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Study on the construction of regional core competence based on Innovation

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[Keywords]     innovation; regional innovation; regional core ability of
The rise of the [Abstract] core competence theory, many views innovative, strategic management theory and evolutionary economics school, provides an analysis of the long-term competitive advantage of the tools.This paper presents a conceptual framework based on the core competence of regional nuclear heart ability, and the framework of the regional core competence researched the construction and promotion.Through theoretical analysis, that the key to the development of regional innovation is a dynamic process in which the elements of the regional core competence of innovation, is the formation of regional core competence to industrial innovation based on technology innovation and the location factors on the innovation as the core of the.

First, the introduction of

The human society has entered the era of knowledge economy, the essence of knowledge economy is innovation.At present, the economic globalization has already become the main trend of development of world development, economic globalization process at the same time, the regional characteristics of the more obvious, from this perspective, the essence of economic globalization is the global economic regionalization (Liu Shuguang, 2004).Therefore, more and more research to regional innovation development background of globalization, and some useful conclusions are drawn in the aspects of regional innovation, regional innovation development pattern and government mechanism.However, these studies are mainly from the angle of system evolution analysis of regional development in general, and not to hold the personality characteristics of regional innovation and development.In addition, since the nineteen ninties, the rise of the study of the core competence theory, many views innovative, strategic management theory and evolutionary economics school, provides an analysis of the long-term competitive advantage of the tools.This paper attempts to discuss the construction of regional innovation system in the regional core ability as the core of the core competence based on.

Two, the regional core ability of

The core competence is 1990 by the famous American management scientist, University of Michigan Business School professor Prahalad and Gary Hamel (Prahalad& Hamel, 1990) in his book The Core Competence of the Corporation first proposed."The core competence is within an organization through the integration of knowledge and skills, especially how to coordinate diverse production skills and integrate different technical knowledge and skills."(Tang Yong, 2004)
Core competence is the analysis tool of enterprise development and competitive advantage, innovation and development of the enterprises' sustainable competitive advantage depends on its core competence on the basis, the most essential characteristic is the heterogeneity of resources (Dan Weidong, 2003), this idea just and regional innovation research of industry specialization agglomeration formation of consistent development regional characteristics, and reflects the ability to integrate a resource.Therefore, starting from the concept of core competence, we give the definition of the regional core competence, namely the regional core competence refers to a region through the implementation of effective allocation of disposable core resources in the long-term development, the formation mechanism of self development and self organization ability, create and maintain long-term, sustained, stable, unique competitive advantage, bring excessive profits and create wealth in the region, supporting and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage of a unique ability.Regional core competence is the most basic competitiveness, the most important of comprehensive competitiveness of regional economy.

Construction of
three, based on the regional core competence of innovation

Will the resources into industrial factor, location factor and institutional factor, as shown below.

(a) industry factor
The key of regional innovation and development is the formation and development of industrial agglomeration, regional innovation development platform is the construction of regional core competence, therefore, industry factors mainly refers to the industrial structure determines the formation of industrial clusters by the enterprise cluster, has become the main content of regional core ability construction and decisive variable.It from the three aspects affecting the development of regional innovation.
1 by improving the production efficiency enhancement of regional core competence.Regional core competence is all enterprises in the region is the result of joint efforts, is a concentrated expression of the comprehensive quality of the enterprises in the zone, the enterprise competition ability determines the size of the overall strength of the regional to a great extent.Therefore, to improve the production efficiency of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to promote regional core competence is significant.In fact, the industry cluster can better highlight the professional characteristics and advantages of enterprise, innovation, and common in the cooperation group to participate in the competition.Industrial cluster has also brought the external economies of scale and scope, economic performance of the external greatly reduce the cost of enterprises, promote the development of division and specialization and enterprise competitiveness.
2 indicates the innovation direction and improve the speed of innovation.Industrial cluster as a catalyst for innovation to promote the innovation and implementation of independent innovation, energy industry cluster is the most basic regional innovation development intrinsic motivation.Industry cluster can develop in all departments, through its internal industrial network and social network construction to reduce the cost and promote innovation.Cluster region developed enterprise network offers many shortcuts for knowledge flow and innovation of trade and cooperation in the process of cluster, at the same time reduce innovation cost and risk, especially social network more regional form internal to implicit transfer of knowledge and the key information and diffusion of experience of the.Can say, the close degree of regional economic development and competitiveness depends on the region enterprises, suppliers, knowledge institutions, intermediary service institutions and the formation of the network user group.With the rate of innovation, cluster becomes more and more important, in a sense, the main function is to promote the new cluster.
3 through the establishment of a new enterprise to expand and strengthen the cluster itself.Mainly for the between each internal sector industrial industries, the proportion and the speed of development coordination, and increase the conversion value, high technology and knowledge intensive to high, through optimizing the economic structure, strengthen the pillar industry, leading industry and continue to expand the industrial chain advantage, to promote the rapid and efficient growth of economy.In the new situation after China's entry into WTO, the core value chain industry as the starting point for regional industrial restructuring and the industrial conformity, can play a better effect of core industry and driving effect, construction of regional industrial structure characteristics, strengthen the regional core competence, and then promote the development of regional innovation.
(two) the location factor
Location factors, namely, a regional characteristics and advantages, such as is located in traffic thoroughfare and hub, or coastal, border; the advantages of natural resources, such as the region has a large number of mineral resources, or rich hydropower resources; social resources, mainly refers to the long-term process of social development, has the agglomeration of intelligence resource, or become a political, economic, and financial center; mixed type, which has more advantage.These characteristics and advantages or natural endowment, in other areas can not be learning and transfer; or is the historical development of long-term accumulation, such as the political, economic, and cultural center, as a function of time, other areas difficult to catch up in the short term, it can bring different benefits.Especially the comparative advantages of natural resources, has always been an important prerequisite for the survival and development of the regional economy.Location factors including resource plays an important role in regional development, can be both general factors such as natural, natural resources such as mineral resources, more advanced factors created, such as human resources talent, education and culture, science and technology, research institutions, labor skills, information network.Play a key role on the regional core competence is a key element of.Therefore, to fully exploit and use has formed the stock of assets and the economic advantages, especially the use of regional core resources, innovation resources and advanced factors, cultivation and development of regional core competence, very important.Innovation resources more easily obtained, innovation has more advantages.

system elements
From the general sense, "system" (system) refers only to the habits and rules.These habits and rules, provides a framework for human interaction, and the construction of the human, social, economic, resource and environmental behavior between cooperation and competition relationship, order.If to understand the system. According to the game theory, the system is a game equilibrium the actors in a society (Zhou Songlan, 2004).Economic development and growth, the regional social civilization and progress, ecological balance and maintenance, in addition to the regional development subject (people, companies, government) active participation, also needs the actors with their rich knowledge, science and technology level and to drive the science management method, but also need to have impact excitation system changes the right
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