's resources and ability, but also on the resources and capabilities between the members of the partnership homogeneous enhancement or heterogeneous complementary. Homogeneous enhancement of the integration of resources contribute to the Union a major breakthrough in the field of Innovative or cutting-edge innovation to integrate i heterogeneity complementary resources to help promote the success of the Union in industrial operation. Resource characteristics of the members of the two types of partners is an integral part of the regional independent innovation alliance innovative elements.

4. Launched the Articles of Association of the Union to ensure the normal operation of the Innovation Alliance
The recognition and observance of the launch of the articles of association of the alliance and coalition partners is the flag of the Union run, mainly including the Union's governing body, cooperation, governance mechanisms and the responsibilities and rights of the members of the Partnership clearly defined. The Regional Innovation Union must be established in full communication and consultation on the basis of alliance management agencies and members of the Union Coordination Committee led by the regional government and the broad participation of the members of the partnership. In addition, the mechanism of the negotiations between the alliance and the alliance members, conflict coordination mechanisms, reputation, reputation mechanism, intellectual property information disclosure mechanism, innovation sharing mechanism, the distribution of benefits mechanism clearly defined.
Second, based on the implementation of the Innovation Union regional innovation resources integration
The formation of the Regional Innovation Union is just the beginning of the alliance. Innovative integration of resources is the key. The regional government, the regional independent innovation alliance innovative integration of resources should be implemented from the following staff.
1 introduction of innovative integrated planning, the clear regional innovation resource integration direction
Innovative integration of resources planning should be based on regional industrial planning guidance, direction and field of regional innovation resources integration planning, conscious, focusing on promoting regional innovation and effective integration of resources. Specifically, the innovative integration of resources planning should first of all the major companies in the area related industries innovation resources to carry out a detailed analysis, including these enterprises with which innovative resources, which is the resource advantages of innovation resources and disadvantages exist in those aspects, integration can achieve complementary advantages; Secondly, the integration of regional innovation resources planning should also be horizontal comparison. The aim is to explore the integration of regional business innovation resources can bring regional industrial competitiveness and regional innovation capability. Whether it is necessary to support or foster independent innovation alliance of these areas.
Increase innovation investment of resources, to ensure that the total integration of regional innovation resources
Integration of regional innovation resources should factor inputs from the resource links. That the innovative resource inputs, it should be fully in accordance with the requirements of the integration of resources to deal reasonably with the new resource input and existing resources, cooperation and coordination of the different levels and types of resources, avoid duplication of investment and excessive fragmentation of the resource elements, thereby enhancing the innovation efficiency of resource use. This requires that the quantity of inputs investment put into focus area to do a good job of innovative resources. High input of resources, centralized lay a good foundation for the integration of regional innovation resources. It needs to be emphasized is that new and innovative resources increased investment must be matched with available resources, and regional industrial development match. To adapt to the needs of future development of the area. Building regional innovation platform to improve the efficiency of integration of regional innovation resources
Different regions should promote regional innovation integration of resources and services of the Regional Innovation Union needs to optimize resource configuration, strengthen the service function requirements. The establishment of a number of clear division of labor services functioning, clear direction of service, research and production interact with the information about the collection, resource sharing, technology transactions, achievements transformation and industrialization of services, such as regional independent innovation service platform, to the Regional Innovation Union continue to make independent innovation The breakthrough to create the basic conditions. Innovation service platform construction must co-ordinate the planning, certain forward-looking. This is a key link to improve the efficiency of resource integration.
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