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Empirical research on regional innovation capability of China's western region

Author: ZhuChengLiang YueHongZhi LiZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 22:15:41 Read:
Paper Keywords: principal component analysis of regional innovation capability of the regional innovation system
Abstract: the basis of the regional innovation theory review, in reference to the report of the "regional innovation capability evaluation index system, the use of principal component analysis to an empirical study on regional innovation capability of China's western region. The study found that the western region provinces and municipalities regional innovation capability echelon distribution characteristics, and most of the provinces and cities of regional innovation capability is below the national average. Concluded that the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay of the regional innovation system is the western region to improve regional innovation capability.
Regionalization is one of the main features of the world economic development, innovation is the main driving force of the regional economic development. Regional innovation capacity and regional innovation system building 31 increasingly become the decisive factor of the regional competitive advantage. The so-called regional innovation capability is a region in the regional innovation system of enterprises, universities, research institutions, government and other intermediary service organizations, knowledge into new products, new services, new technology capabilities. Of an area, innovation is a comprehensive reflection of knowledge and technology development in the region.
China Science and Technology Development Strategy Study Group study found that: Overall, the regional innovation capability in China showing a strong west to east, from the eastern coast to the western inland areas from high to low was echelon distribution characteristics. Mei Jinping (2001) "Regional economic and western economic development in the western region and only take the road of regional innovation, in order to achieve the large-scale development of the western economy. Particular, promote and improve the national innovation system has been used as an important issue is written 2006-2020 "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan", the construction of regional innovation as an important part of the western region is bound by the state and the government attention. The implementation of the western development strategy and sustainable development strategy, more innovation capability in Western Region to provide strategic support. Therefore, in this context, regional innovation capability of China's western region evaluation studies will be able to further understand the current situation of the western region regional innovation capability to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various provinces and cities, a clear difference with other regions, able to develop appropriate policies to promote the development of the western economy to provide a reference. This study can be used as a useful reference and supplement of the China regional innovation capability report concluded.
1 Review of the literature
In other countries, this field of study involving regional innovation capability is the American scholar Everett M. Rogers and Judith K. Larsen (1985). Reveals the "Silicon Valley" in the "Silicon Valley fever" form "Strengthening economic effects", is instructive Assessment Index System for further study of science and technology parks for future generations. Until 1996, the country was the first time the word "regional innovation capability", Great Wall Enterprise Institute for Strategic Studies and the Beijing High-tech Industry Development Experimental Zone "Enhanced regional innovation capability of the Zhongguancun high-tech industry research project jointly undertaken and published a monograph "Regional Innovation - Zhongguancun into the future, the innovation capacity of the Zhongguancun high-tech industries, the book is a theoretical analysis. Seen in China's regional innovation capability study is a relatively new area of ??research. With the formulation of the theory of regional innovation capability and further enrich and perfect the construction of regional innovation system is increasingly being put on the agenda by the related attention of scholars.
In other countries, Cooke (1992) first proposed the concept of regional innovation systems, regional innovation system is mainly constituted by the geographical division of labor associated with production enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher regional organization system, which kinds of system support and innovation. Research on regional innovation systems in foreign countries including, Johannessen and Dolva (1997), Kaufmann and Todtling (2000), Koschatzky (2000) and so on. However, foreign research on regional innovation system is still in its early stages, although the theoretical and empirical analysis of some of, but relatively more emphasis on empirical analysis in the case. As for China's Regional Innovation System is in its initial stage, is a weak link in the innovation theory research in China. Pande (2001), the regional innovation system is formed by the interaction of a place within departments and agencies to promote innovation network. At present, our questions on the existence of the regional innovation system: the lack of systematic and in-depth case studies of regional innovation system, but also for government decision-making can not provide a scientific basis and operational countermeasures; limited to the experience of the individual case and qualitative analysis no overall quantitative analysis, it is difficult to study deepen.

The 2l century since quantitative research on regional innovation capability 13 beneficially attention of becoming a hot area of ??research. Many domestic scholars from different angles, the empirical research on regional innovation capability. Chen et al (2000) from the four aspects of knowledge innovation capability, the ability of technological innovation, management and system innovation, macroeconomic, social environment of 48 specific indicators, factor analysis on China's coastal the l0 provinces innovation capacity a comprehensive analysis. The official built (2003) four staff from the flow of knowledge, the system evolution, innovation and performance evaluation, the analysis of the innovation environment analysis of the regional innovation system, but the lack of a the specific complete analysis indicators. Zhu Hai (2004) on the assessment of the regional innovation capability is more focused on innovative abilities, and analysis of network innovation capability and innovation environment. SOCIETY FOR SCIENTIFIC, Paul Chun (2005) from a new regional innovation capability evaluation perspective - regional innovation network maturity, considering the operation of the Regional Innovation dynamic integration process, and design evaluation index system of regional innovation network maturity. However, more evaluation index system design process takes into account a number of qualitative factors, operability is not strong. Zhang et al (2007) from the four aspects of innovation-based, knowledge innovation, technological innovation, system innovation the city innovation capability evaluation index system, using a combination of methods of factor analysis and cluster analysis, the city of 15 cities Innovation The ability to carry out a comprehensive evaluation, and Jinan City, for example, given the overall evaluation of urban innovation capability and positioning. Pang Yonggang, the Impact (2007) proposed regional innovation system perspective based on the innovation capability of enterprises competitiveness evaluation index system, and then use the international competitiveness evaluation model to evaluate the competitiveness of China's 30 provinces, autonomous regions and innovation.
2 evaluation model
2.1 Evaluation Index System for
We can see from the above literature, yet to establish a unified evaluation regional innovation capability, the evaluation index system of the guidance of the regional innovation system construction. However, such as Liu unloading forest as a member of China Science and Technology Development Strategy Study Group, since 2001 began on regional innovation capability of China continued to in-depth analysis, they published "China's regional innovation ability from the environment for innovation, knowledge creation , knowledge acquisition, innovation capability of enterprises and innovative economic benefits to evaluate regional innovation capability in China, the establishment of evaluation index system consisting of 48 secondary indicators. This higher authority in China has been widely recognized scholars. Therefore, in reference to the report of the "regional innovation capability index system to evaluate regional innovation capability of China's western region, from the innovation environment, taking into account the data easy operability, this article will select 21 items secondary indicators empirical analysis of regional innovation capability of China's western region. The specific evaluation index system are shown in Table 1.

2.2 Evaluation model selection
In this paper, using principal component analysis method to evaluate the status of the regional innovation capability of China's western region. Principal component analysis of the basic idea is to construct the appropriate linear combination of the original variables, to produce a series of unrelated variables, choose a small amount of a few new variables and the information they contain enough of the original variables with , making these new variables in place of the original variables to analyze problems and solve the problem as possible. The advantage of this method is its weight to determine the internal structure of the relationship between the obtained indicators based on data analysis, not by human subjective factors. Principal component analysis calculation steps are as follows:
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