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On local cooperation mechanism on the regional innovation system in Yangtze River Delta

Author: Hu Jia HaoXiaoLong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 22:30:48 Read:
Keywords:     the Yangtze River Delta; regional innovation system; regional cooperation
Abstract: regional innovation system is different administrative regional linkage formation technology innovation network.In the knowledge and technology has become the key to the development of regional economy under the background of variables, the power and the resistance of local cooperation in regional innovation system in the Yangtze River Delta.This paper analysis from the perspective of public management, that local cooperation should be towards the network governance, interest integration mechanism, improve the cooperation system and organizational innovation.

Since 90's in last century, the construction of regional innovation system in the Yangtze River Delta problem has been the concern of academics, scholars from different angles on the construction of regional innovation system of Yangtze River Delta are actively exploring.In the construction of regional innovation system, technology is not the first problem; how to make the relevant local departments to break barriers, jump out of a single place the interests of the jail to carry out scientific and technological cooperation, is the key to the problem.This article from the perspective of public management, from the coordination of interests, perfect system, organization construction and other aspects of the Yangtze River Delta across administrative region innovation system in the regional cooperation mechanism.

local cooperation in regional innovation system in Yangtze River Delta

(a) intense external environment: a powerful thrust
local cooperation
With the rapid development of economic globalization, the comprehensive development of the regional economy, regional cooperation be just unfolding.The Pearl River Delta and Bohai economic zone has been occupying an important position in China's economy, the western development advancement, the old industrial base of the northeast to revitalize, Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, the central city group nationwide to regional economic cooperation for the characteristics of a new round of economic competition pattern is formed.In the science and technology is becoming more and more to support and promote the economic and social development, an important force under the background of the times, strengthen scientific and technological cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta area, construction of regional innovation system in the Yangtze River Delta to maintain regional economic competitiveness, is the inevitable choice to conform to the trend of the development of science and technology and the fierce competition between regions.
(two) the historical and cultural traditions: the social basis of
local cooperation
Development potential and space geographical proximity, cultural background of the social background for the local cooperation.History and tradition, the Yangtze River Delta in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang province and Shanghai city in a city and geographical proximity, cultural similarities, social connections, local customs and practices, in the economic, social, scientific and technological aspects of the exchanges and cooperation has a long history.The formation of Wu Yue regional culture and economic development link deep long, powerful sustain three similarities in culture and tradition, some sense into the social basis of regional innovation system in three cooperation.
(three) complementary technology resources: the prerequisite of
local cooperation
As an economically developed Yangtze River Delta region, the accumulation of a large number of domestic and international knowledge and science and technology elements, preliminary contributes to the innovation of material conditions.Shanghai is one of China's most developed science and education center, the comprehensive advantages of strong, Jiangsu province advantage lies in the field of basic disciplines, the university cluster, both have a large number of well-known universities and research institutes, science and technology talent, scientific research strength.Zhejiang private economy developed, flexible market mechanism, technology demand.The two provinces and one city development characteristics and technological resources, there is mutually beneficial and learn from each other's needs in the science and technology innovation and cooperation.
(four) the results of cooperation: the realistic foundation
local cooperation
In the center of the Ministry of science and technology support, the Yangtze River Delta in Zhejiang and Shanghai local government have formulated and promulgated a series of scientific and technological cooperation and technology transfer policies and regulations, signed a cooperation agreement in all aspects.From 2003 to November, two provinces and a City Hall signed "in Jiangsu and Shanghai to jointly promote the Yangtze River Delta regional innovation system construction agreement", establish joint meeting system construction of innovation system of Yangtze River delta.By 2008 June, the Department of science and technology two provinces and one city officially issued the "plan of action on science and technology cooperation in Yangtze River Delta three years".The construction of regional innovation system of Yangtze River Delta from "dialogue and cooperation" to "institutional cooperation", key, common technology on the Yangtze River Delta regional economic and social development of the country, led by the two provinces and one city, jointly organized by the joint research in different fields.
At the same time, since the "Saturday engineers", the Yangtze River Delta folk interactive technology has already started.In addition, many enterprises and universities, scientific research institutions to carry out cross-regional cooperation, common development and the development of industrial products, set up R & D center.

Regional cooperation of regional innovation system in Yangtze River Delta resistance

(a) the administrative division under the institutional barriers of
System innovation is the foundation of regional innovation system.Because of inconsistent economic region in China and administrative area, the relationship of administrative subordination of Yangtze River Delta in two provinces and one city complex, lack of science and technology policy planning overall, obstacles to the system of local government using administrative power to build a wide variety of names, in market access, quality and technology standard, administrative fees and other aspects, there are varying degrees of the tendency of local protection.For example, due to inconsistent procedures and methods in different regions, regional sales of products to undergo several detection or multiple product certificate, increase the cost of human.Degree of system of regional science and technology cooperation between local governments of low, advocate the non-institutional cooperation and coordination of the lack of implementation mechanism and legal effect.
(two) local interests coordination mechanism is not perfect and
As mentioned above, according to the division, Department of administrative system, created to defend the interests of the local administrative region economy cooperation at local barony, always with a strong local interest color, lack of mechanism of the overall concept and interests coordination behavior.Science and technology cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta integration "deep water", the difficulty of coordination of their respective interests increases hit.Loss compensation mechanism of interests conflict and interests cause regional cooperation "appear united outwardly but divided at heart".
the inefficient technology resources
Relative to the economy of resource allocation, the Yangtze River Delta region of the science and technology resources allocation is still lagging behind, science and technology resources by local administrative benefit segmentation, science and technology personnel, project, equipment department and unit is still common.Existing coordination mechanisms more attention resources complementary advantages, system planning and integration did not focus on the overall regional science and technology resources.This kind of science and technology resources administrative cutting directly to regional science and technology resources precipitation, major research projects of trans-regional, cross field to research, although the central government funding is increasing, but the cost of scientific research is still not high, redundant construction, homogeneous competition, science and technology resource on the lower level issues related to consumption, serious.
(four) the regional science and technology intermediary is not yet mature
In 2004 June, the Yangtze River Delta region science and Technology Agency strategic alliance was established in Shanghai, although a certain degree of science and technology intermediary union to break the administrative divisions of the Yangtze River Delta region, the realization of science and technology intermediary information sharing within the region, to improve regional technology transaction, the efficiency of transformation and metastasis, but there are still many problems to solve the problem of regional science and technology cooperation in science and technology intermediary service institutions, the integration of the two provinces and one city's actual ability, union daily operation etc..Overall, the Yangtze River Delta Regional Science and Technology Agency hollow and the lack of it, and some of the science and technology intermediary left with the administrative organs of government brand, dependence is strong, the mechanism is not flexible.
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