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Competition complementation analysis of regional innovation performance - An Empirical Study of Economic Zone in Guangxi five patent output

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Papers Key words: model competition and complementary

Papers Abstract: This article based on the the model of the Dendrinos-Sonis, to take advantage of Guangxi largest economic zones. Of the the output of innovation data, analysis the between the in order to the volume of patent authorized in the region the competition of the for the a measure of the the output of innovation complementary relationship between the. The research results found that, the the Guinan economic zone and the the the Gui Economic Areas in the between on the Guidong, northern Guangxi, and the West of Guangxi Economic Zone mainly is the the relationship between of the competitive-type, the Guidong economic zone and the the the West of Guangxi Economic Zone on the other of the the Economic Zone there are complementary-type the role of, while the the the northern Guangxi Economic Area on the Gui-South as well as Gui in the there are the the relationship between of the complementary-type, on the Guidong there are the the relationship between
of the competition-type
I. Introduction
Regional Innovation Research, the usual method is based on provincial-level administrative units as the object of study, research innovation capacity and performance of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. In the in the the research of the this aspect of the, the domestic scholars carried out contains all of the beneficial you would expect from a try to in For example GUAN Jian-cheng and AND MANAGEMENT OF S. (2003), willow unloading Lin and HU Zhi-jian (2002), Liu Friends of the gold and and so on (2001), Zhen peak ((2000) and and so on on. However, existing research typically run for an only for the regional innovation capability carried out Sort and evaluation of, but mainly uses the the static analysis method, and only for the the ability to innovate of the all over the Area with for one year carried out analysis of, does not comprehensive consideration of the dynamic change and development of the the innovation capability of of the various regions. In addition, the on innovation activities in the regional has a systemic lupus the characteristics of, the the innovation activities of in the inter-regional will be with each other free to contact and interaction of, while the existing study caring less about these respects, the Therefore, this paper trying to the use of empirical method, and through the to examine the by the Cooperation - Competition Analyzing inter-regional innovation performance.
Second, the the Guangxi the's five largest Economic Area the competition of the innovation performance complementary relationship between the Open Empirical Analysis of
(A) the model set
Dendrinos-Sonis model basic idea is to assume that a regional system composed of several interdependent sub-region, a sub-regional share of changes by other regional innovation behavior of all sub-regions share changes and zero. The the growth of of the A regional shares may cause the the the decline in of the share of of acetic regional, also may be the rising. If these variables between the two regions are negatively correlated, that there is competition between the area; these variables are positively correlated, it is considered a complementary relationship. The model may have been overheated in order to to the system as the research object, to facilitate the the the interaction of of the various parts of in the the analytical system, Therefore the This paper attempts to will its apply to regional, innovation performance interactions An Empirical Analysis of.
Dendrinos-Sonis model of inter-regional competition complementary relationship by estimating the following model:

Which, y, 0
The a description of of the (b) of the division of the region and data
In In 2007, the the Guangxi set up prefecture-level City, 14 and county-level city 7, organic towns 696. Will its is divided into Guidong, Guinan, in western Guangxi, northern Guangxi and in Guizhong five special economic Zone,, data can be in Guangxi Statistical Yearbook be found, Therefore the In this paper, by this area dividing.
In order to facilitate the collection of data, at the same time as the without losing the the the the the core of significance of of the of technical innovation outputs, the theoretical circles commonly used by the number of patents as a an alternative to indicator of for the measure of of technical innovation outputs. Follow research practices, many domestic and foreign scholars generally patent application for authorization number to measure the results of technical output, as the evaluation criteria of the technological innovation capability. Coefficient of the the use of 1989-2007 years, of all economic regions were in Guangxi three patents number of licenses, the use of a Eview5.0 of software, in order to the the West of Guangxi Economic Zone as the base period, the use of the maximum likelihood estimation method on the the equation (1) carried out estimated, with an estimated regression equation are as follows the table above.
Third, the Empirical Analysis of and discussion
(A) Guinan Economic Area other economic competition
In the the second column in the table coefficient is negative. Description The Guinan Economic Zone the output of innovation on the there is a negative correlation between the of the significant at its Guidong, northern Guangxi, and Gui in the. The reason for this result may have:
1. Guinan Economic Zone generalized capital investment and the National People's Congress. The generalized capital comprises material capital, R & D capital (R & D), and human capital. The the ability to-related the relationship between on the innovation of the generalized capital investment people and technology research results show that the, the capital and technology the same as the the the elements of of the economic growth, generalized capital investment and people in the to promote economic growth at of the same time, through the corresponding conduction mechanism promote the the increase in the ability to of technological innovation. , Economic Zone, Gui South, the total amount of nearly 20 years the past economic has been ranked is at the first position in the Guangxi, GDP in 2005 accounted for for 30.19% of of the whole region. The The regional distribution of forward to the larger of the-scale pharmaceutical, paper, Petroleum & Chemical, and iron and steel such as the strength of and a strong enterprises, proved to be at the same time the the spillover effects of of the high-tech industries on the the regional is also has become increasingly evident, the establishment of the state-level, Nanning High-tech Development Zone, and the autonomous region-level the North Sea high-tech development zone. 2 Guinan economic zone a higher level of education, scientific research institutions, strong human capital. 28 colleges and universities in 2007, Guangxi college entrance qualification, 14 in the southern Guangxi Economic Zone; 262 research institutions in the Guangxi region, 153 in the southern Guangxi Economic Zone. 3 Guinan Economic Zone is the seat of political, economic and cultural center of the capital of Guangxi, is very cultivated area as the southwestern coast of growth, industry, financial and policy support.
(B) in Guangxi Economic Zone for other economic areas there are significant competitive
In order to the the share of of the Gui Economic Areas in the as due to the the the fourth equation RZ of the variable is too small only a 0.36 of, that is, the the the output of innovation of of the Gui Economic Areas in the share of changes in be able to explained by the the the changes in the share of of of other Economic Zone a part of the of only 36%, Description what should be the outputs of innovation by the Economic Areas in the in the Gui be affected by other Economic Zone affect the overall is weak; and while the the 6th column with value in the the table is All is a negative number, indicating that the the Gui Economic Areas in the the output of innovation with the the Guidong, Gui South and northern Guangxi are competitive, while the, in particular with the in Guidong Economic District, there is a a significant competitive relationship. Guangxi Economic Zone in Guangxi's traditional industrial areas, relatively complete industrial sector, economic strength after Guinan Economic Zone. The However, With the the development of the all economic regions were, the all over the may, in the In order to speed up the the development of, also vigorously develop the industrial, Therefore, the are gradually formed between the to each other The Competitive Situation. Guangxi Economic Zone industrial automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, household chemicals, non-ferrous metal smelting, pharmaceutical and other capital-intensive industries, these are technical innovation output industry, and the the Guidong economic zone due to the type of industry and Gui economic zone is quite similar, so the competition will be strong. Between the two Economic Zone, such as Liuzhou of the SAIC-GM-Wuling, Liugong Machinery and Yulin Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., on both sides of Liuzhou's-pin with Wuzhou of the Aoqi Li the British Sugar for the, in the guest investment Group, the Guangdong the Dongguan Sugar Group Company and the Guigang of the your sugar, Golden Throat with the Yulin Pharmaceutical and and other products has a a certain competitive sexual.
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