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An empirical study on the impact of regional innovation environment on Innovation Performance -- Taking Chongqing city as an example

Author: ZhangYing ZhangZongYi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 02:27:09 Read:

Abstract: uses "analysis of the data of regional innovation capability of China report", to experience discusses five components of regional innovation environment of Chongqing City, in the construction of panel - data model, regression through the influence of five components of regional innovation environment for innovation performance, revealing problems, regional innovation environment in Chongqing City, draws the conclusion: infrastructure, market demand, quality of labor input has a significant influence on the regional innovation performance, and the financial environment, the level of entrepreneurship investment effect on regional innovation performance is not significant.Thus improving the regional innovation environment input structure policy recommendations.
Keywords paper: regional innovation environment ; innovation performance; Chongqing City
Deepening economic globalization, knowledge economy era background, regional innovation has become the driving force of regional economic development, regional innovation ability in a region increasingly become the decisive factors of the regional competitive advantage.Regional innovation capacity of the regional differences is an important reason for the unbalanced development of regional economy, the reality of our country is: integrated innovation capability of the western region is lower than the eastern and central regions, underdeveloped areas to improve the level of economic development, to narrow the development gap, we must proceed from enhancing regional innovation capability, the fundamental way to improve regional innovation as the sustainable development of regional economy.
But from a systems point of view, the regional innovation ability is a large complex system, each part of the system must be coordinated, balanced development, any one part of the weak will affect the whole function of the system to play.Introduction according to the "China Science and technology development strategy research group research group of" comrades "of regional innovation capability of China report", the definition of regional innovation capability: a region will be the ability of knowledge into new products, new processes, new services.From the behavior perspective and divided into five elements: knowledge creation, knowledge flow, enterprise technology innovation capability, innovation environment and innovation performance, the five elements of mutual connection, mutual influence, interaction, together constitute the regional innovation system.Therefore, from the internal mechanism of regional innovation capability of system of regional innovation capability, for the coordinated development, is of great significance to promote the economic development.Given resource constraints, the regional innovation environment is the key to determine the innovation ability of a region.Therefore, the innovation performance of innovation system and regional innovation environment, innovation performance differences and not simply by putting the difference to fully explain, is also quite important influence of innovation environment.Based on this, this paper from the impact of innovation environment for innovation performance to do a preliminary study of the regional innovation capability of internal relations.
At present, some domestic scholars on the impact of innovation environment for economic development, have the effect of regional innovation system of innovation performance, such as Wang Shulin (2002) the regional innovation environment and regional economic development; cover the opening (2002) on the development of regional economy and innovation environment; Liu Shun Zhong (2002) evaluation for innovation performance of regional innovation system; Guan built (2003) study on the influence of regional innovation mechanism for innovation performance; Tang Houxing (2005) analysis and evaluation for innovation performance of regional innovation system.But on the aspect of empirical research on the innovation performance of the innovation environment, little, Zhao Fumin, Zou Shangang (2005) analysis of regional innovation environment and its influence on regional innovation performance, the regional innovation environment with government-led environmental factors, market environment factors, regional values and culture, with the output value of innovative products to represent the innovation performance, draw the conclusion: the government, market, value structure and three levels of cultural innovation environment explained most differences of regional innovation, regional innovation environment has a significant positive effect on the regional innovation performance.This article tries to define the "inside report of Chinese regional innovation capacity" innovation environment and innovation performance and elements of innovation environment, influence on innovation performance from the empirical perspective.
1 Chongqing city regional innovation capability and innovation environment and general situation of
Since 2001, the regional innovation ability of Chongqing city has been an upward trend in the overall ranking, ranking in 2005 Chongqing city regional innovation ability of l0, 5 index, knowledge creation and technological innovation capability of enterprises have maintained a flat with 2004 order of precedence, knowledge acquisition and innovation performance comparison of two index increased in 2004, while the innovation environment in 2004 but fell 4 places, in the five indicators system belongs to the disadvantages, the innovation environment, in the country in the middle level, the negative impact on the overall ranking.In addition to the innovation environment has a direct impact on the regional innovation ability, we think the innovation environment also has a direct effect on innovation performance, therefore, this paper carries on the analysis to the Chongqing city innovation environment variables, empirical research on innovation performance based on innovation environment.

It can be seen from Figure 1, the 2005 innovation infrastructure, market environment, the quality of workers, the level of entrepreneurship comprehensive score at the downstream level in the country, a great and the highest gap.The comprehensive score of 2005 financial environment in the upstream level, and it is in these five factors on the top index.The comprehensive index of the level of entrepreneurship is the five indicators ranking on the index, ranked 28 in the country, in the west is also very after leaning level.
The innovation environment, the indexes of low investment is the main reason leading to low score of innovation environment, the national comprehensive ranking low, a direct approach is to improve the index of investment, but the effect of innovation environment innovation infrastructure, market environment, the quality of workers, the financial environment, the level of entrepreneurship and innovation performance of how on earth did not know below, an empirical study on the impact of these five variables on innovation performance.
evaluation index system of regional innovation environment 2
The "report" China regional innovation capability of regional innovation environment index system,

As shown in Table 1, the developed degree of innovation environment including infrastructure, market demand level, the quality of workers, 5 aspects of financial environment and the level of entrepreneurship.Among them, the infrastructure including the carrier of information and knowledge, such as the limited and mobile phones, the Internet, the development level of computer, logistics carriers, such as possession of highway, passenger traffic and cargo flow formed 4 modes of transportation; market demand for government expenditure, commodity import and export balance, the growth rate of investment in fixed assets, these four aspects of the consumption level of residents to measure; reflect the worker quality indicators including the level of investment in education, college degree or above in the proportion of the population, the number of new college graduates, average education years, per capita consumption of books; indicators to reflect the financial environment is the main technology innovation fund and the enterprise in technological development obtain loans from banks; reflect the entrepreneurial level includes the private science and technology enterprises, development of high-tech enterprises and new enterprises.
An empirical study of
3.1 assumptions and variables
According to the system theory, to grasp a system, must understand the effects of the environment on the system.Combined with the innovation system of regional, to analyze the performance of regional innovation performance of the economy, we must examine regional innovation environment is conducive to the healthy operation of regional economy.Good regional innovative environment can contribute to the healthy development of regional economy.Such as the regional infrastructure condition is good, the exchange of information is smooth, convenient transportation makes the logistics flow smoothly, reduce the information and material of the transaction cost, increase the flow efficiency index, nature will promote regional economic growth.High labor quality within the region, it is easy to get creative talents, may create more innovation achievements.With the development of modern technology, more and more important human factors of innovation, all the innovation activities are the main creative activities, high-quality personnel is the key factor of innovation ability, is also an important condition to promote economic development.Market demand is one of the important engine to drive technology innovation, appear when the market new demand, will encourage enterprises to seize opportunities for active research and development activities, and the enterprise innovation will be put into the market, and promote the prosperity of the market, so, the market demand is conducive to improve the innovation ability, so as to improve the economic performance.Innovation is a kind of economic activity, require substantial capital investment, capital adequacy, provide good financial support of financial ecological environment for innovation, the regional innovation ability enhancement.But the shortage of funds, financial ecological environment is fragile, will reduce the ability of innovation, so as to restrict the
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