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Analysis of Regional Innovation System build the role of culture of the in regional innovation with the cultivate

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Paper Keywords: informal system of regional innovation system of regional cultural
Papers Abstract: Regional Innovation System build is a complex systems engineering, Regional culture as a the a important constraint conditions, to has a the theoretical and practical significance of the a very important on the the the improvement of of the the the development of and innovative ability of the Regional Innovation System. This paper analyzes the the the impact of mechanism build by the of regional culture on the the innovative the main body and Regional Innovation System, and further put forward the the regional innovation culture cultivation in of the some of the relevant policy recommendations.
Regional Innovation System is the LAN nodes (enterprises, universities, research institutions, government, etc.) in synergy webs and innovation into the regional innovation environment consisting of systems. The ie, Regional Innovation System is the the system of the regional innovation network and Regional Innovation environment is effective consisting of a superposition. The the construction of of the Regional Innovation System is the an extremely complex the dynamic process of means that exists between the the the many aspects of of the economic and social forward to continuous constantly, seamless and multifaceted the interaction of.
A large number of studies have shown that the the the the level of of the regional economic development of the geographical environment, traffic conditions, resources to enjoy Fu are all about the same is not the same as regional innovation capability not the same, and the and some even gap between the poor its reason is difficult to be used solely economic factors to explain the, of regional culture on the the regional innovation the ability to plays an a very important role in. In accordance with the the new institutional economics Initial system to select the the inertia of both the will strengthen the the the existing system of the because the the the approach to Changes along the the the previous system and established the direction of move forward is better than open a new path would be far more convenient for some. And value beliefs. Ethical and moral, habits as well as ideology and and so on on collectively referred to as the the of cultural things ie, to the Informal Institutional Arrangement in is the deep-seated reasons thing formed by path dependence of the is also the affect the the an important factor in of the institutional innovation and economic and social Change Path of. Harvard University's famous strategic management expert Michael Porter even asserted: culture-based competitive advantage is the most fundamental, the most difficult to replace and imitate the most enduring and core competitive advantage. Regional cultural environment more and more attention has been paid to regional innovation capability.
First, the mechanism of regional culture of the regional innovation system built
Regional culture, in fact, is the body content can be expressed in two ways: The first is the ethos, or more accurate to say that the entrepreneurial spirit. Here contains the the relevant values, attitudes and, and many other the contents of, you can through the achievements desire to, spirit of innovation. Judgment, abstinence. Dedication, to measure the by the credit, discipline and other. Multi-reflected in the the body of the entrepreneurs. Cultural quality or cultural skills, including aesthetic ability. Ability to appreciate the ability, reflected in an area of ??people's daily production and all aspects of life. Different regions of the due to the a variety of reasons, have different regional cultural identity, to varying degrees, affect the regional ability to innovate.
Regional cultural impact on the quality of the regional human capital
The beginning of the 20th century, the famous sociologist Max Weber pointed out: "spirit" of each era, with its specific cultural heritage of society there is some kind of internal history and relationship. He explained the rise of capitalism, that it is basically a cultural phenomenon rooted in religious belief. Because the and the formation of by the Western the through the of religious reform Protestant culture gave birth to the a kind of 'the Spirit of Capitalism' while the this kind of the spirit of For the emergence and development of of the of Modern Capitalism played a tremendous role in promoting. In other words specific cultural the the role of of plays a fundamental the development of on the economy ie, the a specific culture (in particular is Protestant doctrine) is to promote the to the capitalism generated with the the the the most important factor of the modern economic development. The new the spirit of temperament formed by the by the of "religious revolution" trained a the the elements of all the activities necessary to by the batch of market economy the development of: be Shou-to disciplinary but also be able to to endure hardship a of the labor force army of having a spirit of dedication the entrepreneurs of have the entrepreneurial the spirit of; the countries of the rational of enterprise organization system, and rational are political structures and and so on on. The development of the capitalist economy in Europe and the United States is driven culture embodied in the Protestant Ethic be successful.
Pursuant to which, I think that to the regional cultural will affect the the the entrepreneurs and the ordinary the quality of workers. The workers have a kind of cultural background has what kind of values ??will greatly affect their attitude towards productive labor thus affecting to the quality of the work. So the the spirit of temperament is the an integral part of of the the can non-be ignored of the human capital. With perseverance, indomitable entrepreneurial spirit is able to withstand the hard work of entrepreneurial activity and culture has a very close relationship. Regional culture of innovation be able to generated on the the entrepreneurial positive role in promoting could nurture of a large quantity of of the with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial capacity of entrepreneurs.
On 2 promote the the accumulation of of regional social capital enhance the Regional Innovation System the overall capacity of
Certain hardware conditions under the premise of the main determinants of regional economic development is an area of ??soft environment (that is, the social capital of a region) Regional Innovation System in the social capital refers to a specific area related entities as well as business-to-business, social ties between groups of social relationships between enterprises and enterprises in gaining access to the use of these relationships to intake of total capacity of external information and other resources. On the the essence of of the soft environment is the the quality of people problem, specifically manifested in the whether the residents are pay attention to integrity, the rational the whether the ability of developed, whether the there is a strong social ability to cooperate, grade whether the elegant as well as whether the has a well-developed Their consciousness of Social Public Morality, and and so on on. Good regional culture of continuous deposition of cooperation within the innovation system can promote the development of regional accumulation of social capital social relations from a variety of sources and to reduce transaction costs, enhance people's sense of competition in order to stimulate innovative thinking and new technologies generates, reduce the uncertainty of of the innovation and, thus enhancing the the overall innovation capability of of the regional.
Shown in Figure:
3 to promote integration of regional resources to improve the the operational efficiency of of Regional Innovation System
Regional culture always subtly affect each main innovation, and for intermediaries and carriers penetrate into these main innovation in all aspects of the innovation system to ensure complementary to integration between the main exchanges and cooperation and thus be able to make the whole the of the innovative features of the system is greater than the of the and. of the the function of each the main body of Are Such so that the "the 1 1 1> 2" connected the role of. The effective functioning of of the For a system and that is crucial of the. Coordination between the regional culture through the integration of the main resources to promote the proliferation of the spread of knowledge and innovation to improve the operational efficiency of the regional innovation system to enhance regional innovation capability.
In short the Regional culture is like is a invisible ties and bonds tightly the role of and connect forward to each innovative the main body thereby affecting the the
of the forward to ability of regional innovation
Second, the. The Regional the the cultivation of of the culture of innovation
Schumpeter's "innovation theory", clearly put forward the innovation is the the the the essence of of the economic the development of. Cultural innovation is not only is an important aspect of of the regional innovation, but also is The Source of the regional innovation, of the, especially is the regional technical innovation, system innovation and management innovation the premise of and the pilot. The cultural Chong Choi we need to nurture the spirit of innovation, sense of innovation and Innovation thinking is for the regional innovation to provide spiritual to Dai the the force and intellectual support for with them. And to break through hinder the the of the cultural factors of the regional innovation. The culture of innovation environment thus affecting the the the main body of of the regional innovation and. To improve the the ability to of regional innovation. And the two virtuous virgin ring, to promote the sustainable development of the regional economy. The Government in the the remodeling process cattle the role of of the regional cultural lies in
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