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The formation of high-tech SME clusters and regional innovation network.

Author: ZhangZhengYu YeHongYu LiuXia From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 09:08:48 Read:
Keywords: the high-tech SMEs regional innovation network
Abstract: regional innovation network refers to a certain geographical range, innovation system is open to innovation as the core, mainly in the horizontal linkages, diversification, the.Regional innovation network of SME cluster of high-tech enterprises, is in a certain area, between the high-tech SMEs through the formation of long-term cooperation in order to improve the innovative ability is the core objective of the contact network.The relationship between the form through the research of high-tech small and medium enterprise clusters and regional innovation network. It points out the ways to improve the overall competitiveness of the regional core competitiveness of high-tech smes.
conditions and mechanism of , small and medium-sized enterprise clusters
small and medium-sized enterprise cluster is concentration SMEs industrial activity related to the geographical or specific locations.These include the production of the final product or service enterprises, the production of accessories business, the production machinery and related enterprises within the industry, to provide services for enterprises, and institutions can produce supporting role in the professional knowledge and skills.As a regional economic organization form of the cluster of small and medium enterprises, the need to have a certain economic and social and historical conditions, mainly:
1 economic conditions.There are technical separability.The division of labor between the firms in cluster height is deepening, the existence of a large number of process enterprise and intermediate products trading market.Product value chain is longer, technical possibility of process decomposition is the division of labor in the vertical direction, the more likely extended, so that it may attract many enterprises gather together.Two is the product of chance differences in abundance.Differences in final product is mainly varieties, specifications, style, shape, color, material used, grade, brand and other differences, diversification of product differentiation will form supply.The three is rich in natural resources, low transportation cost.Similar enterprises more easily in a rich natural resources and close to the market, the transportation cost is cheap local aggregation.At present, more and more natural resource is small, but the low transportation cost makes commodities have more trade, is still an important condition for enterprise cluster generation.Four is the dynamic competition environment changing needs and speed economy.In a dynamic and changeable competitive environment, run to win the market, faster than competitors can therefore, very high speed of economy of the products, which makes enterprise production organization must be close to each other in geographic space.The technical service cluster industry, professional sales company, commercial printing and publishing industry, the exhibition industry, information industry and other related industries support, so that enterprises in cluster can get professional service, make the speed economy realized.The five is silent with network and the innovation of knowledge and technology.Collective internal innovation network can make the industrial cluster of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises together to realize the innovation function, when the technical knowledge, production know-how or silent period, more enterprises together, to facilitate close imitation and learning, knowledge spillover effect.The six is the economy of scale and external requirements.This is the key factor of cluster have produced a huge demand, economies of scale, reduce cost, guarantee the supply, improve the efficiency of.External to the later provides external conditions good infrastructure, labor market, intermediate products such as the development of enterprises, can make the later enterprises make full use of external economic benefits positive this aggregate formation.
2 historical tradition, the entrepreneurial spirit, system and government policy, social and cultural conditions.Entrepreneurs, especially "leading role of leader" entrepreneurs tend to attract other enterprises within the industry and related enterprises have gathered together.The corresponding institutional arrangements including government inaction and the government's industrial policy, also have an important impact on the formation and development of industrial clusters.As in the system to allow and encourage the cluster phenomenon, allowing the industry capital quickly concentrated in one area, encourage labor and industrial technology with full and free flow of capital, and the freedom of assembly.Establishment of national economic and Technological Development Zone, particularly foreign direct investment to a certain area with demonstration on later enterprises, and encouraging policies for foreign countries, speeding up the small and medium-sized enterprise together requirements.
can be seen from the above analysis, the formation of clusters of medium-sized and small enterprises are not only the objective factors, there are factors of subjective creation; the formation of small and medium enterprises cluster is the unity of necessity and contingency, inevitability and contingency reserves in.The development of small and medium-sized enterprise cluster in a region, must be able to correctly understand and use the various objective conditions, actively make use of favorable conditions and create favorable conditions to promote the formation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises cluster.
two, small and medium-sized high-tech enterprise cluster is the regional innovation network main body
Regional innovation network in the region is a new industrial organization form for innovation, is composed of the economic network in the region (formal economic cooperation among the behavior subjects) and social network (informal relation among the behavior subjects) that together constitute the.High and new technology enterprise cluster is conducive to regional innovation networks and the establishment of regional innovation capability, establish regional innovation network provides a good regional development environment in turn to the development of high and new technology enterprise clusters, helps to promote the efficiency of high and new technology enterprise cluster is raised, the cultivation of the core competence of high-tech enterprises.Two benign circulation, spiral, complement each other.The formation of regional innovation network depends on the cluster of enterprises especially SMEs cluster of high-tech to complete, mainly reflected in the:
The 1 innovation is the most essential characteristics of high-tech smes.Only continuous innovation, nurturing the core competitiveness of enterprises, high-tech enterprises in order to get a firm foothold in the fierce competition in the market, continuous development.The high-tech small and medium enterprises must constantly innovate in market competition.Numerous successes and failures that, if an enterprise wants to continue to grow, the key is to pay attention to cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises, through the acquisition of core competitiveness, promote the development trend of the enterprise accurately forecast the technology trend and market demand, so as to adjust the direction of the development of enterprises, the elaboration of correct development strategy for the enterprise, make the enterprise each project development to form an orderly link, ensure the smooth development of enterprises.Cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises, innovation depends on enterprises.While in the process of innovation, through enterprise competitiveness factor integration level increases gradually, but also contribute to the formation of the core competitiveness of enterprises to a certain extent, thus further promoting implementation of dynamic innovation achievements.
The development of 2 innovative cooperation innovation.A growing body of research shows, with the high-tech product cycle shortened and technology innovation rate, with long-term innovation process and increasing uncertainty, the innovation process and its spatial pattern than in the past the understanding of the situation more complicated, not only in the interior of a high-tech enterprises.R& D and production, sales of all kinds of information together to frequent feedback, innovation is no longer from invention to the diffusion of simple linear process, innovation is in the R& D and production, marketing practice.In order to reduce the uncertainty of innovation, must be mutually cooperative innovation between enterprises, exchange technology, market, production and other information, activation of various existing information resources, improving the efficiency of innovation.
3 network is a key means of SME cluster of high-tech development and regional development.Cooperative innovation to high-tech enterprises beyond corporate boundaries with other enterprise web development.Networking is a new institutional arrangements, is a change to the aggravation of the market competition, innovation is highly uncertain environment, enterprise and region in search of induced institutional change and new development.In the fierce market competition, enterprises have to cross the border, from the point of view of its own business development, selective node growth period, stability and mutually beneficial cooperative relations with other enterprises and research institutions, including the relationship between formal and informal relationship.The formation of economic network and social network in the region arranged in a crisscross pattern, so that the high and new technology enterprise zones and gain a strong competitive advantage.
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