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On the perspective of regional innovation analysis of China's three major regional economic disparities

Author: NieYanHua ZhangYuMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-01 02:09:08 Read:
Paper Keywords: regional innovation and economic growth economic differences
Abstract: Regional economic disparities has been one of the core issues of regional economics research, but also a universal problem in the process of development of the world economy. In order to more clearly recognize the economic differences between China, China is geographically divided into eastern, central and western economic region, select the activity status of real GDP per capita as well as three regional innovation, regional economic difference exists from the perspective of regional innovation reasons, provide a basis for reference for decision-makers decisions.
New socio-economic background is changing the power and mechanisms of regional economic development, and to promote less-developed central and western regions by natural resource-based economy to a knowledge and innovation-based economy, , the less developed central and western inter-provincial area should be adjusted accordingly its regional development policy, to seek a new regional approach to development.
First, the basic theory of regional innovation
(A) Overview of Regional Innovation
In the existing literature, a lot of regional innovation research, but the exact definition of the regional innovation made not even make this concept does not permit a sense of self-evident. The region as a geographical space, with a high degree of assimilative and comprehensive, a meso-level natural, economic, technical, social complex. Broad understanding of the meaning of the regional innovation occurred in the region of all innovation activities and innovation. Regional Innovation is the foundation and an important part of the national innovation system, reflecting the level of the national innovation system. The main difference between the overall performance of the regional innovation and national innovation for local regional innovation, uniqueness, openness, can also reflect the regional characteristics in common manifestation of national innovation.
(B) location factors change and regional innovation environment
Globalization and the knowledge economy, the composition and the importance of location factors change, the non-physical factors and the role of social capital, social networks emerged in the regional development and innovation, regional results of the development of the performance differences are increasingly subject to the regional development of the non-material, non-trade location factors, which constitute the contents of the regional innovation environment, and the quality and advantages of the innovation environment determines the basic conditions for regional innovation and region to attract and retain the exclusion of the various liquidity resources; geographical proximity and dynamic agglomeration economies on regional innovation.
Second, based on the Innovation Perspective of the three regional economic disparities analysis
(A) the three major regional differences in innovation activities
Patent data used in the study of innovation output is reasonable. Using patent data to measure innovation activities in the region, the analysis of the spatial distribution of innovation activities in the three regions in order to reveal the underlying causes of the three regional economic disparities.
China's three major regional innovation activities 19% and 2005 patents per capita output of the ranking are provided in Table 1. As can be seen from Table 1, the average level of innovation output of the three regions in the decade of the study period is still showing a change in trend from the East to the West gradually reduce innovation activities in the geographical distribution of highly concentrated in a small number of the eastern coastal provinces interpersonal areas. From the relative level of the patent output, Shanghai and Beijing formed a large cluster of innovation; Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Liaoning and Fujian medium-sized innovative clusters. The national average total number of patents per capita patents accounted for 19% of the eastern, central and western were 70.06%, 14.14% and 15.8%; 2005 eastern, central and western per capita patents accounted for the country's per capita total number of patents were 76.8%, 11.27% and 11.93%, respectively. The data show that innovation activities are highly concentrated among a small number of inter-provincial region in eastern innovation activities have shown the strength of polarization. Average innovation output from the three regions, the eastern part is much higher than the central and western region, and the innovation gap widening trend.
(B) three regional economic growth differences
This paper analyzes the data used for the provinces of China from 1996 to 2005, real per capita GDP (1995), real GDP per capita is reduced the provinces nominal per capita GDP and per capita GDP index translation . Data from the Statistical Yearbook of China from 1997 to 2006.

Table 2 shows that 19% of real GDP per capita average of the 5 958.61 yuan, the average real per capita GDP of the eastern, central and western regions, respectively 9 574.46 yuan, 4 566.75 yuan and 3572 yuan; 2005, the actual GDP per capita average of 15 578.1 yuan, the East Midwest average real GDP per capita were 25 565.45 yuan, 988.25 yuan and 9 450.67 yuan, respectively; Table 3 shows the 1996 and 2005, real GDP per capita The average growth rate of 12.81%, while the average growth rate of the eastern, central and western regions, respectively, 13.43%, 11.63% and 12.79%.
Comprehensive contrast, we believe that the huge difference of the three regional economic disparities rooted in innovation activities. The uneven distribution of the entire space of innovation activities, leading to differences in regional economic growth rate is inevitable. Accordance with the theory of the technology gap, the innovation gap caused by the region's rapid economic growth, but the actual situation in China, less developed central and western regions and eastern regional economic disparities widening trend, consistent with the theoretical point of view, not a catch-up effect. The reason is that innovation backward central and western regions and innovation leading the eastern regional innovation gap is too large, lack the ability to learn, making the central and western area of ??the innovation behind weak digestion and absorption capacity for advanced technology in general,
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