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Practice and Thoughts on Zhejiang province comprehensively improve enterprise capability of independent innovation

Author: LiuWenXian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 08:53:10 Read:
the   the enterprise independent innovation; innovation system and regional innovation
abstract enterprise independent innovation ability, is the foundation and key links in the construction of innovative country.Summary analysis of Zhejiang Province in the aspects of improving the independent innovation of enterprises and the insufficiency, analyzed from the institutional mechanisms to construct the enterprise as the main body, the market as the guidance, the combination of the regional innovation system on independent innovation, and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions to construct the "Big Five" innovation system, improve the ability of independent innovation in Zhejiang enterprise.
innovative ability is the decisive factor of a national and regional competitiveness, infrastructure and key links to improve regional innovation capability is to enhance the capability of independent innovation of enterprises.In recent years, Zhejiang multi-pronged approach, to take effective measures to guide enterprises to continuously improve the capability of independent innovation, rely on technological progress and innovation to promote enterprise development, improve market competitiveness, and gradually make the enterprises become the main body of technological innovation, enterprises significantly enhance the capability of independent innovation.According to the "report on China's innovation capability of 2006~2007" display, regional innovation ability of science and technology, Zhejiang comprehensive strength ranks seventh and sixth.The capacity of knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition ability, enterprise innovation capability, innovation environment and innovation performance capability of the 5 indicators are ranked seventh in the country, fifth bit, fifth bit, fifth bit and sixth bit.Science and technology to economic contribution rate increased from 43.6% in 2002 to 47.6% in 2007.
Zhejiang 1 enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises of the successful practice of
1.1 determine the strategy, planning, create innovative environment, leading to increase investment in science and technology and
2001, Zhejiang formulated the "Zhejiang province fifteen science and technology development plan", put forward the strategic objective of building "a strong technology", in 2006 promulgated the "planning outline of 2006~2020 of Zhejiang province science and technology building and eleven five science and technology development".In combination with the planning, Zhejiang Provincial Department of science and technology jointly with the development and Reform Commission, economic and trade, finance, tax, land tax, statistics and other departments to implement a strong technology supporting policies, guide enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, enhance the capability of independent innovation, the technology Province and building an innovation-oriented Province as an important content of the development strategy of Zhejiang, highlighting the core position and role scientific and technological progress and innovation, to create a favorable environment for independent innovation in Zhejiang.Under the policy guidance, Zhejiang social science and technology investment continued to increase, the whole society investment in science and technology from 10489000000 yuan in 2000 to 51678000000 yuan in 2007; the finance and investment increased from 1398000000 yuan to 7288000000 yuan; R& D investment increased from 3650000000 yuan to 28632000000 yuan.
1.2 accelerating the regional innovation system and innovation platform construction, improve the enterprise independent innovation condition of
to solve the problem of insufficient innovation resources, Zhejiang province to vigorously promote the regional innovation system and innovation platform construction, provide services and support for small and medium-sized enterprise technological progress.In 2002, established the "China Zhejiang online technology market", to build a broad cooperation platform for enterprises and scientific research personnel, the service of science and technology resources domestic independent innovation in Zhejiang.From the beginning of 2002, the establishment of service center of regional science and technology innovation and innovation in the regional characteristic industry or pillar industry in the developed areas.By the end of 2007, has completed the national and provincial and ministerial key laboratories and experimental bases 45, provincial key laboratory and testing base 74; R & D Center high-tech enterprises at the provincial level 622, provincial enterprise technology center 362, the national enterprise technology center 25, the National Engineering Research Center, 6 provincial science and technology innovation; more than 80 service center; incubator hatching area of more than 1360000 64, M2 Vc firm more than 30.Zhejiang online technology market has released more than 43000 enterprise technology problem, formally signed more than 14000, 12350000000 yuan amount of technology contract.At the same time to speed up the public science and technology basic condition, industry and region three categories of public innovation platform construction.The construction of the literature of science and technology, large-scale instruments, experimental animal, 4 public infrastructure platform and integrated circuit, creating new modern textile and equipment industry 26 regional innovation platform.
1.3 organization and implementation of major science and technology projects, give prominence to the key points, grasp the ability of independent innovation backbone enterprises to improve the
according to the major scientific and technological demand for Zhejiang's economic and social development, outstanding enterprise innovation, science and technology achievements transformation and industrialization, large enterprises, major projects, through cooperation, organization and implementation of major science and technology projects, to enhance the capability of independent innovation of enterprises.From 2002 to 2006, organized the implementation of the provincial scientific and technological project 9337, for national scientific and technological project 5684.Since 2006, organize the implementation of major science and technology projects, R & D investment projects totaled 16680000000 yuan, the provincial finance allocated 820000000 yuan for science and technology.The implementation of major projects, a total solution to the key common technology 1656.To apply for a patent or registered software copyright 2835, including 1153 invention patents.Since the implementation of special, wind power, electric vehicles, new drug development, green chemical industry has made significant progress, and effectively promoted the transformation of independent innovation, the adjustment of economic structure and development mode.
1.4 famous academies and universities, to promote university-industry cooperation, enhance the ability of technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises
since 2003, Zhejiang vigorously carry out famous academies and universities, to promote university-industry cooperation from the policy level, to guide enterprises and research organizations, the establishment of technology innovation community.2003~2006 years, the introduction of a total and the Institute of Tsinghua University, Ningbo Institute of materials, Zhejiang California international nanotechnology research institute and more than 350 innovation carrier, a total investment of more than 4000000000 yuan, the introduction of high-quality technical personnel more than 7500 people.From the quantitative point of view, the introduction of new talent is equivalent to reconstructive a Zhejiang University, more than science and technology personnel in more than 40 yuan number.To 2007, Zhejiang enterprises respectively, and both inside and outside the province more than 500 colleges or scientific research institutions to establish a long-term relations of cooperation.At the same time, strengthen the international science and technology cooperation, signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian Academy of Sciences, the German Furlong Don Hoff Application Association and scientific research institutions, has established the Russian Academy of Sciences, Jiaxing technology transfer center, national Ukraine University of Zhejiang shipbuilding ship system technology transfer center, China Science and Technology Park, Zhejiang California Juhua international nanotechnology research institute such cooperation base.
1.5 strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, provide
good environment for independent innovation
the full implementation of intellectual property strategy, the "Zhejiang province eleven five intellectual property development plan", "Zhejiang province should grasp the independent intellectual property rights of key technologies and major product catalog", define the goals and tasks of intellectual property, strengthen the development of intellectual property rights.In 2007 the Zhejiang patent application and authorization respectively reached 68933 and 42069, ranking the country second, invention patent applications and authorization are respectively 9532 and 2213.To promote knowledge first pilot city, park and the exemplary role, strengthen patent law enforcement, establish "Zhejiang Province patent administrative entrusting enforcement procedures", related to the intellectual property rights of the rate of cases closed more than 90%.
2 the main problems existing in Zhejiang independent innovation
2.1 knowledge creation capacity is obviously insufficient
Zhejiang due to the lack of elite compound, knowledge innovation is relatively weak, restricted the enterprise to improve the capability of independent innovation.In 2007, Zhejiang research and development test (R& D) funds 28600000000 yuan, accounted for the proportion of GDP is 1.54%, not only with the developed countries (above 3% of GDP) compared to a large gap, and Shanghai (2.50%), Jiangsu (1.60%) compared to the gap.The level of international patent has a low in 2005, Zhejiang, the United States patents per million population has only 0.53, while the international 24 innovative country owned per million people in the United States patent value has reached 77.4 pieces.
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