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Research on the relationship between regional infrastructure of science and technology and the regional innovation ability ask

Author: WuZiWen ZhuangLiPing CuiQing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 19:08:37 Read:
Keywords: the basic condition of regional science and technology platform for regional innovation capability in Anhui province
Abstract: this paper takes Anhui Province as example to study the relationship between regional infrastructure of science and technology and the region innovation ability, and how to strengthen the construction of Anhui regional science and technology basic condition platform put forward relevant suggestions to improve the innovation ability of Anhui province.
The rapid development of regional economy, the regional feature of the world economy more and more obvious, the implementation of regional innovation, enhance regional innovation capability has become the route one must take regional rise.At present, how to optimize the regional science and technology resources, construction of regional infrastructure of science and technology, enhance regional innovation capability, has become a priority among priorities at all levels of local government science and technology in our country.
1 related concept and the definition of
On the region generally has three levels: one is the understanding of inter-provincial administrative regions, including economic zone, type area and function area: two provincial-level administrative region, has a clear geographical boundaries, administrative power support, configuration, capacity, integrated resource collection and statistical analysis data is: three provincial sub areas, including the city, County (city county level administrative region).This article refers to the area by second levels of understanding, especially at the provincial level administrative region.
Generally, the regional innovation system is in a state of a certain geographical area, various factors of the region or outside the region associated with innovation, system of organic connection according to the rules, it is to achieve the various elements closely linked, efficient use of resources, promote regional innovation ability, and promote the the upgrading of the industrial structure, the formation of regional competitive advantage, promoting sustainable development of regional economy.Regional science and technology infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as the regional science and technology platform), as an important part of regional innovation system, is the foundation of national science and technology infrastructure and part, is composed of "hardware" organic integration, provide the public and shared service innovation service nature of the supporting system to the society.The platform is composed of 3 parts, including material and information security system is the carrier and platform, system is the core of construction and operation platform, professional personnel support system is a necessary condition for the platform construction and operation.Regional innovation capability is the result of the interaction of innovation elements, is the structure optimization and innovation system and regional play function to reflect the degree of regional innovation efficiency, is the important measure.
Support function of the construction of 2 regional science and technology platform for regional innovation capability
The construction of regional innovation system with a focus on improving the is how to build a good innovation environment.Because the environment there is an interaction, promote or hinder the innovation, if the innovation environment conditions are relatively good, can make the innovation development, and make the innovation environment is optimized, promoting innovation in higher condition.Form a benign circulation.On the contrary, if the innovation environment is not ideal, is unable to make a variety of innovative resources within the region can be fully utilized, enthusiasm is more likely to inhibit innovation main body, resulting in vicious spiral of innovation resources cannot use up, innovation activities can not be carried out.As the environmental factors of regional innovation system and innovation system construction to part of an important project, regional science and technology platform to provide basic support for the whole innovation system research and development activities and achievements transformation activities, so as to enhance regional innovation capability.We can examine its contribution to regional innovation ability from the following aspects.
One of the important tasks of 2.1 regional science and technology platform construction is to establish a system for sharing mechanism as the core, and an important part of the system environment which is the regional innovation system.The institutional environment for sharing as the core, including the relevant laws, regulations, administrative measures, rules, standards, is conducive to standardizing the innovation resources allocation in order to ensure the innovation activities, to maximize the enthusiasm of enterprises, government, University, scientific research institutions and intermediary organizations, the main innovation, so as to promote the region the innovation ability raise.
To provide advanced technology infrastructure and a large number of scientific and technological resources to build 2.2 regional science and technology platform for the production, dissemination and application of knowledge and technology, including technology and material resources, human resources and financial resources (Table 1).Anhui currently has 3 national key laboratories, 15 Department (Institute) is a key laboratories and 28 provincial key laboratories, research and development institutions 959, including scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises; Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei area built a joint analysis testing center, the experimental animal center of Anhui Province, Anhui Province experimental animal supervision and inspection center, Anhui province center of experimental macaques, platform, large scientific instruments sharing platform of Anhui Province, Anhui science and technology literature information resources co-construction and sharing.To the end of 2006, has 84 science and technology intermediary service institutions, including the technology business incubator 34, Productivity Promotion Center 14, 11 patent agencies, science and technology information service institutions 17, 7 home business risk investment institutions, and built the first query evaluation center technology.The central in Anhui scientific research institutions of 2O.

Contribute to the promotion of technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and construction of 2.3 regional science and technology platform, enhancing regional innovation efficiency and innovation ability.At present, Anhui province has completed the Anhui Province scientific and technological achievements, Anhui online technology market and international science and technology cooperation network construction.We can see from the output of science and technology and the technology market turnover aspect, table two reflects the basic situation of 2001 ~ 2006 output of science and technology and the technology market turnover.The output of science and technology including the invention, utility model and design patents, domestic Chinese Journal of scientific and technical and scientific and technological achievements number.

influence on the construction of the level of regional science and technology platform for the 3 regional science and technology innovation ability
Robert Morton's "Matthew effect": any individual, group or region, once in a certain area (such as money, fame, status and so on) the success and progress, it will produce an accumulation of advantage, there will be more opportunities to achieve greater success and progress, namely HENGQIANG strong, the weak constant weak.Effect of regional science and technology innovation capability of regional science and technology platform construction level also exists the Matthew effect.Regional science and technology platform for regional innovation ability of the regional construction levels than innovation ability weak areas of high level platform construction.This is because, under the condition of market economy, the innovation of science and technology resources and activities like other economic resources, the allocation efficiency of high local clustering and the formation of industrial clusters.Regional innovation capability of high area, more easily attract the innovation resources and innovation, enterprise cluster and industry cluster, and enterprise cluster and industry cluster generated by the science and technology innovation demand will make science and technology platform to meet the requirements of corresponding changes in scientific and technological innovation activities, so as to promote the construction of regional science and technology platform and improve.
Therefore, effects of regional innovation ability of platform construction for the performance of regional science and technology innovation ability promotion demand for regional infrastructure of science and technology, and how to meet these needs.
Anhui province's innovation ability in the middle level of the whole country, belongs to the general class of innovation ability.The study found, the government of Anhui province science and technology input row in the forefront of the country, but the development of strength is not enough, for every million people R& D full time personnel equivalent in the country 31 provinces and autonomous regions in the downstream, did not reach the national average (Table 3).R& D funds accounted for the proportion of GDP increased year by year, the highest in 2006 (0.97), but not more than the same period in R8LD country funds accounted for the proportion of GDP (1.42).R& D the proportion of GDP accounted for more than 2% can be said to be basically completed the industrialization stage.It also reflects the characteristics of the degree of industrialization of Anhui province is still low.The application and authorization is not optimistic (ranked 25).Research papers in recent years although gradually increased, but accounted for the proportion of patents granted has declined in 2006, 0.83.Technology trade in Anhui province has become increasingly active, the market turnover increase by a large margin, accounting for the proportion of from 2001 0.82 to 2006 1.O2.Enterprises to be absorbed and output biggest technology trade.Cooperative conditions have improved.In 2003, universities and research institutes of science and technology activities to raise funds from the capital ratio is 1O.35, ranking the twenty-third in the country, in 2006 our province large and medium-sized industrial enterprises to pay higher educational and scientific research institutions, science and technology funds reached 240000000 yuan, ranking the thirteenth in the country, this shows that commissioned research or joint development cooperation has mature technology the transfer of the early evolved into the enterprise provides technical requirements.The innovation capacity of enterprises in Anhui province in the upstream level, ranked top in China enterprises in scientific and technological activities of funds
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