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Research on regional innovation network on knowledge flow

Author: ZhengZhan HanBoTang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 05:04:47 Read:
Keywords: the structure characteristics of RIN flow of knowledge innovation level
Abstract: in the competition, globalization, the limited resources of the situation, the realization of regional innovation and economic growth increasingly depend on value creation subject cointegration exert force, regional innovation network, this form of innovation becoming the mainstream model of the non-linear innovation under the paradigm of innovation.Play the formation and function of regional innovation network can accelerate knowledge flow, improve the ability to create knowledge, collaborative innovation ability and realize each agent alone could not play.This paper reviews the basic concepts of RIN and summarizes the research progress of RIN flow and knowledge innovation, and puts forward the research prospect and direction of the problem.
Knowledge economy and globalization process makes the resources, power, and policy of regional development, a series of changes, regional innovation becomes one of the most important theories of regional development.Innovation concept put forward by Inpet, economist Roy Rothwell (RoyRothwell, 1994) technological innovation first proposed, is to process the fifth generation technology innovation mode, and the essential characteristic of this model is summarized into network.OECD (1997) believes that innovation is between the elements of the system interaction and feedback of the results, the theory of regional innovation innovation factor accumulation as the core has become the key to promote regional economic development.
The network structure of Silicon Valley in the United States, Germany, Japan Baden Wittenberg in Tsukuba, India, China Taiwan Bangalore Software Park, Hsinchu science and Technology Park, North Italy industrial zone as well as the innovation ability, the innovation of the power network.The most basic reason for constructing regional innovation network is scarce and limited resources of individual enterprise innovation ability, the individual is obtained through knowledge flow, some in the innovation network spillover effect, and can obtain more knowledge and resources.Innovation network has integrated innovation resources, obtain spillovers, break through technical barriers, reduce the innovation risk and other functions, the formation of innovation networks or not will directly affect the pace of innovation of the regional innovation cost, and the efficiency of innovation.
For the realization of regional and interregional resources complementary advantages, regional division of labor system, reasonable cooperation innovation, each subject innovation system to integrate resources, make full use of scientific and technological resources, deepen regional cooperation in science and technology, the formation of suitable for innovation resources flow, accelerate the process of knowledge innovation of local innovation environment and regional innovation network.Study on the review around the knowledge flow and regional innovation network, this study direction in the contents and methods is put forward.
1 regional innovation network of
The regional innovation network (RIN) is built on the theory of regional innovation system (RIS) above, the regional innovation system in addition to the economies of scale and cost advantages, more emphasis on innovation network formation, a regional innovation environment and culture and knowledge flow and diffusion (report of Chinese regional innovation capacity, 2005).
Definition 1.1 innovation network and RIN
Network concept originated in the 2O century 60 ~ 7O in the 1980s, Britain's Harland (HarlandC.M., 1995) to the network in the concept of "network and globalization", is often described as a metal wire, wire or other substances are connected into a "network" structure.80 - 9O's concept of network and network, widely used in geography, sociology, mathematics, science and economics, all network concept of depression showed actors ask contact in different forms (from the cover of Rev., 2002).Freeman (1991) innovation network concept is proposed for the first time, the use of innovation network (networksofinnovators), innovation network (innovationnetwork / networksofinnovation) concept.He pointed out that the network organization is a kind of basic system protocol, it is used to deal with the innovation system, the network can be regarded as a kind of mutual penetration of the market and organization forms.ImaiandBaba (1989) also used this kind of innovation network interpretation.Provan (1983), Weick (1976), DeBresson& (1991; Amess) that innovation networks can be regarded as the main ask connection loose coupling.Li Jinhua (2006) think that RIN is a complex adaptive organization.Research on innovation network of scholars mainly BellMartin (1999), Wang continents (2001), C. (2002), cover the opening (2002), the king Hecheng (2001), Hu Yuchen (2005), mainly as a regional innovation network is a kind of regional governance structure conducive to innovation, with many agencies, mutual trust based on the intermediary organization and production organization system to form stable cooperative innovation network, play a role in the body have a favorable impact on the network, and network automatic stop function.
The subject and the model 1.2 RIN
The regional innovation network structure, the behavior of entities including enterprises, university or research institutions, government and other public organizations and intermediary service organization, different relationship between subjects, a network structure of the most simple as shown in figure 1.

The core of regional innovation enterprise; a university source of regional innovation and scientific research institutions; connection of regional innovation in the intermediary service institutions; the main regional policy innovation in the local government.From the connection properties of the network between the main see (He Yaqiong, 2005), a market resource trading relationship established based on economic rationality; also have social relations between individuals based on informal emotional communication.From the innovation mode, RIN mainly consists of leading type or type, cooperative type of dominant industry, government and intermediary leading innovation network for enterprises, such as China's Zhongguancun science and Technology Park belongs to the type and the leading industry close cooperative innovation network.
The role and objectives of 1.3 RIN
A unique role to play in the innovation network and achieve the goals are: (1) the network main body reasonably, enterprise, University, research institutions, venture capital institutions, agencies and government departments to participate in the innovation network, each function.(2) in various tissues of forming strategic alliance forms of mutual benefit, mutual trust, cooperation rules generally agree, subject to establish a trust relationship.(3) the innovation network is open, new enterprises, research institutions, risk investment institutions and intermediaries continue to enter, to continue the development of various links of the chain, accelerate the spread of knowledge and technology spillover.(4) can help enterprises to reduce investment risk, promote innovation in complex environment.Enterprises to reduce technical fields are not good at investment, make money is most likely to succeed in the field.(5) the overall network innovation effect of continuous improvement, innovation synergy and bring value, the better effect of commercialization, marketization.
Research Progress on 2 RIN and knowledge flow related content of
2.1 RIN structure, function and characteristics of
To investigate the characteristics of innovation network is the main parameter of network nodes, nodes, and more specific studies through these variables and describe the innovation network level, operation level of the explicit relationship between variables, the study has some theoretical analysis and empirical research, there is no systematic.The description of the characteristics of innovation network of scholars, using the clear degree of intensity, reciprocity, expectations and composite degree to measure the strength of network connection, to measure the network structure from the size, density, clustering, openness, stability, extensibility, concentration, repeatability (Tichy and Tushman, 1979; Knoke, Kuklinski, 1982).McEvily (1999) argue that key elements to measure the network connection is not repeated, frequency of contact, these factors need further verification.He Yaqiong (2005) through an empirical analysis of the Zhongguancun small business networks, the network structure variables (this article refers to the network structure intensity reciprocity, non-repetitive, central, cluster, the degree of formalization) influence on the innovation ability of small and medium-sized enterprises structure variable.
The research network between subjects, (Rowley, 2000), from the main contact network structure and network structure of ask the effect of different industries, distinguish the weak link of the dominant (semiconductor industry) network, and strong ties predominate (steel industry), the relationship between network performance and industrial the.Italy scholar Capaldo (2007) relationship structure model proposed network strength associated with innovation ability, the members of the network diversity, dispersion ability and competition, decentralized market opportunities, open network and mutual trust has a positive effect on the ability of innovation, and closed network,
The strong link between homogeneous enterprises, the same category enterprises will gradually reduce the market opportunities, reduce the possibility of innovation.
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