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Construction of industrial cluster network innovation mode

Author: JiaAiPing LiuHongWen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 11:53:58 Read:
Keywords: the SME cluster regional innovation network
Abstract: the face of the global economic downturn, the domestic labor costs rise, the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate and the challenge of producing raw material prices and other factors together, as well as the cluster internal contradictions accumulated under the double pressure, industrial clusters gradually lose competitiveness, appear different degrees of decline.Based on the analysis of industrial cluster network innovation, try to put forward the sustainable innovation mode of industrial cluster in regional innovation network as the center, in order to promote the sustainable development of industrial clusters.

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Industrial cluster is in a particular industry or product Co., regional production (usually a leading industry as the core), a large number of enterprises and related supporting mechanism (including suppliers, manufacturers, customers, local government, intermediary organizations, knowledge producing organizations etc.), depending on the network is more stable than the cooperation of division of labor and arranged in a crisscross pattern formation a body of agglomeration to industrial organization to coordinate space, which represents between market and hierarchy system of a new type of economic organization.Industrial clusters gradually evolved into a global economic phenomenon, is an important feature of modern industrial development.As a form for creating competitive advantages of industrial space organization of industry cluster, competitive and scale it has is incomparable to other forms of.In this region, the main cluster economy is composed of each enterprise, and once formed a cluster economy, most of the time the subject is in a steady state, each cluster of enterprise survival and development and is closely related to the external environment, the external environment can help to obtain external benefits of more, such as access to technology and knowledge resources, a wider exchange of supply and demand information, realize the specialization and cooperation benefit, this is economic clusters of large numbers of small and medium enterprises to enter the attraction.However, when the cluster development to a certain stage, due to changes in the external environment (the global economic downturn, the domestic labor costs rise, the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate and the challenge of producing raw material prices and other factors together) and cluster internal contradictions in the accumulation of learning, the competitive advantage of the cluster, ability will be lost gradually, then it will appear a temporary recession.This is why small and medium-sized enterprises are very concerned about the rise and fall of the cluster economy.At this time, if the cluster can not realize the innovation may from recession to die.On the contrary, if the cluster can promote competition and cooperation, to realize the innovation of cluster development, and create new competitive advantages, will be able to enter a new round of innovation and development process from temporary downturn, in order to continue the life of cluster.As Potter said, the industrial cluster is an organic vitality of the industrial community, there is a certain life cycle form the growth of industrial clusters, he put the life cycle of industrial cluster is divided into sprouting, evolution and decline of three stages.Small and medium enterprises within the region to maintain the vitality and the vigor of sustained strong must be continuous innovation, innovation is the future of industrial clusters, innovation is the driving force to upgrade industry cluster, industry cluster ahead in innovation.Innovation is an important source of industrial clusters competitiveness, industry cluster innovation capability is always the vital force to support the sustainable development of industrial clusters.However, the SME cluster due to the uncertainty of innovation, complexity, innovation resources shortage, so that a single enterprise is difficult to conduct effective innovation, which requires the small and medium-sized enterprise is good at borrowing "exogenous" resources, the advantage is complementary, cooperative innovation.This paper mainly through the analysis of network type innovation of SMEs clusters, try to put forward the sustainable innovation mode of small and medium-sized enterprise cluster to regional innovation network as the center, and this model in detail.

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Pavitt and Feldman (Pavitt& Peldman) et al. Study confirmed the enterprise cluster has produced and increased the positive feedback effect in innovation, regional innovation is likely to trigger a comprehensive innovation on the industrial chain in the cluster.While the nonlinear nature of the relationship between the internal elements of the cluster of small and medium enterprises, ordered and stable structures produced by competition and synergy effect, become the inner source of continuous innovation.The competition for innovation with pressure and power, collaborative innovation to provide the effective realization form.
Obviously, the enterprise through the geographical proximity and business ties, the creation and diffusion of knowledge and technology, and the technology creation and diffusion mechanism of forming system structure of regional innovation base of support, the formation of enterprises and regional strong innovation ability.Can be said that SMEs cluster innovation are in fact related industry, geographical characteristics in near, supporting facilities, improve the mechanism for supporting conditions, cultural integration for the link to the localization of the network as the basis, to achieve "win-win" cooperation parties, and ultimately achieve common development.This innovation is a kind of system innovation, it is the carrier of the regional network, power source which is to learn from each other.Mainly displays in: the sound and supporting enterprises, university or research institutions, government agencies and other organizations; there is close interaction and interdependent relationship.From the innovation itself, the uncertainty of innovation requires an innovation to succeed, it must make a breakthrough in the function, must be suitable for the specific social practice, there must also be a strong support to the capital of the.In addition, innovation of small and medium-sized enterprise cluster faces more complex environment, enterprises will face instead of rigid process to Ford system as the representative from the flexible production mode; secondly, the surge in the number of different scientific fields of knowledge, promote scientific and technological change accelerates, any single enterprise cluster may not have sufficient resources to innovation.Single corporation cannot on its own strength to solve all the problems.Regional networks can each behavior to realize the sharing of resources between subjects, synergistic effect, to mobilize the participation of multiple subjects, can stimulate more subject to the innovation, the birth of new technology and new ideas, so as to promote the.In addition, from the market point of view, the cluster of small and medium enterprises in the market mechanism guidance, the actors will consciously in accordance with the requirements of innovation network, to perfect their own behavior, in order to better participate in the network.Finally, the behavior of the subject will be gradually formed some adapt to the characteristics of the network environment.Similarly, university or research institutions to guide under the market economy system, actively walk the path of industrialization, the innovation achievement transfer from production enterprises to realize its economic value.It is driven by the University and scientific research institution in the market mechanism is the power of innovation and netting.Thus, intrinsic motivation of University and research institutions in innovation and a driven, will consciously follow the innovation network requirements to improve the behavior of its organization, gradually developed into the adaptive behavior subject network environment.In addition, the government, intermediary organizations, financial institutions in order to own goal will consciously follow the innovation network for the improvement of some of their own behavior organization, actively involved in the network.In short, the driving factors of the subjects within the cluster, especially the driving enterprises with innovation and netting, and then they will consciously according to the requirements of innovation networks, to perfect itself, in order to better participate in the network.
Construction of three, network type innovation mode of

Can be seen that the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises cluster enterprise, university or scientific research institutions, intermediary organizations, government and other actors through innovation networks together organically, according to certain purpose and direction, coordination to play to their respective functions, form the tight combination of the internal force, constantly innovation, make the innovation system continuously to the more advanced form the evolution process of continuous innovation, the formation of irreversible.Therefore, innovation mode of small and medium-sized enterprises clusters in this paper on the basis of a decision node consists of active complex systems with nonlinear coupling mechanism, the dynamic evolution of the group, has self-learning, since the matching and behavior coordination, which is composed of group goals guide, information flow driven, organizational culture maintenance, development the innovation path passes through the exchange, competition, cooperation, sharing, evaluation of five basic stages, is a dynamic circulative accumulation.
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