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Analysis of Industrial Cluster under the regional innovation system construction

Author: DaiZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 20:45:55 Read:
Papers Key words: innovative industrial clusters regional innovation system
Abstract: Analysis of the contact of industrial clusters and regional innovation system proposed in the regional innovation system goals under the guidance of the different actors in the coordination of innovation networks work together to build the basic idea of ??the regional innovation system.
A regional innovation system concept
Cooke was first proposed in 1992 the regional innovation system (the Regional InnovationSystem RIS) concept due to the richness and diversity of the connotation of regional innovation system so far there is no generally accepted definition . However, different definitions of the following in common-regional, are within a certain range of geospatial industry phenomenon. (2) Multi-Agent regional innovation system contains different actors in 11 enterprises, research institutions, local governments, financial institutions and intermediaries. (3) Network innovation is a collective social collaborative process. (4) proximity to speed up the delivery time to reduce transmission costs. (5) policy innovation policy of the government through the promotion of localized learning, to speed up the network structure and to deepen institutional arrangements to play the competitiveness of the region.
Regional innovation system from the point of view of the system, including the main elements of the functional elements and environmental factors. The principal elements of the innovation activities actors. Functional elements associated with the actors inside and between the main operating mechanism including institutional innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation mechanisms and capacities. Environmental factors that maintain and promote innovative external protection elements. Including institutional environment, institutional environment, government or legal regulation, infrastructure construction and resource protection conditions.
Accordingly, the regional innovation system but refers to a particular economic area, by a variety of specific social, economic and cultural context, including a number of industrial clusters and innovation associated with the main elements and their interaction LAN system. The main elements include enterprise research institutions, universities, agencies, industry associations, financial institutions.
Second, industry clusters and regional innovation system Contact
The industry cluster is the carrier and the internal driving force of the regional innovation
Regional innovation system as an economic region with innovation generation, diffusion and application directly related to system a prerequisite for success is based on local innovation networks. The cluster mechanism provided favorable conditions for innovation innovator easier to find innovative talent, capital, equipment and tools and other types of resources within the cluster. Industrial clusters with a high advantage in terms of learning and innovation, which makes industrial clusters tend to be the main components of the Regional Innovation Network, a regional innovation carrier and intrinsic motivation.
Since the reform and opening up, China's industrial clusters has been a rapid development. From a regional perspective, the eastern coastal and central and western regions can see traces of the industrial clusters, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Bohai industrial clusters, several large industrial clusters. From the industry point of view, the industrial clusters involved in various industries, 18 industries, especially in electronics, home appliances, garment and textile, garment has obvious aggregation. China's industrial clusters in the development process has gathered a lot of innovative factor in the region and lay a good foundation for the construction of regional innovation system.
2 regional innovation to promote the formation and development of industrial clusters
The area of ??technological innovation for economic development provides a new growth point, by means of a favorable environment for innovation growth with increasing returns to scale technology spillovers, knowledge and learning advantages will gradually grow and develop, and gradually formed an industry cluster. Further affected by the geographical and cultural knowledge in the region easier to spread knowledge learning to become a very localized knowledge implicit form present in the day-to-day production technology innovation through "learning by doing "heritage. At the same time, cooperation and exchanges within the region makes innovation and learning to become a more collectivization action. Thus further promote the development and growth of the industry and even the formation of a new industry cluster.
More obvious in the phenomenon of industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region, breeding, development, maintenance and use of the process of regional innovation system largely contributed to the formation and development of industrial clusters. For example, Jiangsu Province, the rapid development of industrial clusters, to some extent with the Government to create a good atmosphere for innovation. Good atmosphere for innovation attracted many multinational companies in Jiangsu investment while promoting the formation and development of high-tech industrial clusters in Jiangsu.
Build the basic idea of ??the regional innovation system
Industrial clusters as a hierarchy of regional innovation system, mainly as a spontaneous phenomenon of regional innovation system more plans and characteristics of the system. From industrial clusters into regional innovation system need to strengthen the institutional infrastructure of the region, that more knowledge organizations involved in innovation cooperation. The general idea is to build a regional innovation system is a common international cluster to take a series of economic measures in order to promote regional innovation national or local, usually after one or several cluster formation, governance and innovation policies so as to drive innovation in the region as a whole. Experience has shown that the promotion of industrial clusters innovation is a valid path to build a regional innovation system.

Industrial Clusters in China compared with developed countries most obvious difference is the majority of industrial clusters is big but not strong. Lack of independent innovation capability Therefore, in addition to the need for national and local government policies to promote collaborative network of industrial clusters each of the innovative strength of the subject to achieve the objectives of the regional innovation system formed regional innovation effect to promote regional economic development. The goal of a regional innovation system
The goal of the regional innovation system is the basis of building a system of innovation. By the following components: (1) the scale of growth targets that innovation continues to expand, constantly enhance the vitality and regional economic growth, constantly enrich the material wealth (2) efficiency goals, innovation and economic resources, effective configuration and high efficiency. (3) proliferation objectives, innovative technology spread rapidly within and outside the enterprise to achieve the effect of industrial development. (4) competitive goal, that is within the area of ??scientific and technological strength and economic strength. (5) social progress objectives, namely, the various systems in the region, the organization and constantly improve people's psychosocial needs, ecological environmental requirements continue to be met.
Effective path to achieve the goal of regional innovation
Industrial clusters to the development of the regional innovation system can be roughly divided into six phases: the birth and growth of the enterprise; industrial space cluster development industry specialization; transactions and collaboration between enterprises; area web-building and innovation network rooted expansion. In order to achieve the objectives of the regional innovation system, formed at different stages in the regional innovation system, innovation networks of different actors, the to find effective path to build a regional innovation system. The basic idea is as follows
(1) to enhance the capability of independent innovation of enterprises in the cluster, build a platform for technological innovation. Enterprises are the mainstay of technological innovation, promote regional innovation, the key is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of enterprises, making it a genuine investment in science and technology, R & D achievements into the main. First, we must accelerate the construction of the R & D institutions in the cluster is small and medium enterprises should pay attention to technology introduction, digestion and absorption, to emphasize coordination between innovation and growth in the medium and small enterprises, the exchanges and cooperation between different enterprises to create the conditions. To close universities, research institutions and business linkages. Accelerate scientific research results into
(2) innovative government to improve the functions of government services to promote the system of local government is committed to improve the policy framework, infrastructure and environmental construction to create a superior environment for the development of industrial clusters. Fully is necessary to adjust the industrial policy, industrial policy in a regional context into industrial clusters and regional innovation policy is to increase investment in technological innovation efforts to broaden the financing channels _ for regional economic development of industrial clusters, especially high-tech fields. support is to create a faith-based regional cultural and institutional environment, emphasis on the ecological balance in the process of industrial clusters Concerned about the process of industrial clusters in the capacity of the environment to avoid deterioration of the environment
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