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Analysis Services stored procedures in the financial information system

Author: YaoShiMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 22:28:25 Read:
Paper Keywords: financial information of the transaction stored procedure
Abstract: Most of the financial information system is a service industry, these industries are highly demanding system response speed and security. Therefore, the the the the technical of the research improve system responsiveness speed and security, in to improve the the the level of software development there are important the significance of. In this paper, the transaction stored procedure in the financial system elaborated and illustrated by an example the use of stored procedures idea of ??simplistic solutions to complex affairs issues.
I. Introduction
Financial information system construction is extremely demanding, both to the high level of security, but also to maximize the speed of response, the operations involved are many and complex. Departure from the point of view of the system easy to develop and easy to maintain, select the Windows platform, use the NET and SQL Server database is a good choice. The but how to in order to the efficient program to achieve the the the complexity of operation of of the of which be values ??is designed in case of system of development, in the as of Secondary a the content more difficult,, the the author In this connection difficult point carry out some explore the.
Second, the program thinking
In the financial business, there are a large number of complex operations, such as the typical ATM machine withdrawals, bank transfer operation.
(A) the transfer operation, each operation are required to complete the following steps:
A transfer source account to determine whether there is sufficient amount transferred out.
(2) If there is sufficient amount of the transfer amount is subtracted from the source account to the target account increased transfer amount.
A transfer records written to the data table.
The above steps with a typical transaction characteristics. If any step of the operation can not be completed, it will cause huge losses of financial institutions or users. Then a question put forward, in which the transaction operations in the program code, or stored procedure in the database?
(B) By comparison of the two methods, using a stored procedure obviously has the following advantages:
1 allows modular programming easier division created stored procedures, stored in the database in the program called multiple times. And any updates or changes to the database are hidden among the stored procedure can be completed by the developer proficient in database programming independent.
2. Speed ??of execution
If a program requires a lot of Transact-SQL code needs to be executed repeatedly, then use the stored procedure will be much faster. Stored procedure when it is created by parsing and optimization, and stored procedures reside in memory for the first time after the execution, they continue to use. Repeated statement came from the client needs to be done to compile and optimize each execution.
Reduce network traffic
A need for the operation of the hundreds of lines of Transact-SQL statements are sometimes only need to perform a statement to call a stored procedure. Transfer a call on the network rather than a few hundred lines of code, you can reduce network traffic, improve the response speed.
Enhance the security of the database

A user may not have permission to statement in the stored procedure, but can be assigned to execute a stored procedure permissions, which enhances the security of the database. In addition, through stored procedures to hide the business rules involved in the operation of the data and data available to the user, to improve the level of data security.
Below we on the in order to the in key the storage processes as an example were developed and investigated.
Third, the core code
Transfer operation, for example, the main field of the first operation to be involved in forms and tables.

The stored procedure is completed by database developers, and fields in the database table named completely different naming the names of the stored procedure parameters. From the programmer to the bottom of the field names and other information confidential and to reduce the risk of the database is SQL injection attacks.
Call the stored code:

The results of the stored procedure returns result, this method can improve the testability of the program. Because only through rigorous testing, software system will have a high reliability and stability. In order to improve the testability write the code must consider the testability of the code, not detailed in this article.
IV Conclusion
Design with high reliability, high response speed of the software system is a very difficult thing. Database design, the system's-from the architecture design-to-the preparation of the the of design and code of the stored procedure, the Each and every element of Xixi related.
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