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Discussion on circular economics recognition and its application in regional innovation in planning

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Keywords: thesis generalized cyclic economics the new cycle economics   regional innovation; regional planning
Abstract: this paper mainly discusses the new perspective of circular economy, namely the generalized cyclic economics and the new cycle of economics, the difference and connection and the object of study, and this idea is applied to the regional innovation and regional planning, with a view to the future theory development to provide reference.
In the new cycle of economics, some scholars put forward the circular economy is implemented by developed countries (i.e. industrial economy) is the first stage of knowledge economy.The author believes that, in the era of knowledge economy, the high technology pollution is far more complex than the traditional pollution, in the production, consumption and consumer waste stage has impact on the environment; the tertiary industry will produce a certain environmental pollution and ecological damage, therefore, should vigorously develop the circular economy, circulation of knowledge economy it is the highest stage of circular economy.
Recognition of generalized cyclic economics concept
The spatial structure of generalized circular economics and the new cycle of economics, the important research content.The new cycle of economics is the core principle of 5R (including thinking, reduction, reuse, recycling, repair), emphasizing the construction of regional coordinated development and principle of ecological industrial park.Generalized cyclic economics also pay attention to the construction of ecological industrial park.But on the whole, the two relates to the structure of space less.Defects on the spatial structure of mainstream economics has been ignored by scholars, therefore, as a new economic model of sustainable development, generalized cyclic economics and new cycle economics must be spatial structure is an important research content, geography to study spatial structure as the core should be one of the theoretical basis of generalized circular economics and the new cycle of economics, establishing and the development of circular economy geography will is an important direction of the development of circular economy and geography, but this has not caught the attention of the academic circles.Circular economic geography can be divided into general circulation economic geography, regional circular economy, Circular Economy Geography Geography Department (including the agricultural cycle of economic geography, industrial circulating economic geography, the tertiary industry cycle of economic geography) and the company (enterprise) circular economic geography.
Some scholars think, generalized circular economy has its special meaning, not a cover and contain everything "basket", where the industry related to "".For example, electric - high energy-consuming industry coupling, deep processing of resources are under the conditions of the market economy of enterprises for their own industry activity, there is no relationship between the upstream downstream waste into raw materials, should not be the circular economy.The author thinks, this kind of viewpoint is one-sided, the reasons are as follows: Although the development of circular economy need to rely on policies to promote, but the circular economy and market economy have consistency in essence, the market economy is the foundation of circular economy, therefore, excluded from the circulation economy is not reasonable will be under the conditions of market economy enterprises for their own industry activities.In certain institutional and technological conditions, such as scrap iron and steel resource waste, and no essential difference between the two high energy-consuming industries, electrical coupling, deep processing of resources and waste generation - high energy consumption industry, waste such as waste iron and steel deep processing and no essential difference, therefore, not because there is no relationship the upstream downstream waste into raw material, that is not circular economy.Circular economy in narrow sense, more attention to ecological benefit, economic benefit is neglected, under the condition of market economy, it is difficult to achieve.High energy-consuming industries such as electric - coupling and deep processing of resources while there is no relationship between the upstream downstream of waste into raw materials, has not formed a complete chain of circular economy, but as long as we follow the 5R principle, is a part of the chain of circular economy, through the regional division of labor, to establish a common economic chain ring, Robin complete therefore, from this sense, generalized cyclic economics than the connotation of generalized circular economics is more abundant.
generalized circular economics and the new cycle of economics, the distinction and connection of
The main innovation of the new cycle of economics is the research object the new cycle of economics is the relationship between the social economy, science and technology and the natural ecological three big systems as well as the three, increase the rethinking of new ideas and repair, the original 3R concept extension and development, emphasizing the Harmonious Society (including the principle of coordinated regional development and poverty eradication principle), fusion, knowledge economy and recycle economy, circular economy in the national economy new equation of statistical index system is an important research content of the new cycle of economics, and has carried on the thorough research, has made great contributions to the development of circular economy.< /P>
The main innovation of generalized circular economics emphasizes the interaction of generalized circular economy includes three aspects of economy, environment and society and connection, covering three aspects of economic development, social progress, ecological environment, the pursuit of an ideal state to achieve optimal combination between the three systems.The construction and development of generalized circular economy theory is not only concerned with social system, industrial system of circular economy system, it is more important to population, resources, environment, economy, society and other factors into the circular economy theory, theory of circular economy system has extensive theoretical and practical significance to the construction of a complete.And discusses the generalized circular economy ecology foundation and mode conversion, generalized circular economy basic economics and economics paradigm shift, generalized technological support system of recycling economy and social operation mechanism and social management, promote the development of circular economy.
From the above analysis, the main two common point lies in emphasizing the social system, economic system and ecological system composed of complex giant system is the research object of circular economy, the pursuit of economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit is the goal of circular economy, 3R principle is an important principle of circular economy, compared with the narrow circular economy emphasizes the coordinated development of social benefit and ecological economic system and social system, is the guiding ideology of system science of sustainable development of circular economy theory innovation.The main difference between the two is to study the content of different focus, different understanding of the principle of circular economy in depth, realize the importance of science and technology system.But from the perspective of course, the research object of the two and the goal is the same, is essentially the same, all belong to the school of sustainable development.
New cycle economics and the generalized circulation economics is the economics of sustainable development, not only economic benefit as the goal, to the pursuit of ecological benefits and social benefits, to study social and economic system, the science and technology system, the natural ecological system three system coordinated development, but should focus on is the subsystem of the economic system, otherwise, a new cycle of economics and generalized circular economy is equivalent to the cycle of sustainable development, that is to say the research object is the new cycle of economics, and the generalized circulation economics too broad.Generalized circular economics and the new cycle of economics development should be the guiding ideology of system science of sustainable development, according to the 5R principle and the three cycle theory (benign natural circulation, the benign economic cycle and benign social-economic-natural complex cycle) and to transform the traditional linear economy, circular economy is based on market, and the spatial structure is an important research content, is to update and more generalized circulation economics, can be called the cycle of sustainable development economics.
circular economy and regional innovation
Regional innovation network refers to a certain geographical area, each main body (enterprise, University, research institutions, local government and other organizations and individuals) in the process of interaction and cooperative innovation, each other to establish a relationship of a variety of formal or informal relatively stable, can promote innovation, sum, node mainly includes the enterprise, university or research institutions, government and other public organizations, intermediary service organizations and regional financial institutions.In the context of sustainable development, circular economy is one of the basic theory of regional innovation, regional innovation network will be transformed into a regional recycling innovation network.The enterprise will become the circulation enterprises, including circular economy transformation of traditional enterprises, including enterprise resource regeneration and restoration of enterprises.Research on circular economy and technology to university and research institutions, and through education, training and transformation, effectively promote the realization of circular economy of knowledge, information, technology diffusion or market value.Circular economy information service intermediary organization, circular economy community coordination intermediary organization, two-track recovery intermediary organizations and non-governmental environmental protection organizations have become an important part of circulation intermediary organizations.The government should actively create a regional recycling economy development environment for innovation, such as establishing and perfecting the system of circular economy, promote the formation and development of regional circular innovation network.The development of regional financial institutions to support regional circular economy.Among the above circulation type node material (including "waste") and circular economy of knowledge, technology, information, talents become the important link chain between the regional circulation in innovation network.As a system of circular economy in China has not been established, the government should fully play an important role in regional circular in innovation network.The basic characteristics of the regional circular innovation network includes not only the traditional dynamic, systemic, decentralization and localization
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