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Game Analysis on cooperative innovation behavior of enterprises in regional innovation network

Author: YangYanPing ZhaoHongShen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 14:03:01 Read:
http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr /> Abstract: cooperation and competition is the main form of innovation network in enterprises.This paper uses the basic principle of game theory, the construction of regional innovation network game model, by analyzing the model, the cooperative innovation between enterprise innovation network conditions, on the basis of proposals to promote enterprise cooperative innovation in regional innovation network.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Keywords: the innovation network; cooperation and competition; game analysis http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr /> 1 Introduction http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />The regional innovation network (regionalinnovationnetwork) is a hot topic in theoretical circles in recent years, industry and government departments, directly related to the development of society and economy background.During this period, local characteristics significantly strengthened, resources to focus on those who have good innovation environment, learning an important force to promote regional economic development and innovation has become.As a unique and competitive advantage keep area, people pay more attention to mining the regional characteristics of knowledge and skills; to improve the regional competitiveness and innovation ability, people pay more attention to create a rooted in the local characteristics of the regional innovation network and competition and cooperation is the important form of enterprise innovation, in the increasingly intense and complex competition environment, the formation of both competition and cooperation network of relationships and innovation atmosphere between various enterprises and institutions is the need for innovation in itself, a notable feature is network type innovation.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Regional innovation network is put forward on the basis of the regional innovation system.Scholars at home and abroad for definition of regional innovation network can be roughly divided into the following three stages: (1) basic institution arrangement of system innovation; (2) to build an effective carrier of learning region and promote innovation; (3) innovation interdependent collective learning environment.This paper argues that regional innovation network refers to the local behavior subjects (enterprise, University, scientific research institutes, local governments and other organizations and individuals) between main components based on long-term formal or informal relation of cooperation and exchange on the formation of the relative stability of the system of regional innovation network is a professional in the field of various related enterprises, in addition, innovation network can also be longitudinally extending to the sales channels and customer, extending transversely to the suppliers to provide complementary products.In particular, the regional innovation network must also include the government and other agencies. Such as University (Research Institution), all kinds of intermediary service organizations, that is to say, the regional innovation network is actually made up of many interrelated enterprises and institutions to regional common body.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />As a new kind of innovation organization pattern, regional innovation network is open, cooperation, innovation, mutual dependence and other characteristics.Synthesis of the existing literature to Yao. Most of the literature has focused on the construction of regional innovation network in the essence and function, regional innovation network and innovation network performance analysis.These documents are from the external research of innovation network, and according to the internal innovation network and enterprise cooperation, how to cover 'where competition and cooperation is required to meet the problem such as strategy, there is little study, this paper focuses on the internal innovation network asked how to cooperate with Bo struggle into dry and research, and sets up a game model find out enterprise collaborative innovation conditions.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />The basic model of 2 gamehttp://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />There are many similar enterprises, related enterprises and intermediary institutions in the region west network, cooperation can occur between two enterprises, may also occur between a plurality of enterprises, may also be a university or research institutions.In order to study the problem of convenience, we simplify the relationship between the two companies.Cooperation and competition of network internal body "is a dynamic process, electricity is a continuous process, and there are two kinds of basic condition of cooperation and noncooperation -- in the process.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr /> assumption 2.1 gamehttp://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Hypothesis 1: the hypothesis of enterprise A and B cooperation innovation, a total investment of every cooperation for I (including human, material and financial resources, and technological resources input, with currency conversion); the enterprise A investment accounts for N, B investment of enterprises the share the amount of B, a b=1.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Hypothesis 2: probability of enterprise A adopt a cooperative P, probability accordingly take selfish behavior of 1 a P; B to cooperate with probability q, probability of phase noise to selfish behavior of 1 Q.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Hypothesis 3: if both sides trust each other. Then enterprises adopt a cooperative behavior. Enterprise cooperative innovation income, distribution according to the proportion of input. Cooperative effect coefficient and the innovation of its income of the R (k> 0) positive correlation; if the enterprise A, B do not trust each other, both sides take selfish behavior, is that there is no any cooperation, innovation will not produce any income, at this time the two sides payment is 0; if the enterprise A cooperation, enterprise B is not cooperating. We can say that the enterprise A investment is completely enterprises B, and lead to future no longer together, and vice versa.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Hypothesis 4: enterprise A.B ask cooperation is a kind of positive feedback excitation, represented by the , the more the number of cooperation, cooperation is more understanding.Cooperation by the incentive is cumulative, the existence of positive movement of a time conduction (PositiveCo - movement), every time the success of cooperation will be the basis of the original is a positive incentive to bigger, cooperative effect is better, the greater the benefits.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />2.2 construction of the payment matrix http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Based on the above assumptions, we can construct the enterprise A, B in n (n is the number of times the payoff matrix cooperation) cooperation innovation, see 1http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr >http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />The following further from the perspective of nature and pay the enterprise A, have four kinds of cases: http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />The first case, when the enterprise A and business B cooperation, payment matrix A as its investment proportion of income share.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr >http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Second, when the enterprise A, B without the cooperation of enterprises, enterprises pay matrix A is 0.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Third, when the enterprise A selfish, B cooperation, payment matrix A for enterprise B investment loss.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr >http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Fourth, enterprise A, B are not cooperative, pay enterprise A 0.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr >http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr /> 3 game model of the cooperation innovation condition analysis based on http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />The following discusses should meet the choice of enterprise A and B cooperation condition.http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />Analysis of http://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr /> 3.1 A enterprise cooperation innovationhttp://paperimg.yourpaper.net/getimg/?s=lu&a=%3cbr />From the perspective of enterprise A payment function, the enterprise A on his behavior with complete information, and incomplete information on enterprise B.Enterprise A is the choice of cooperation or non-cooperation, the key lies in its choice of cooperation (P=1) expected payoffs and choose not to cooperate (P=0) expect to pay the difference in
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