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Discussion of concept and system of regional innovation policy

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Keywords: the innovation policy of regional innovation system in
Abstract: to improve the regional innovation capacity, building and perfecting regional innovation system is the source of power in regional economic sustainable development; policy objectives of regional innovation system is to promote the diffusion of research and technology, promote the regional human resources development.To promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and the regional innovation environment optimization; the policy tools, including direct and indirect policy financial policy to promote regional innovation environment; regional innovation policy in China now mainly rely on science and technology departments, need to be further systematic and deepening.

, from the regional policy and regional innovation policy

Regional economic development is not simply by capital, labor and technology push, but a complex social, economic, technical process: in the development of regional economy, the interactive relation between economic, social, technological and other factors more attention.Under this background, in 1992 the British economist Cook (Philip Cooke) put forward the concept of regional innovation system.More and more people come to realize, the innovation ability is the decisive factor of regional economic development, is the core competitiveness of the region.
Regional innovation system of understanding, some academics have reached a consensus that the basic, regional innovation system is the main regional organization system composed of division of labor in geography and related production enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher education, and this kind of system support and innovation.Therefore, the regional innovation system refers to the specific economic region, the new combination of factors of regional economic development of new or these elements into regional economic system, and create a new and more effective resource allocation mode, to realize the function of the system of new, make the economy more efficient use of resources within the region, so as to improve the regional innovation ability, promote the development of regional economy.Regional innovation system is a subsystem of the national innovation system, but it is different from the national innovation system, mainly to reflect the regional innovation needs for the purpose, the industrialization of prominent industry innovation and innovation achievements.Regional innovation system by enterprises within the region, University, countries in the region, the regional government scientific research institutions, science and technology intermediary agencies and financial institutions, including the regional historical and cultural traditions.
With the development of knowledge economy, in recent years, the innovation ability of governments on national and regional are extremely important, such as the European Commission set up regional committee, study the problem of economic growth and innovation among its internal regions.China's government first proposed in 1995 in the national implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country, all then "invigorating the city (District)" strategy.The 17th CPC National Congress proposed "to improve the capability of independent innovation, building an innovation-oriented country.This is the core of the national strategy, is the key to improving the overall national strength".How to establish and perfect the innovation system of a region, to improve the regional innovation capacity, the government on how to establish a set of effective and feasible policy system in improving the regional innovation capability, this paper tries to do some preliminary discussion.

two the regional innovation system, policy system of

The construction and perfection of regional innovation system, enhance regional innovation capability, the ultimate goal is to enhance the regional economic competitiveness, promote regional economic growth, regional economic sustained, rapid, healthy development.

The formation and diffusion of innovation as the engine of regional economic growth, technology innovation and products in the field of production organization, production has become a key factor in the competitiveness of enterprises.How to improve the regional innovative capacity, to make the technology into the economy, so as to promote the growth of regional economy.Become the intermediate target of policy of regional innovation system.
The specific objectives of policy of regional innovation system mainly includes the following:
1 to promote the development and diffusion of technology since the end of the nineteenth Century, with the development of chemical and electrical new technology, western countries has expanded its scope of activities of science and technology, this is the state of the R & D activities funded start.Effect of research and development expenditure in the economy increasing.Research and development ability directly determines the regional innovation capacity.At the same time, strong exterior effects the progress of production technology, the technology diffusion effect, produced by the innovation of social benefits than a single economic benefits its inventor.
2 to promote the regional human resources development has educated the rich human resources is a necessary condition to improve the regional innovation ability.To promote regional human development is to provide skilled labor force for regional innovation subjects, the formation of regional talent accumulation.It mainly depends on the area of the research university and the system of occupation technology education suitable for technology development to complete.The University also offers the possibility of technical and scientific aspects of information and cooperation, but also the important base of high-tech business incubator.
3 to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of China's scientific research achievements transformation rate at a low level, most research only stay in the laboratory stage.Research findings from the laboratory stage to the practical application of two product development process requires a large amount of capital investment, and the risk is very big.To change this situation, the government, research institutes and enterprises to work together.From the government's policy point of view, to increase the transformation input, leading research institutes and enterprises cooperation.
4 to promote the regional innovation environment optimization of regional innovation environment is set within the region is conducive to innovation, factors of physical and non-physical.It includes social system, legal system, social psychology, social customs, culture, social network and other soft factors, including infrastructure, labor, technology and economic stock hard factor.The importance of regional innovation environment, has not been fully aware of local government.In the current regional development in our country, there is a one-sided understanding tendency of regional development environment, too much emphasis on the physical infrastructure and favorable policies and other preferential policies, not the optimization and innovation environment on the proper position.
three, regional innovation policy tool system

Direct and indirect support to encourage policy two aspects of policy, direct policy that encourages the material to encourage regional innovation behavior by economic means.Mainly through fiscal policy, financial and other means; indirect means of support is to improve regional innovation ability through the construction of regional innovation environment.The government in promoting the regional innovation ability in addition to direct subsidies on the innovation activities, should create good innovation environment, such as the area has experienced entrepreneurs, a large number of skilled workers, to move closer to each other but also close to new customers and new market suppliers form industrial cluster, the region has university and research institutions, have a good acceptance of new knowledge group, pleasant living environment and auxiliary support services.
1 direct incentives encouraging policy is through the policy of fiscal, financial and other means, to support innovation activities within the region.Fiscal policy is a means for the government to use fiscal policy tools to support technological innovation directly, mainly for the government fiscal expenditure on science and technology administrative input, including all levels of government expenditure budget of the science and technology funds and government tax cuts Rangli preferential policy.
The financial policy mainly from the two aspects of regional innovation activities to support, one is to solve the problem of financing SMEs, on the other hand is to solve the innovation risk sharing.As the science and technology of regional innovation activities of SMEs are the backbone of the huge risk from the technology, market, management and financial aspects, but also in the creation stage there are internal management level is not high, no profit problem records, credit rating is low, cannot satisfy the commercial bank lending standards, not through the stock market to direct financing.Financial support, in addition to the innovation has been tilted in regular loan projects, special attention should be paid to the construction of the risk investment mechanism.The development of high technology, especially for the National People's Congress, the risk of technology innovation is high, so only the government research funding is far from enough, this form of financing to the development of risk investment.Venture capital in promoting high-tech industrialization and high-tech enterprises entrepreneurial role has been generally recognized.Venture capital should be based on long-term equity investment form to the enterprise's establishment, expansion and acquisitions activities, in order to share the risk of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.The government can set up a certain number of funds to support innovation activities, a form is to give interest-free or low-interest loans to the innovation of the project, another form of innovation project of commercial loan guarantee.
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