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The use of "a temporal-spatial positioning system guidance method" to guide the difficulty employment groups assumption

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Keywords: the job market     employment; unemployment; the difficulty employment groups   occupation guidance; temporal-spatial positioning system guidance method
Abstract: in order to adapt to the new mechanism of employment market, strengthen the occupation guidance for the difficulty employment groups, put forward "the temporal-spatial positioning system guidance method".The temporal-spatial positioning system guidance method consists of com. Temporal and spatial thinking, positioning analysis method and the system adjustment method.Temporal-spatial thinking method is the rational thinking method of recognizing the difficulty employment groups, positioning analysis method is the application of method of analyzing the difficulty employment groups, the system adjustment method is the treatment method of guiding the difficulty employment groups.
China is experiencing the transformation from planned economy to market economy and the historical period of reform, the employment work faces from uniform distribution to the change of market employment.Occupation guidance on how to market and employment services, especially for the difficult employment service, which is becoming more and more important role.For the construction of a harmonious society, adhere to the scientific outlook on development, occupation guidance method of new exploration in the innovation way, also is the important topic in front of occupation guidance personnel.
Under the condition of socialist market economy, China established the employment policy and proactive employment policy, the implementation of the "choose their own jobs, market regulating employment, employment market government promoting employment" new mechanism.The temporal-spatial positioning system guidance law, refers to the analysis of positioning in time and space and movement, realize people and occupation mix with matching guidance system method.Its purpose is to adapt to the new mechanism of employment market, the role is to promote full employment, mainly to solve the problem of employment difficulty employment groups and special groups.
Temporal and spatial thinking method , guide the difficulty employment groups
The temporal-spatial positioning system guidance method requires the occupation guidance personnel to establish temporal and spatial thinking, concept of emphasizing the application of time and space, the concept of absolute motion and relative static, concept of universal relation and continuous development of application, analysis of causes, the difficulty employment groups and the job market situation of the reality of the situation, development trend.This is the basis of the difficulty employment groups occupation guidance work.
The concept of 1 the difficulty employment groups
The difficulty employment groups refers to the present stage of laid-off and unemployed workers, men over the age of 50, women over the age of 40, facing the employment difficulties groups.Generally speaking, we think that the difficulty employment groups are in the process of establishing market economy system, the reform of state-owned enterprises is the product of the present stage, transitional things.
However, the difficulty employment groups simply refers to the 4050 laid-off workers is not complete, 4050 staff also has other social unemployed.So, the difficulty employment groups should be defined as: "women over 40 years of age, men over 50 years of age social unemployed" (the following are using this definition, also referred to as the 4050 staff).
The concept of 2 employment market situation
Employment is the ability to work within the statutory age, man, get legal labor occupation post, which obtained the labor remuneration or business income.Unemployment is a labor ability inside legal age, people, lost the legal labor occupation post, thus losing the labor remuneration or business income.Occupation post also known as jobs.
The job market is the supply and demand sides voluntary occupation post matching specific places or mechanism.The job market is one of the key elements of the market economy, is the innovation and development of the labor market.The main difference between the employment market and the labor market is that: the employment market supply and demand sides exchanged is jobs, the labor market supply and demand sides of the labour exchange.Under the socialist market economic system, the employment market establishes "to choose their own jobs, employment market regulation, government promoting employment" in the new mechanism, which has a fundamental difference and the labor market.
The employment market situation is the employment market supply and demand sides to show the status and trends.Occupation guidance is according to the employment market situation, for job seekers to employment, employment stability, occupation development and unit of choose and employ persons setting and provide jobs, process consulting, guidance and help.
In 3 the difficulty employment groups and the job market
We use the time thinking of the difficulty employment groups for analysis, we can draw a conclusion: the difficulty employment groups (4O50) is a long-standing social problems.In the human society, the difficulty employment groups are collections of unemployed personnel in 4050 (this is a mathematical concept reference.Collection is the object in mathematics study, such as algebra, number, geometry point, line and so on, are collectively referred to as the element or element, some elements of the collective known as a collection or set), is a collection of every family, every place, every state unemployment population 4050 people, and is also the part of the employment population.
From the new China was founded in 1957, is a variety of economy composition coexist period, when millions of people need jobs, countries are not all personnel employment are swept down.The rapid recovery and development of the national economy, the basic solution of young staff employment needs.But the 4050 officers on society mainly engaged in household chores, most did not enter service team.Since 1978, national implementation of employment mechanism of unified allocation, take care of older, replacement replacement, welfare and enterprise internal digestion, easing the employment contradiction part 4050 staff.This period of difficulty employment groups in a recessive state.
After 1979, China opened the prelude to the reform of the economic system, the employment market mechanism began to sprout.From the "three combination" the employment policy, to determine the workers legitimate, 4050 personnel to urban individual and private economies.Since 1992, the central put forward to build system of socialist market economy, reform of state-owned enterprises, the difficulty employment groups with laid-off workers appear, become the focus of policy of employment service and occupation guidance support object.However, 4050 other personnel society still exist, but they have not been included in the state policy priority support.At this stage the difficulty employment groups hidden from the state changes to the dominant state.
At present, we have added to the difficulty employment groups, only 4050 workers laid-off workers in the national policy support.After a number of years, although this part of the difficulty employment groups will disappear, but the difficulty employment groups will still exist in 4050.The urban unemployed, the unemployed and migrant rural unemployment and other types of unemployment, still will be the emergence of new difficulty employment groups.This is the evolution trend of the difficulty employment groups.
In summary, occupation guidance personnel to establish temporal and spatial thinking, in recognition of the difficulty employment groups, can be formed the following consensus: first, the difficulty employment groups and market situation of employment in the social and historical development of each, is constantly changing, with each other.Second, the difficulty employment groups and market situation of employment regardless of the form of implicit or explicit, is objective existence.Third, the difficulty employment groups and market situation of employment has different characteristics in different historical phases, but the weak characteristics are the same.Fourth, guiding the difficulty employment groups access to employment opportunities in the market situation, every occupation guidance mechanism and occupation guidance personnel important long-term work.Fifthly, occupation guidance personnel to want to have a complete understanding of the difficulty employment groups of past, now have an accurate understanding of the future, have a clear prediction.The six, occupation guidance as a new occupation in China, with the need of employment market, it also will enter a rapid development period.
Localization of two, to guide the difficulty employment groups analysis
The temporal-spatial positioning system guidance law occupation guidance personnel analysis using the positioning, emphasizing the application principle of the GPS global satellite positioning system, the application of psychological counseling, occupation and occupation quality evaluation technology, the application of digital information technology and computer technology, the modern new technology means, continuously improve the technical level of occupation guidance, accurate positioning analysis the difficulty employment groups and the job market situation.This is a technical work difficulty employment groups occupation guidance.
GPS global positioning system is the use of "principle of time synchronization, one-way ranging", realize the accurate location of the target.The GPS system consists of the average distribution in 6 circular orbit around the earth on 24 man-made earth satellite (i.e. navigation satellite), located in the United States and its territories on the empty control station, filling station, monitoring station, and a wide range of equipment in aircraft, ships, tanks and infantry CPS receiving machine etc..The so-called "synchronization", refers to the user equipment on the satellite clock and the clock is accurate synchronization; the so-called "one-way ranging", refers to the radio ranging signals from navigation satellites in the dissemination of the one-way trip to the user equipment, can make the distance between them is measured.Location information GPS system can be used to continuously provide three-dimensional space, velocity determination of users, providing accurate timing service, at any time to master
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