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On the regional innovation system construction problems and countermeasures - the Qujing

Author: LiuJunKe From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-30 01:54:50 Read:
Paper Keywords: problems and countermeasures of the construction of regional innovation
Abstract: This paper focuses on the regional innovation system theory, combined with the successful practice of Qujing City, Yunnan Province, regional innovation, in-depth analysis of overall model was constructed Qujing City Regional Innovation System, and further proposed to build four integrated innovation sub- system (regional macro and micro management integrated subsystems; regional agricultural innovation and integration subsystem; regional private enterprise innovation integrated subsystems; industrial innovation and integration subsystem) is an important support for the establishment of regional innovation systems. Then summarized by theory, support regional innovation system construction four innovative integrated system logic, systematic, enhancement mode, and put forward a series of security integrated system running measures, so that the construction of the system with guidance and operability.
Contemporary economic characteristics of information technology, better educated, globalization and regionalization, the regional economic development is facing new challenges and opportunities. In this new era, the regional innovation capability is increasingly becoming the decisive factor in regional economic gain international competitive advantage and an important symbol of the regional economy to participate in competitive advantage, build regional innovation systems has become the regional strategy for the rapid development of the new century . Therefore, in-depth research and understanding of the regional innovation system theory is of great significance for the acceleration of China's regional economic development and guidance to local technology innovation. In this paper, as the object to Qujing City, Yunnan Province, to make a study of the regional innovation system theory.
1. Qujing City, the construction of Regional Innovation System Problems
1.1, a small number of colleges and universities, scientific and technological strength, a Teachers College Qujing City, innovative human resources less basic, full-time schools, Vocational and Technical College, a secondary school, 7, High End 52 the Junior High School 203, complete primary school in 1887, 12 secondary vocational and technical schools, four special education schools, 328 kindergartens, teacher training school 9. Compared with other provinces, science and education, lack of strength, which severely restricted Qujing City, the further improvement of the knowledge innovation capacity. Regional innovation system needs innovation and total lack of talent. In addition, the personnel structure is not reasonable, further improvement of the scientific and technological innovation capacity can not meet the high-tech industries, mainly in the field of information technology, new materials, environmental protection industry, new energy technology and other high-tech talent shortage, companies lack of professional and technical personnel and compound talents. The same time, the personnel structure is irrational affect the patent class innovation output indicators improved, many scientific research and scientific and technical personnel for the job classification, completely out of the market demand.
1.2 Qujing City Regional Innovation System innovation environment imperfect regional innovation system construction is inseparable from the environment for innovation support, Qujing City, the construction of the innovation environment is not perfect, as demonstrated by: cultural environment and atmosphere of regional innovation is not strong in recent years, Qujing City, to develop regional innovation system, but the Qujing regional culture of innovation is not strong enough, the failure of tolerance, to encourage the spirit of innovation has not been universally accepted, the parties are unable innovative elements to reach a consensus on cooperation and innovation. (2) Regional Innovation System policy support to be further improved. '' Separation of departments of government science and technology management, "there is also the city's science and technology resource allocation dispersion, duplication and waste, can not form a scientific and technological work together to difficult to carry out scientific and technological research. Lack of organic links between the Technology Bureau and other relevant departments undertake the management of science and technology, organizations in innovation activities, innovation and the allocation of resources and innovation system construction, lack of effective macro-control and coordination mechanisms, it is difficult to achieve the integrated effect positioning of the Government of the functions of the management of scientific and technological innovation is not clear enough, traces of heavy program management, direct administrative management , control, meddling too much, the government and the market positive interaction relationship has not been established.
1.3 independent innovation capability is not high, the dominant position of innovation is not fully established as a regional innovation system in the implementation of the main leading force in scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces in the regional innovation a pivotal position. However, some large and medium-sized enterprises is not strong driving force for innovation, some of the larger private enterprises or for any period of development, or due to the lack of appropriate quality and long-term vision and the owner or operator did not realize innovative importance, loss of power of innovation. Investment in innovation, the enterprise did not play a leading role. The majority of these enterprises have not set up research and development institutions, scientific and technical personnel quality is not high, even established research and development institutions and the overall development capabilities and specialized research institutes, there is a large gap, which still departments can not effectively carry out technical development, it is important to rely on imported technology from abroad, the capability of independent innovation, the introduction of technology digestion, absorption, and then insufficiently developed. Obstacle to enterprise restructuring and technological upgrading of the knowledge base and limited technical capacity, resulting in some enterprises can not extricate themselves bogged down in a sunset industry, the loss of capacity for sustained development.
Qujing City regional innovation system construction suggestions
2.1 improve the innovation environment, providing a powerful guarantee for regional innovation a regional innovation capability not only from the increase in the inherent vitality of the enterprises and research institutions, but also from the favorable environment for innovation, including research, research activities, hard environment of science and technology industrialization security infrastructure, including institutional, social, cultural, regulatory policy environment and other aspects of the soft environment, and social environment conducive to innovation and development of high-tech enterprises. Nurturing and building a sound environment for innovation, market-oriented, give full play to the role of guidance and control of the local government, limited human, material and financial resources together to form a local optimization of the industrial environment. 2.2 emphasis on capacity building to enable enterprises to become the main regional innovation must adhere to the enterprises as the mainstay to mobilize institutions of higher learning, research institutes, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises on together, form a relatively complete, Qujing City area characteristics of technological innovation system. First, we must adjust the research structure. Break the industry, geographic segmentation, institutes speed up the flow of production factors between enterprises, to encourage mergers equity holding and various forms of scientific and technological exchanges contact, complementary advantages. To strengthen the R & D center, to adopt policies to encourage, model driven, market-driven approach, guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development, multi attract and retain talent, enhance the capability of independent innovation. Third, to the market as the basis, the project as a carrier to take the relative concentration of investment, cooperative research approach, do a good job of major leading role in regional economic and social development planning and implementation of research and development projects. Prominence to the development of qualified personnel. With the implementation of the human resources strategy of strong area, to speed up the construction of regional scientific and technological personnel, take special preferential policies, culture or the introduction of a number of technology leaders to enhance the attraction of talent. Improve the social evaluation system, to create a cause of keeping a strong atmosphere. Through continuous efforts to enhance the technological innovation capability, and enable them to become the main regional innovation.
2.3 build innovation networks, promoting the development of technology market in the process of building a regional innovation system, the real impact of the regional innovation system operating efficiency is the ability to build up between the main innovation convenient, fast, smooth Innovation Network. This network systems, enterprises and scientific research institutes, universities and the administration on the basis of long-term cooperation between enterprises and enterprises in the region, to establish a stable relationship. Can also be reached through innovative network technology to organize the new technology to spread and penetration to enable enterprises to better adapt to the changing economic environment. Network communication is multi-level, multi-channel and relatively stable. Building innovation networks, the most important is to improve the technology market, and promote the technology flow between the main innovation, technology market in the technical process of commodity production and exchange in the form of supply and demand sides of the sum of a variety of economic relations, technology market is not only the concept of a space, but more importantly is the technology market is a resource allocation mechanism to achieve it by the market inside the main body between the main structure and relationships. To improve the technology market and the establishment of the need to do the following. First, the Government to strengthen the management of the technology market, improve the technology market management policies and regulations and restraint mechanisms, good macroeconomic policy environment for the healthy and rapid development of the technology market. To strengthen the management functions of the institutions of the technology market, improve its authority, so that it truly has the implementation of policies and regulations, the development and monitoring of the implementation of the planning, insurance, financial macro guidance and organization and coordination of technical trading to establish supporting taxes and other economic measures as their main, accompanied by the necessary administrative and legal means of macro environment supports the technology market support system, to create favorable conditions for the development of technology market. Second, the use of modern management tools and advanced information and network technology, to strengthen the link between the technical demand and the technology provider. The operation of the technology market is dependent on the information market development and the sharing of information resources. Media of scientific and technological information as to ease the circulation of commodities, not only is the technology commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of the pilot and carrier, and marks the development of a regional market level and prosperity. In order for the technology market and trade activities to accurately reflect the characteristics of the development and changes in a variety of scientific and technological information, the information, data and information occupied and cover the technology market, and further enhance the radiation power of China's scientific and technological information and transfer function should be the first to build a different scale and a variety of scientific and technological information for different types of professional library, collection, screening, storage, consolidation and dissemination of scientific and technical information as the radiation source. By speeding up the construction of technical market information systems, distribution management, and constantly improve the technical information the repository project truly become the practicality, accuracy, credibility goods. Third, improve the intellectual property system. Intellectual property system in the form of legal protection of knowledge and technology to create the inventor or the holder has exclusive exclusive rights to prevent the implementation of any of the others in a certain period of time to produce, sell a patented product or the knowledge and technology the creation of other intellectual property rights (such as copyright, proprietary technology and trade secrets, etc.), intellectual property owners must be licensed and pay the cost of implementation.
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