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Chinese regional innovation development strategy to deal with the global financial crisis

Author: WuDi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 19:08:40 Read:
[Keywords] economic crisis regional economic   independent innovation; regional characteristics
[Abstract] currently, financial crisis on the real economy impact is more obvious, and thus brings more challenges to the development of regional economy, also bring new power concept, mechanism and hardware changes to the.This paper puts forward in the new challenges, to promote independent innovation, enhance regional economic competitiveness, the inevitable choice to maintain economic and social development momentum.On innovation of science and technology is to deal with the global financial crisis, the most effective way, and put forward a number of innovative strategy implementation and ensure the structure adjustment and optimization of sustained and stable development of regional innovation activities.

1 independent innovation is the inevitable choice of dangerous for machine

Enter 2009, effects caused by the United States sub-loan crisis of the global financial crisis on the real economy is still deepening and spreading.In response to the financial crisis, the United States, the European Union developed economy, Japan, have introduced economic rescue plan on an unprecedented scale.China's central government is the timely introduction of the investment scale of 4 trillion economic stimulus package, and the size of local government plans to invest up to 18 trillion more.To fight against the financial crisis, seize the favorable opportunity of global industry "reshuffle", turning crises into opportunities, change of economic pattern implementation structure transformation and bring industrial upgrading, to achieve scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the development of regional economy, is a significant strategy at the present stage of economic development.China's State Council issued ten measures, which stressed, will strengthen the independent innovation as a key point of economic stimulus.Premier Wen Jiabao in an interview that the British "Financial Times", "we will invest 600000000000 yuan to promote scientific and technological innovation".
The party's sixteen big since, our country science and technology development, science and technology achievements, technology strength increased substantially, provides a powerful support for economic and social development, science and technology work entered the best period in history.The national science and Technology Conference and the "national long-term science and technology development plan (2006 - 2020)" marks the implementation of China's scientific and technological work has entered a new period in an effort to improve the capability of independent innovation as the characteristics of the.In the face of the global financial crisis in the context of how to turn crisis into opportunity, people rely more and believe that knowledge innovation and technology innovation, "the science and technology must play an important role in tackling the international financial crisis, make greater contribution."The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, State Councilor Liu Yandong in national science and technology conference.

2 to promote the strategy of independent innovation policy measures

The interplay between scientific scientific system of economy and economic system, process of enterprises, research institutions and government three closely cooperation in technological change, the knowledge innovation exhibits a so-called "three spiral" pattern, but also so as to enhance the technology innovation of the whole (but mainly the overall regional) environmental dependence.This process can be understood as the regional innovation process, the formation process of the regional innovation system.In order to give full play to enterprise, government and research institutes and other relevant institutions innovation system, construct regional economic development system with local characteristics, should actively implement the following measures of innovation:
2.1 firm innovation development idea, open technology development new idea of
"National long-term science and technology development plan" is the focus of a large number of expert experience and wisdom, after careful argumentation make, it presents a period in the future of China's science and technology development objectives, priorities and policy measures, pointed out the direction for the development of science and technology in china.Implement the outline, to enhance the capability of independent innovation, building the innovative country is essential.
2.2 the promotion of enterprise innovation ability, strengthen the innovation main body
Enterprises are the main production, also is the innovation main body, the subject is also the technology R & D investment and technological progress.In developed countries, more R & D investment and R & D personnel 70% concentrated in the enterprise, this is a fundamental solution to the gap between technology and the economy.All large and medium-sized enterprises have set up their own R & D institutions, R & D investment accounted for the proportion of sales revenue should not be less than 3%, the high-tech enterprises in more than 10%.Only the great potential of technology research and development of large and medium-sized enterprises fully released, to implement the independent innovation strategy.
2.3 construction of the development of science and technology and strong security, create innovative environment
The government as an important participant in innovative activities, in addition to play a guiding role in the R & D investment of the public technology, its biggest function is to provide the system guarantee, create innovative environment.The government should be in the legal, policy, public opinion and create a play a service role, encourage and protect the innovation behavior.
2.4 promote education innovation, cultivating innovation talents of science and technology of
To improve the capability of independent innovation, in the final analysis rely on talent.Play to the talents cultivation function and vigorously develop the occupation education, to realize the combination of laboratory personnel and entrepreneurial talent, train a number of both to understand the technology and to understand the market model of the innovative talents, and ultimately to promote innovation.And to the management system reform of colleges and universities, research institutes, the excitation efficiency conversion of University and research institutes entrepreneurial motivation and achievement of science and technology, mechanism to promote university-industry cooperation.
2.5 promote the development level of Hi-tech Zone, optimize the allocation of resources of science and technology / > Gradually increase input in science and technology, to provide a good hardware facilities and software service for independent innovation.Innovation requires spatial carrier and base of good.Use of the innovation carrier function of High-tech Zone, need to achieve growth pattern of extensive to intensive change, single heavy project introduction to change, environment and service to the preferential policy change single imitative innovation to system innovation, innovative ways to change the imitation and self-innovation combine innovative ways.
2.6 pioneering and innovative ways of cooperation, make good use of booster
Technology Development
With the socialization of science and technology, specialization is the trend of the times, the flexibility to use various forms, multi-channel, multi-level, many forms of domestic and international science and technology resources, improve the ability of independent innovation: one is based on the key project, through the combination of international bidding, technology and trade, enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises, promote the "Three Gorges" mode; two through international mergers and acquisitions, the acquisition of foreign technology resources, such as "associative mode"; three is the technology research and development through international cooperation; four is the intellectual property rights owned by a foreign development, such as direct coal liquefaction technology "Shenhua mode"; five is the independent research and development design, the manufacture or import key parts, namely "Huawei mode".
2.7 excitation energy source science and technology development, the implementation of intellectual property strategy of
Knowledge and technology is social, innovative products to enter the market, the market is completely open, intellectual property is the value of intellectual property protection, and is an important means of technology innovation and product development.To encourage scientific research and development, to stimulate people's creative wisdom, to increase R & D to investment, to create their own intellectual property rights, the field of enterprise competition ability training.Two to implement the strategy of intellectual property rights in the global scope, severely crack down on theft stealing activities, protection of intellectual property rights, protect the intellectual labor, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the creation of social innovation.
2.8, vigorously carry forward the culture of innovation, reshaping regional economic and cultural
The core of the regional economic culture is the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation.Regional economic culture can through the creation, incentive, penetration, integration, guide and standard mechanism affects the innovation system approach.Carry forward the culture of innovation, from a stick in the mud, Xiaofu is installed namely to innovation, large force into the transition, formed in the pursuit of excellence, to encourage risk-taking, tolerance of failure, pay attention to innovation as the representative of the open value.
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