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The construction of national innovation system briefly and the construction of Harmonious Society

Author: SongZhiWen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 22:40:47 Read:
Not the harmonious social environment, regional innovation system is difficult to fully embody; similarly, the lack of innovation system of support, it is not the real meaning of the realization of a harmonious society.Therefore, building a socialist harmonious society in national regions, to play a supporting role in the construction of innovation system in the economic development, culture construction, to achieve sustainable economic and social development, but also to continue to play in building an innovative society, improve the leading role of the civil moral quality, scientific and cultural quality, health quality.
One, the construction of innovation system to create the material basis of
strong for a harmonious society
(a) through the construction of innovation system, improve the innovation ability and efficiency, to provide power for the economic development of ethnic regions of
Think of the new economic growth theory, the final number power of long-term economic growth of a country or region is not from natural resources, material capital increase and the scale expansion, but from the knowledge and human capital accumulation and technological progress embodied level.Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for economic development.With the development of knowledge economy and economic globalization, regional innovation ability will play a key role in realizing the development of regional social economy, innovation has become a key point in the regional competitiveness.Innovation system in ethnic minority areas, departments and institutions of regional ethnic region formed by the interaction of the innovation network, its function is to amplify the multiplier effect of science and technology, strengthen innovation ability, improving the innovation efficiency.At present, the bottleneck of science and technology has become an important factor restricting regional economic and social development in ethnic minority areas.Compared with the ethnic minority areas and the domestic coastal provinces and some developed countries, in the accumulation of science and technology not only there is a huge gap, and in some important fields of gap is a growing trend, the competition situation is quite grim.Facing the situation of domestic and international competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the uncertainty of the challenges facing adjustment and transfer, industrial structure brought about by the employment demand, facing the region arising from increased pressure, ethnic minority areas must through the construction of regional innovation system, improve the ability of innovation, in order to provide an inexhaustible motive force of economic development, to provide material support building a harmonious society.

First of all, to improve the technology originality.Mainly through the construction and improvement of technology and organization, the implementation of joint research projects with long-term competitiveness, strengthen the frontier, infrastructure, public project of the international, domestic cooperation, improve the starting point and research level platform construction, and strive to build a number of technological frontier, into the world, to participate in International competition, research center; to strengthen the integration advantages of disciplines, focusing on the requirements of the national and local economic construction, strengthen the research project of organization and coordination, promote the fusion cross discipline, to master a number of key technologies, rapid, sustained enhancement technology original a.

Secondly, in the innovation of subject construction, to highlight the "core competitiveness".To encourage enterprises in minority areas to increase scientific and technological innovation investment, establish cooperation and strategic alliances with universities, research institutions, the formation of enterprises in technological innovation competitive advantage, so as to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises "".At the same time, to attract domestic and foreign large enterprise groups to establish research and development institutions in ethnic minority areas, to encourage enterprises to increase research and development funds, to participate in the government science and technology project bidding, exert the foreign-funded enterprises in the role of scientific and technological innovation.

Third, to further improve the policy direction of the consistent with the international prevailing rules, efforts to form a complete technology innovation policy framework.According to the government and the market function of the principle of combining, in speeding up the transformation of government functions, standardize the management behavior at the same time, the market mechanism to cultivate market, developing intermediary organization, establish and improve the scientific and technological innovation activities to adapt, improve the efficiency of innovation activities.At the same time, make full use of market mechanisms to strengthen the enterprise, industry and regional competition and cooperation, relying on competition and cooperation, the formation of regional characteristic of science and technology, promote the flow and optimized allocation of resources of science and technology in the larger scope, promoting industrial clusters, knowledge and innovation cluster construction, basic ability of science and technology in ethnic minority regions of each region, improve the regional innovation ability and competitiveness, promote the coordinated development of science and technology and social economy, enhancing international competitiveness.

(two) through the construction of innovation system, the transformation of economic development mode, the realization of national sustainable development in

Through intensive economic development way to realize and adapt to the economic development of the people's income growth, create conditions for the construction of the improvement of quality of life and a harmonious society.Possession of minority area per capita arable land, freshwater resources below the world average level.In recent years, minority areas due to weak economic foundation, excessive pursuit of economic growth, leading to extensive mode of economic growth accounted for a large proportion, the excessive consumption of resources, increased environmental pollution, the destruction of the ecological balance, extensive growth is facing tremendous pressure on resources and uncertainty.Solve the deep-seated contradictions in economic growth, we must speed up the transformation of economic development mode.Change the mode of economic development is the need to resolve the outstanding problems facing the economic development of the.Change the mode of economic development, adhere to conservation development, clean development, security development, we can ease the energy bottleneck, improve the ecological situation, to achieve sustainable development.Technological innovation and technological progress has become the decisive force in promoting economic growth.Ethnic minority areas through the construction of innovation system, promote the transformation of the economic growth mode of development, to achieve sound and rapid development, means that the economic growth relies mainly on increased investment of resources with trend of the main rely on improving efficiency of resource use to drive change, from mainly relying on capital and material factors input with trends mainly rely on technological progress and human capital to drive change, that is the high input, high consumption, high pollution and low output, low quality, low efficiency to low input, low consumption, low pollution and high output, high quality, high efficiency transformation, by a simple transformation from quantity expansion to quality benefit.

Through the development of recycling economy, build a conservation-oriented society, realize the sustainable utilization of resources.Implementation of circular economy is relative to the traditional economy of a kind of new economic form, its essence is a kind of ecological economy, it requires to follow the law of ecology, utilization of natural resources and environmental capacity rationally, economic development based on material on the recycling utilization, so that the economic system harmoniously into the material recycling process of the natural ecosystem in economic activities, ecological realization.Compared with the ethnic minority areas at the present stage and rapid development of the province, although the basic conditions for the development of circular economy is still relatively weak, but judging from the long-term development, we must vigorously develop the circular economy, realize the sustainable utilization of resources, promote sustainable economic and social development.To accelerate the development of circular economy laws and regulations and policy system construction, promote the development of science and technology development plan for the development of circular economy, the establishment of the fund circulation economy and technology innovation, to break the constraints of circular economy development of alternative technologies, reduction technologies, recycling technology, antifouling technology, clean production technology and waste recycling technology, pollution control technology, focus on strengthening the research and development of energy-saving technologies, water-saving technology, link technology, new material technology, ecological technology and common technology, strengthen the comprehensive technology of circular economy demonstration, to strengthen and encourage enterprises to technological innovation, promote technological progress and the promotion of scientific and technological achievements transformation and application, establish the supporting system of circular economy technology.
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