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Research on regional innovation and feasible path of the industrial cluster.

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Abstract: is presented in this paper to create regional competitive advantage of industrial cluster condition, a detailed analysis of the regional innovation system and industrial clusters have inevitable connection.The results show that, the key to the construction of regional innovation system is the institutional conditions of formation and development of industrial clusters to a feasible path, through the implementation of the industrial cluster, constantly optimize the regional innovation environment, enhance regional innovation capability.
Keywords paper: industry cluster; regional innovation; feasible path
makes a regional competitive advantage, industry cluster
Industrial cluster may create regional competitive advantage, may also create a regional disadvantage, therefore, the problem is worth studying, industrial cluster under what conditions will create regional competitive advantage.
1 the formation of the industrial cluster group GDP region accounted for the proportion of GDP.In general, industry scale is larger, the GDP scale is larger, therefore, in the region of GDP in the total value of the greater proportion, so as to show the regional competitive advantage.It is difficult to imagine, industrial clusters of small scale can make the regional advantages.The Swiss watch industry, shoemaking course of study of French wine industry, Fujian has a large market share in domestic, but also has a larger scale in the world, show a strong regional advantage.
2 the upstream industry market is a large and growing market, the large-scale growth of market is the most can create regional competitive advantage.The large-scale growth of market can bring two benefits to the enterprise, is a market capacity, good compatibility, can attract many enterprises to join, create cluster environment; two is the profit space, to new people left the trial space without fail, the industrial connection is more free.
Concentration of 3 man-made industrial elements.As the higher education, research and innovation environment, academic atmosphere, advanced human resources, infrastructure in advance, industry organization, the industry factor is man-made, in the industrial cluster, these elements can be copied, regeneration and renewal, is a region is an important indicator of whether there is a competitive advantage.Just as we speak of "traditional" two words, can become the traditional things are renewable, can be replicated, it is this tradition may be an advantage.
4 Correlation degree.In the process of industrial cluster, industrial or business related degree determines the cluster cohesion.Related industries / enterprises have three kinds of cases, so the nature of industrial cluster is not the same.The first is to the connection, namely, trade and manufacturing trade integration business association, formed or related business; second is the backward linkages, namely manufacturing enterprises certain connection with suppliers of raw materials; third is the level of relevance, namely industrial / links between enterprises is not along the longitudinal value chain expansion, but along the transverse value chain, go concentric diversification, level of diversification and cross-sectoral diversification of the road.This association industry / enterprises is the demand and the result of market choice, therefore, in the process of association formation, the government should not directly intervene in the process of market selection.
The activation mechanism of 5 of the capital of the.Regional industrial cluster need more channels of capital investment, no activation of the capital formation mechanism, capital investment is impossible to form the cluster effect.From the capital formation mechanism of activation of view, the author will sum up its comprehensive effect of three factors: one is the result of speculative tendencies of approval; two is the cost control can be expected (essentially profit expectations); three is the convenience and the normal exit.On speculative tendencies praise can create an innovative atmosphere, make all kinds of valuable ideas into investment motives; at the same time, the speculative tendencies praise also reflects the culture of a region of the compatibility, in this regard, Zhejiang and Guangdong is the most typical provinces.Cost control and predictability affect investor confidence, an investment to cancel, is not only caused by the profit expectations, and is mainly caused by the expected costs.At the cost of expected uncertain conditions, investors dare not rashly into the.The convenience and the regulation of exit is the key factor activation mechanism of investment, because no investors are willing to be.Active investment has much convenience and local withdrawal mechanism, government intervention in the exit mechanism in many aspects, in the early stage of the formation mechanism is very important.
Association of two, industry cluster and regional innovation system.
Innovation is not an isolated behavior of enterprises, enterprises need to exchange information with the outside world, a lot in the process of innovation, therefore, research innovation process must be enterprises and their environment into the same system of the enterprise, innovation ability and innovation performance improvement requires entities associated with various and innovation activities between to establish close relations of cooperation.It is in this background, grouping in recent years in the research of technology innovation in the field of attention.According to the existing research results and empirical data can be seen, one of the main advantages of industrial clusters is the effect of the innovation, industrial cluster is a special system of innovation.Because of the industrial clusters of enterprises and other organizations gathered in a particular region, and the existence condition and environment for innovation, if the innovation activities between the various actors to appear in the network or the system contact, industrial clusters and regional innovation system becomes inevitable connection.Relationship between the two is embodied in four aspects as follows: (1) the regional association.Regional innovation system and industrial clusters belong to the category of regional economy, the scope of the study were limited to the specific regional range.In our country, geographical area of national level usually have with administrative region unity.Therefore, the general meaning of the regional innovation system more refers to the provincial innovation system or the regional innovation system.At present, in the Yangtze River Delta is a typical regional innovation system to break the boundaries of administrative divisions, to achieve on a larger scale, in wider areas and at higher levels of integration and optimization of scientific and technological resources, form the innovation system construction of large area under the framework of the trend.The effective combination of source in specific historical conditions, geographical characteristics and the characteristics of the industry, industry clusters tend to appear in certain areas, with obvious regional characteristics, has become a new form of the industry in the development of regional economy layout.In a certain geographical area, the industrial cluster as foundation, according to certain system arrangement consisting of innovation networks and institutions, may constitute the regional innovation system level.In this sense, industry cluster has become an important carrier of the regional innovation system.(2) structure association.Innovation enterprise, University, intermediary agencies and environmental elements have overlap greatly.The core element of industrial clusters is the enterprise group and the interdependence of the enterprise network; basic subject of regional innovation system (University, enterprise, government and intermediaries) if located in the cluster region, often become constitute the main elements of the industry cluster, otherwise it will constitute the external environment for the development of industrial clusters.
Through the construction of the main link between the network and the learning mechanism, create a proprietary local factors, is the common point of industrial cluster and regional innovation system construction.In addition, the necessary conditions of regional shared knowledge, skills, talents, market, public facilities and regional exclusive cultural elements in itself constitute a regional innovation, which also causes the region many innovators seek externality.(3) functional association.The main function of the regional innovation system is the production, diffusion and application promotion and new knowledge and new technology; the main way to realize the innovation of industrial cluster is to establish an effective cooperation network, to promote knowledge diffusion flow in the local.In this sense, the industrial cluster and the regional innovation system with overlapping greatly promote knowledge flow and technology diffusion function.Regional innovation system is emphasized to promote local innovation elements (enterprise, University, scientific research institutes, intermediary institutions) interaction, and have the effect of industrial clusters to promote the innovation subject through benign interaction, interaction between technology innovation and diffusion inside industry cluster is the result of.Therefore, promoting regional knowledge flow and innovation main body interaction is the common function of regional innovation system and industrial clusters.(4) target association.The direct purpose of the construction of regional innovation system is to promote the effective allocation of resources, promote innovation and development of industry, the ultimate aim is to enhance regional innovation capability, the formation of regional competitive advantage.Industrial cluster to realize the organic combination of industry characteristics and regional economy, its goal is through the enterprise cluster formation of external economy, significantly reduce the innovation cost, improve the industry and regional competitiveness, and closely related to the construction of regional innovation system target.Industrial cluster is the basis and effective means to the construction of regional innovation system, industrial cluster and the diversity of characteristics is the vitality of regional innovation system.
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