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Strategy and policy of regional innovation suggestions of the rise of central China

Author: ChenChun YanHongJuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 14:42:14 Read:
Keywords: the     the rise of central China; regional innovation system; regional innovation ability of
Abstract: the rise of the central region of it is important to realize the strategy of coordinated development of economy of our country.In order to realize the rise of central China, we must promote the regional innovation ability of central, must create the regional innovation system in central.From the middle of regional innovation status, analysis of existing problems and limitations, some policies and proposals to the construction of regional innovation system are put forward from three aspects of the innovation subject, innovation mechanism and innovation environment, in order to realize the rise of central China strategy for reference.
In the wave of economic globalization, integration, regional innovation ability has become a decisive factor in economic area whether has the international competitive advantage.In the promotion of the strategic layout of the rise of central China, how to create a regional innovation system of the central, improving the innovation ability, has become the central ability from the "collapse", promoting the rise of central region economic development and national regional economic strategy goal coordination is the core problem of A.From the middle of regional innovation status, analysis of existing problems and limitations, some policies and proposals to the construction of regional innovation system are put forward from three aspects of the innovation subject, innovation mechanism and innovation environment.
How to measure and evaluate the regional innovation ability, the scholars use different index selection of different methods of calculation and investigation.But the final result, from the overall situation, basically the same, namely: the regional innovation ability of our country with a similar level of economic development is the strong and weak in the west, from the eastern coastal areas to the west inland from high to low in echelon distribution; and from the comprehensive index of regional innovation capability ranking to see, the result of calculation, the science and technology related research group in 2003, the central six provinces ranked top in Hubei Province, five other than above the western provinces and cities, and other advanced provinces is still a big gap.Visible, the regional innovation ability of six central provinces in the country in the middle level, and is close to the west, and the domestic advanced area ratio, the gap is still relatively large.Below we from the following specific aspects to inspect and analysis.
(a) knowledge creation capability that is continuously put forward new knowledge ability
On the one hand, from the central R& amp; D investment point of view, in 2004, the central region of R& amp; D expenditure accounts for the proportion of GDP, the science and technology funds spending accounts for the proportion of GDP in spite of narrowing the gap between the national average, but still failed to reach the national average, compared with the previous year, science and technology expenditures increased, but R& amp; D expenditure accounts for the proportion of GDP declined by 0.02 percentage points.Among them, the central government investment in science and technology in the R& amp; D funds accounted for a larger proportion, the average is 34.83%.On the other hand, from the output of science and technology point of view, a total of six provinces in Central China journal papers published as 48855 articles, accounting for 17.79% of the national total; and the invention patent accepted only accounted for 3.28% of the total, while the invention patent authorization quantity is lower, the country accounted for only 0.49%, significantly behind the national average level.
(two) the ability of knowledge acquisition and knowledge flow
The average score for the central region knowledge was 18.2, and the western region difference, and the average score of 38.63 East far.Will China's capability of acquiring knowledge is divided into four grades, reported in 2004, in addition to the central part of Hunan is ranked top, other provinces and cities are still in third grade, fourth.This shows that knowledge flow in central region is not strong, cooperation degree is not high.
(three) the enterprise technology innovation ability
Comprehensive evaluation of technical innovation is far lower than the Middle East, especially the outstanding performance in the enterprise's technological innovation capability.Research on the development of enterprise is an important index to measure enterprise innovation main body status in the accounts for the proportion of investment in research and development.But the important output indicators central innovation, enterprise is not high in the position, according to the "national R& amp; D inventory of industrial data collection" data display, in Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, spending in Hubei, Shanxi industrial enterprises R & D funds, state-owned enterprises accounted for 47.05%, 39.26%, the difference between the 41.16%, 51.84% and 35%.Visible, several provinces of central enterprises, state-owned enterprises is the main innovation, the small and medium-sized enterprise and foreign enterprise status is not high.But from the technology innovation measure of economic performance, not only is much higher than that of Middle Eastern, Western and central better than even.If the unit efficiency indicators of financial input in science and technology the invention patent output, scientific and technological personnel units produced invention patents and new product development costs Zhanxin product output, strong in the middle west.
(four) the regional innovation environment
Innovation in a region environment includes hard environment of market level, infrastructure, the quality of the laborers, size, includes the concept, policy, culture, system and provides a soft environment of financial support for enterprise innovation, these are all important factors restricting innovation.In the hard environment, the central information infrastructure is good, but from the regional innovation environment in 2003, the comprehensive evaluation index, comprehensive evaluation in the middle level of regional innovation and development not only obviously falls behind the eastern area, and all lower than the national average level.The reason not only lies in the information resources in the central are not well developed and utilized, it lies in the soft environment of central policy, system innovation is lagging behind.
Analysis of the existing problems in regional innovation
(a) the economic strength is weak and lack of funding
A country or region's per capita GDP, directly affect the R& amp; D investment intensity, intensity and regional innovation investment in public education expenditure.Central was the cradle of China's granary and the modern industry, after 50 years of development, has a certain economic base, is currently in the early stages of industrialization to, but because of the vast central region was dominated by agriculture, the "three rural" problems, therefore, the overall is still an underdeveloped area.In 2003, the per capita GDP is 7810.67 yuan, according to the current exchange rate of $970.27.According to statistics, in recent years the central R& amp; D fund and GDP is the ratio of average remained at around 0.62%, while the East and west respectively 1.18% and 0.80%.R& D amp; a serious shortage of funding, the only way of technical innovation road with the use of technology and improvement of technology, the lack of the ability to create technology.The central region of knowledge creation main problems existing investment in research and development ability is low, and the central government investment in science and technology in the R& amp; D funds accounted for a larger proportion, relatively speaking, enterprises lack of funding.The central enterprises R& amp; D funding shortage are the main central: many state-owned enterprises, the operating mechanism has not yet been changed; and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, widespread low efficiency of industrial enterprises, its own lack of funds; the lack of support of effective financing system, causes the enterprise especially small and medium-sized enterprises financing difficulties.Therefore, the enterprise has not yet become a true innovation main body.
(two) the level of cooperation among enterprises is not high
Characteristics of regional innovation system is the central scientific research institutions, running the industry more, were less technological innovation and enterprises jointly.From the point of view of the long-term development of enterprises, enterprises and universities or research institutes cooperation, the lack of long-term strategic cooperation.This is mainly because the lack of incentive mechanism: join enterprises and universities and research institutes.Because the independent function of Scientific Research Institute of enterprises and universities, which act as one pleases, together with them in the time, space and functions on the boundary, a delay of the innovation achievements in Colleges and universities, research institutes into productive time, enable enterprises to miss the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage; on the other hand, due to the lack of funds and test site the necessary of University and Research Institute, makes a lot of innovation can not be fulfilled.There is not a set of scientific and reasonable incentive mechanism to promote cooperation, it is difficult to establish a scientific research institutions, enterprises and universities where the "close cooperation" on the basis of.
(three) the development of high-tech industry backward
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