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The matching analysis from the angle of regional innovation ability raise

Author: GaoXinCai TongChangFeng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 06:57:02 Read:

Abstract: to improve the path of the resources from the regional innovation investment and regional resource utilization capability matching was studied from the perspective of the regional technology innovation ability.Using the panel data of China's 200L in 2006 in all provinces, through the measurement to analysis: including government intervention, different input of innovation resources influence on technological innovation ability of different regions, the relative use of innovation resources developed regional input capacity is higher on the.In the empirical research conclusions drawn on the basis of the corresponding policy implications.
Keywords paper: regional; innovation ability; matching; patent
1 Introduction
Today, technological innovation is increasingly becoming the focus of the study.In both the macro national, regional, or micro level of enterprises, scholars are involved, and tried to find out the rapid increase in the technological innovation capability of a ready-made panacea.The national innovation system..., research on regional innovation network, endogenous growth theory and the competitive advantage and other related documents to us many inspirations.
However, whether it is the national level, regional level, or enterprise level, showing the characteristics of technology innovation capability of the uneven.From a regional perspective, even if it is located in the same country, different regions show different technological innovation ability.As far as China is concerned, the development gap between regions has become a "chronic illness", and the technical innovation ability is an important manifestation of this gap is the difference.Many scholars have realized the ability of regional technology innovation in China are very realistic, but also put forward some suggestions on the policy.However, their views more limited to increase the technical resources, personnel training, the construction of regional innovation network.
We want to come out of these studies to examine the pattern, regional technology innovation policy in China from a new perspective.This paper first analyzed the capacity of regional technical innovation of China, found relatively backward region technology innovation ability is relatively weak area is precisely the economic development.Then, in view of some popular views, technology innovation ability to propose regional should match with the innovation resources, and has carried on the empirical test.Finally, put forward the corresponding policy recommendations.
2 analysis of China's regional technological innovation status of
There are great differences in ability of regional technology innovation in the reality of China, has been observed, and has been widely discussed.As with other studies, we will first analysis of the current situation of technological innovation in china.
With the number of patent application as indicators of technological innovation capability in the literature is a common practice in Guan (2005), the article gives a detailed explanation.Therefore, in this paper, we will use the patent application as an alternative index of regional technological innovation capability (Note: the empirical model in this paper is the patent applications accepted as innovation output index).2001 - 20 (I6 years accumulated 6 years of patent applications accepted with a total order, and compared with 6 years per capita GDP sum.
Careful observation, discover not hard, technological innovation capability is relatively weak in the region is the relatively low level of economic development zone.Application of 30000 new for the industry with the patent, the 31 area is divided into 16 areas, 15 areas and, which we will call the high regional innovation capacity, the latter is called low regional innovation ability; the per capita GDP57000 yuan for the community, will also be 31 area is divided into a front L5 a region and L6 region, known as the former is relatively developed regions, which is referred to as the relatively backward region.We can see in the regional innovation capacity, high 15, only Henan, Hunan, Sichuan provinces not row in the relatively developed regions of the sequence, therefore both highly consistent.At the same time we can see, the disparity between regions are very obvious, 6 years of patent applications accepted the highest for Guangdong, up to 320441, while the lowest is Tibet, only 315, the former is the 1000 times.The gap between the
The formation of the regional technological innovation ability can be explained by many factors, which is essential, innovation resource input.Here, we from the traditional point of view, on the R& D funding and R& D two resource analysis.Similarly, the cumulative ranking from 2001 to 2006 to find that these characteristics: innovation resources input less area and economic development level is relatively backward region.In the input of innovation resources, regional gap is still obvious, to R& D funds; for example, 6 years a total of Beijing is the highest, up to 177938000000 yuan, the lowest is Tibet, is only 219000000 yuan, the former is the 800 times.
3 matching is proposed and an empirical test of
The present situation of regional technology innovation in China analysis is not a new discovery, many researchers have done analysis.If the output from the perspective of investment decision, the analysis conclusion is easy to give us such an illusion, that is, the relatively backward region should increase the input of innovation resources.Should really so? No doubt, increase the relatively backward region investment, will certainly bring the corresponding output, that is to say, technology innovation ability of these regional backwardness will be improved.But we think, from the overall increase the overall capacity of technological innovation in China, this policy is not very appropriate.Economics theory tells us, the resources are limited, should try to optimize the allocation of resources, innovation resources such as.
How to allocate the limited resources for innovation? We think, should be considered from this point of view: that is to make the limited resources to produce the greatest benefits.Due to historical development, geographical location, natural resources, human resources, government policy, economic development level, different areas use innovation resources are quite different.Therefore, we will from the matching angle of view to study the problem.We believe that, in order to make the limited resources to produce the greatest benefits, then, must make the ability of innovation resources input and different regions of the utilization of these resources matching.
Generally speaking, what we call the innovation resources mainly refers to the R & D and R & D funds, their influence on technological innovation output self-evident.At the same time, we will also consider the role of government intervention in regional technology innovation.According to the general literature thoughts, because technical innovation has external and public goods nature of certain, so the need for government intervention; however, many studies have pointed out, excessive government intervention will lead to the private sector to carry out technical innovation "crowding out" and "substitution effect".Based on China's reality, we can not deny the important role of government intervention in the process of technology innovation.A trend of China's economic system reform is to weaken the government intervention in economic strength, but the externality and public goods characteristics of the technology innovation, simply to reduce government intervention in the field of technology innovation is not an appropriate choice, especially the Chinese present this kind of situation, technological innovation capability is weak, the competitiveness of products is mainly reflected in the price is low, the production cost and tend to rise.China unable to hold oneself back to change this situation therefore, promote technological innovation has become a basic policy of the Chinese government.China is now in the field of technology innovation can be achieved certain achievement, government intervention is essential.Therefore, we can not deny the government play in the field of technology innovation role.But as said above, government intervention is a "double-edged sword", it is difficult to determine the boundaries of the intervention.Considering the vast territory of China, there is certain difference between opening degree of different regions, the role of the government in the different areas of the economy and society in the function also has the certain difference, so, we have to consider a problem, in the field of technology innovation, whether the government should intervene nationwide unified strength?
Said from some kind of angle, we can also be a resource to understand government intervention for the investment of technological innovation.Thus, combined with the matching method, we think, in order to improve the utilization efficiency of innovation resources in the national scope, we must balance in the region, is the best match.Based on this idea, we will illustrate the input of innovation resources in different regions of the performance by empirical analysis.
Our goal is to promote the regional innovation resources more optimal configuration, so, it must make a clear distinction between different regions use different innovation resources.To this end, we will conduct empirical test.
Such research, usually structure similar to that of a production function innovation output function.Therefore, with the help of Cobb Douglas function:
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