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A new perspective of rural development: constructing mechanism of farmers' participation in regional innovation

Author: LiMengBo SunXiaoZuo Wu Xin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 06:36:32 Read:
Keywords: rural development the farmers to participate in the regional innovation system
Abstract: innovation is an important factor for economic growth and development.Regional innovation is the key of regional development, in the regional innovation system, in addition to intermediary companies, government, University and scientific research institution, and is also an important innovation main body, farmers.In this paper, the necessity, feasibility and mechanism of farmers' participation in regional innovation protection three aspects discusses the inevitability of farmers' participation in regional innovation.

Innovation is an important factor for economic growth and development.Regional innovation is the key of regional development, in the regional innovation system, in addition to intermediary companies, government, University and scientific research institution, and.Farmers are also important innovation main body.

, farmers' participation in regional innovation necessity

(a) the construction of new countryside needs
At the seventeen plenary session, the central puts forward "to the construction of new socialist countryside as a strategic task", "give full play to their main role and pioneering spirit, closely rely on the hundreds of millions of farmers in building a new socialist countryside".The new rural construction is a complicated system engineering, its basic content includes: the effective supply of rural public goods, rural industry structure, increasing the income of farmers, and actively promote the urbanization construction, speed up the rural surplus labor transfer, multiple channels to expand employment space, the protection of the rural environment, the rural construction of democracy and legal system, strengthen the construction, rural the social security system and improve the overall quality of the farmers and other aspects.The need to co-ordinate arrangements for the use of land, capital, labor and other resources, between each production department, solve the rural production and life aspects of contradictions.In this process, "foreign forces can never replace the internal force of rural society, do not attempt to replace or regard themselves as builders of be equal to anything, new rural construction premise or guarantee, is the existence of community and maintain", "thus, independent development of the core issues in new rural construction is to promote the village".Therefore, the farmers as the main body of the new rural construction, how to guide farmers to participate in the construction of new rural construction has become the key to the implementation of the.

(two) the development of regional agriculture needs
In the new rural construction, promote the agricultural development is the most fundamental.Only the agricultural development, agricultural surplus increased, development prosperity to market of agricultural products, agricultural products processing industry development, promote the stimulating rural service industry.How to develop agriculture? Agriculture development direction is the transformation of traditional agriculture, modern agriculture, is essentially continuous improvement of agricultural labor productivity.
The improvement of labor productivity is inseparable from the division of labor.Division of labor is divided and independent of all kinds of social labor.Further promote the production of system innovation of division of labor, to promote and improve the trading system of norms, resulting in increasing returns, constitute a source of long-term economic growth and development.So the agricultural division, at the regional level professional performance of regional agriculture is an important factor to improve agricultural productivity.But the division of labor is the essence of industrial innovation.
Thus, "industrial innovation -- 32 -- labor rate -- Agricultural Development -- the industrial innovation" such a ring.In the ring, the most fundamental is to mobilize the body of innovation (farmers) initiative, the establishment of regional innovation mechanism of farmer participation.
(three) coordinated development of industry and agriculture requires
The relationship between industry and agriculture is very close, especially agricultural products as raw materials processing industry.On the one hand, the development of heavy industry to provide mechanical, electrical, chemical technical support for the development of agriculture, the transformation of traditional agriculture, improve agricultural productivity; on the other hand, the development of agriculture to provide cheap raw materials for the development of light industry, to provide sales market for the heavy chemical industry products.In the exchange process, the farmer is the ultimate users of industrial new product, is the test of industrial new product success ultimately judge.New demand for agricultural raw materials and light industry, but also the important factors in the new agricultural development.Therefore, innovation of industrial products from consumer demand, only to meet consumer demand for the new innovation of farmer --.It is the successful innovation.Similarly, the innovation of agricultural products but also from light industry demand.In either case, are inseparable from the participation of peasants.The former, the farmer is indirectly involved in innovation; the latter, farmers are directly involved in innovation.
(four) the integration of urban and rural development requires
Experience from developed countries urbanization, with the further development of economy, the polarization effect of regional development gradually smaller regional diffusion effect, contradiction between city and village will go to narrow the gap, fusion, integration of urban and rural.This is China's regional economic development goals.In this process, technical innovation, system innovation and culture innovation spatial diffusion, speed, directly affect the urban and rural integration development speed, while the undertaking party which depends on the ability to undertake innovation.Improving farmers' participation is the premise to improve their innovation ability.Therefore, the integration of urban and rural development, innovation in the farmers.
(five) the practice of scientific outlook on development requires
The core of scientific outlook on development is people-oriented, comprehensive development is to realize the target, proceeding from the fundamental interests of the masses of the people to seek development, and promote the development of.This requires that in rural areas, respect the rights of farmers, proceeding from the fundamental interests of the farmers, to protect the interests of the peasants, give full play to their one's ability and cleverness.The construction of encourage farmers to participate in new rural areas, give full scope to the talents of the value realization.

The feasibility of two, farmers' participation in regional innovation analysis of

(a) China's rural human capital investment increasing.The cultural quality of farmers increased
The key of innovation depends on talents.This requires "must develop rural human resources, substantial increase in human resources development and investment, improve the quality of workers in rural areas, provide a strong intellectual support to promote the new rural construction".From the perspective of China's statistical data about the rural human capital investment increasing, see table.

(two) the agricultural industrialization promoted the organization of various enterprises, professional associations, cooperatives and the joint
Agricultural industrialization, also called the agricultural industry and trade integration, is an important way to realize agricultural modernization.Among them, the leading enterprises is the key, various professional associations, cooperatives is an important economic organization carrier to realize agricultural industrialization.Farmers mainly enterprise managers, members of the association and other identity, widely participate in various economic transactions through the market, to grasp the various production information and knowledge, to participate in the technical innovation, system innovation, knowledge innovation and other types of innovation activities.
In addition, the industrialization of agriculture.To promote the specialization of regional agriculture and centralized, centralized cause the size of the benefit, the industry production, prenatal, postpartum, expanded the scope and scale of agricultural products market, provided the conditions for collection and collision of various information, knowledge, and promote a new place.
(three) the country increased pair of rural development funding, policy support and
Our country has entered the "industry promotes agriculture, to bring the city's rural development".According to statistics, in the past 7 years, the central budget for "three expenditures grew at an average annual rate of more than 20%.".In 2008, the central finance for the "three rural" expenditure reached 595550000000 yuan, up 37.9%, of which the central government grain farmers direct subsidies, subsidies, agricultural subsidies and farm machinery purchase subsidy reached 102770000000 yuan, up 107.7%.Since 2004, in terms of policy, the central first document theme, from promoting the increase of farmers' income, improving the agricultural comprehensive production capacity, promote the construction of new socialist countryside, the development of modern agriculture, strengthen the agricultural infrastructure construction, a series of preferential agricultural fiscal policy implemented.Overall these fiscal policy can be divided into two categories, namely, to "less" for the characteristics of the tax policy and the "more" for the characteristics of the expenditure policy.Among them, mainly in the "four cuts" tax policy succeeded in abolishing the agricultural tax, cogent reduce farmer burden to the target, with "four subsidies" spending policy is effective to increase the income of the farmers, promoting food production, improve agricultural production conditions.At the same time, through the support of "six project", "two exemptions and one subsidy", "three
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